Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

It's 1st January 2010 already!

Hmm. Some thoughts to share? Well.. not much. Really. It's new year, I supposed there'll be better things coming! New semester to look forward to, close to finishing up my report, more time for friends.. all good!

Would like to wish all of you a very happy new year. All the best in whatever you do, take care of your health, and basically enjoy more days to come! Don't take things for granted; appreciate people around you, eventhough when they sometimes really pissed you off; love more people, cut down the hate...

Enjoy life, leave no regression. Yeah.

With the warmest regards and love.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I don't know what and how I'm feeling anymore... I really don't know. I can't think anymore.

I really can't.

I'm exhausted. I really am.

Maybe letting go is really the best answer... but I can't do that. I want to hold on to it.. to him. I love him.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hong's 19th @ The Library!

The birthday boy - Voon Hong!!

Yohoo. It was a blast I have to say. It was Hong turning 19, finally! His birthday had been so long.. haha. By the way, before we went to The Library, we went to some chinese restaurant to have dinner. Good food, good chatting session, good catching up. Then only we went to The Library after filling our stomachs full.

Yesterday was my very first time visiting The Library, and well, it's actually a very nice place. It is a place where it is definitely more chilling than the club. Not as crazy. Lol. That night, there was some music event going on. Quite a lot of people, but right after the event, everyone sort of left the place. But we stayed until 12am, just to countdown till midnight, and to have more of the fun. Had beer, had some puffs... was really enjoying myself there. We had so much fun taking silly pictures too. And you can only see it on Facebook!

Now, am looking forward to new year's eve party. Hmm, juggling to decide which one to go to. School gang's party? College friends' party? Or baby and friend's party? Pending confirmation.. hehe.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


And so today is Dong Jie. It's the time where everyone gather together as a family and basically have a heart-warming and chilling dinner. What I had? Hmm. Definitely dinner that's heart-warming. Lol. And the best part is the 'tong yun'! Mom always makes yummy 'tong yun' every year. Hehe.

Also, today is officially the last day of my internship. I miss the agency; I miss my mentor and some colleagues; I miss every single thing about the agency - enough said. And I'm really grateful that I got the chance to go to that agency particularly. I really learnt a lot, and I appreciate those who taught me just anything before. Tomorrow - get back to working on my report! Yeap. Just a little more to go.

Just came back from OU with baby. And!! I got that pair of ballet pumps from Vincci already! Hehehe. Superb. Thank God mom didn't say much, only very minor nagging, and done. Yohoo! I can wear that to Malacca this coming weekend. Hmm..

That's all I guess. Goodnight world.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Fresh From The Office!

Hey world!

Time is flying like nobody's business! And I suppose it is a good thing. I can't wait to move forward, to live more of the days infront of me, and to have a bit more of everything. I'm nothing but excited.

Jolly Christmas is right at the corner, and everything has become so bubbly already! I got presents today, from my lovely mentors and a colleague. Super happy and thankful. They're still wrapped up very nicely beside my table.. hehe. I brought them very cute gifts too! It's for Christmas, but most importantly, the gifts are to show my appreciation to them for looking out for me for 3 months at Saatchi. Hope they will really like it.. And oh, I got my pay! Damn, must get that pair of ballet pumps from Vincci like, ASAP. Lol.

And then. Tomorrow. Yes - 22nd December, a Tuesday. It's the last day of my internship, officially and seriously! Woohoo! I really can't be any happier. The day has finally come. Well, I'm obviously happy. But at the same time, I feel a little sad as well. I mean, I'm really missing the agency, and also my mentor and colleagues, eventhough I'm not as close with them. I'm really missing every single thing I do here... the daily routine at the office. Hmm. I guess there's always a start, and it has to come to an end right? But hey, no worries men. I'm damn chirpy right now, it's like, everything just fall to the right place. One of my mentor filled up the assessment form and showed it to me, and according to the comments, I did really good for my internship! I can't help but smile so wide looking at the assessment form. As for another mentor, she's totally silent about it.. but I'm pretty sure her comments for me wouldn't run any further. I have faith! And I trust myself. Yippe.

Right now, I'm looking forward to tomorrow, where families will be celebrating "Dong Jie". Yay, will eat nothing but 'tong yun'! My favourite every year. Next, will be shopping (preferably Wednesday) - must get that ballet pumps. Then Christmas - not sure what's the plan, but I'm still looking forward to it! And weekends - will be away to Malacca! Wow... these plans. Awesome-ness!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sound of Sadness. My Sentimental Lullaby.

I couldn't sleep last night. Not that well - at least.

I was mentally exhausted. But at the same time, so awake.

Whenever I close my eyes, I see things.

I saw your face.

The face that tells me love...

The face that tells me comfort...

The face that tells me happiness...

The face that tells me forever and always...

A face that tells me how much I love you.

But that face I saw tells me pain and regression too.

I'm trapped again. This time, deep down the yale. Deep down the ocean.

Deep down in my own sorrow and indecisive heart.

Deep down... nowhere.

I wish I have something - just anything, that is able to answer my questions.

Just anything, that is able to speak for me.

Anything, that is able to analyze the situation and give me answers; direction; something.

Something that is able to understand me, and that's from my perspective.

Not you... but something. Which I don't know what.

I believe, it doesn't really exist. Does it?

That something is my own heart, isn't it?

But dear heart it's broken... lost... faded grey, black and white. Beyond hope. Beyond devastation. Beyond heart broken. Beyond...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Back From Kuantan.

Last Friday and Saturday, I was away to Kuantan. How would I rate the trip? Well, pretty good! Like, 8 outta 10.

The place was very nice, the hotel and its environment. The beach was ok. It wasn't as clean, but at least it didn't smell, which I think is good enough for Malaysia's beach standard. Lol. The food there was also very nice. Parents spent us Heineken and ice-cream float at the hotel bar as well! Awesome night. But the best part of the trip is that I got to play volleyball at the beach! My god, that was really awesome! I miss playing volleyball so much, and there happened to have a volleyball court where tourists can borrow the ball from the fitness centre for free and to play. Without even thinking twice, I went to get the ball and play with family. It was damn fun! Weehee! I get to make new friends at the beach also, when this group of people came around and asked if they can join the game. We're actually talking on MSN now, and FB. Hehe.

And because of volleyball, I had a totally, extremely, freakish-ly great work out. Totally. To the max. It's freaky because my whole body was practically numb, and in pain. I can hardly walk, or sit, or to move any parts of my body. It was too painful, after such workout on the sand that made volleyball even harder to play. But I love it so much when I dive for the ball and fall on the sand... hmm.. It was hours of playing and serving the ball! My hands were like 'pig hand', technically. And it hurts so bad. The fun never dies though!


Now that I'm back. I'm back to my routine - working at Saatchi. Sigh... same shit again. What the hell. Have the feeling of hate towards what I'm doing again. But hey, this is so demotivating. I'm not like this, I shoudn't be like this. But then, total up with other crap between me and him that have been going on the past few days... I can't help it but to me as demotivated as possible.

Hope for nothing but a more cheerful tomorrow.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Someone answer me!




Why is this thing happening? To me! Goddamn it! I hate this big time. I'm supposed to end my internship on 22nd December. But just this morning I reached the office, mentor told me to come back and work till end of the year. As in, seriously. Until 31st December. 31st December??! Damn it! Thanks to those no-brainer clients I guess...

I can't take this! I want my own time and plans. I wanna just do my things and stay away from work for awhile. I need time to complete my goddamn internship report! But why this shit is blocking my way?! Argh!

But still. Eventhough extending my internship sucks, there's still something to look forward to - production shoot. It can build my report, and also my curiosity and interest towards live shooting. But no. It still sucks. Imagine I have to wake up early and sit in the damn office... Sigh.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Whacked out.

Today was a totally stressed out day - 101% stressed.

The minute I reached the office, I had so many things to do already. One after another. The worst thing was that, I have many timelines to follow - I had so many things to hand in and to deliver. At the same time, the traffic department was bugging me a little here and there when I was rushing to do stuffs. On the other hand, both my mentor asked me to do this and that. The minute they call my name, I went "Damn. Not again...". Serious shit.

I became even more stressed out and infact, angry, when my mentor was having this black face - thanks to those Clients. Whenever her face is black, I will feel super stress. Plus, she's sitting right infront of me. Imagine that. God. Non-stop working on things from moning till the minute I go home... tiring. At one point, I really felt like shouting. Just shouting, then get back to work.

Right now, whilst trying to take down all the things that was and will be threw to me in the office, I have to balance out my time as well to do my internship report. Ergh! I really wanna do it at home, like, maybe stay up late to do bit by bit. But everyday I swear, I will feel so tired mentally and physically right after work I just feel like not doing anything. Sob.. I started off a little yesterday, and I planned out my calendar to make sure by when I should've completed what topics... I know I got time, just getting a little worried. And also the feeling of not wanting to do 'assignment'.

I'm done with a quickie. Now... shall just get some me-time. Ciao.

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Beginning of The End.

1st December. Read this.

Whenever it comes to the end of the year, it never feels the end of the year, BUT the beginning of the year all over again. It keeps rolling further like a rounded machine, it keeps rolling to the front and never stops rolling. There's never an end, is there? Lol.

What are my thought for the end of the year, or to be specfic, a new beginning? Hmm. This - is something that I have to think about. Well, I definitely hope to spend my coming holidays as meaningful as possible... will be following my family for a vacation. Oh no, not only a vacation, but 2 vacations! Hehe. Apart from vacations, I will definitely see my buddies, it's the time where we update each other! I wanna go out to the mall, have bubble milk tea, cuppacakes... movies?? Yes! And I wanna spend time with baby, nothing can stop me on this.

Whilst hoping to really be in Cloud 9, there's an internship report to be finished. Yeap yeap. It's a simple report... it's basically telling what I've learnt and been through at Saatchi. I have confidence I can definitely finish up on time, and I will try my best to come up with a good report. Then time will zoom me into the nest and the last semester, which according to some of my friends, it'll be a very quick semester. Wow.. then I'll have to come out and work. As in, seriously working. God.. In dilemma - wish time flies, at the same time, to wish that time stops.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Moon.

My god! This movie is freaking awesome! Awesome awesome.. bloody awesome. Eventhough I've read the whole storybook of this episode, I still feel the rush when I watched it in the cinema. Yes! I love New Moon. I thought it was really good. As usual, the movie delivered the damp and wet atmosphere of Forks really well. The setting of the whole movie was really nice.. the choice of words in delivering the script and this love between Jacob and Bella and Edward.. fascinating! Lol. And oh oh.. Jacob Black. Tell me, Jacob Black - nothing but extreme hotness? Agree?? Totally agreed! Gawd. The whole of the cinema, girls in general, all should've gasp when Jacob comes out of the scene half naked. The girls sitting next to me that day were like THAT. Me too.. I guess. Lol.

Can't wait for the DVD to come out! And the ending! Such teaser men.. makes me - makes everyone infact, thirst for more. Tsk tsk tsk! I really got not much to say, I just simply love the movie. And I want more.. hehe.

Gimme Eclipse. ;)

Friday, November 27, 2009


Enough said! Thanks to dad... hehe. And I love it! XD

And above is the new bag I bought online... super cute, super satisfied!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Let me.

I know, I'm no one to brag or to complain or to express my devastation. BUT -I'm seriously sooooo sooo sooo tired.

I only got home from work at 8.30pm today.. was a really long day in the office. Didn't have much things going on this morning and afternoon, only until evening to night time. God! One after another. Wait, no. Not one after another, it was actually all coming together! Yea.. I haven't even get to sit down to start on a new job, I was told to do another job. When I was about to finish the current job I was doing, I was told to do another one, when I haven't even finish the job I was doing and the one after the job I was trying to complete. Gah...

Seriously, k.o. big time. My shoulders and neck are aching so terribly. And it's like, my aching shoulders make me have headache. I can't wait for Friday! It's this precious public holiday. And New Moon is waiting for me! Woohoo, freaking excited about it. Tomorrow's Thursday, and I would be happy as well, because is the last working day of the week. Hope the paychecks will be out tomorrow... I need money! Really broke already. Also due to this online bag I saw AND bought just yesterday. I'm now waiting for the seller to meet me up and pass me the bag. I want it quick! COD men, COD. Freaking confirm the time and date with me please...hmm!

Meantime. Sigh... don't wanna talk about it. Really. It just.. happened again. No-brainer argument. Shit.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One-half old.

It was yesterday night, baby and I went to the cinema to catch 2012 movie. Finally! We got tickets, and that's because bee asked a friend to help us buy.. hmm. Anyway. The movie was hell awesome! For those who are still waiting for tickets to go watch, well - good luck! But I personally think that 2012 is a must-watch movie. Get a DVD... that's IF you can't get the chance to watch it in the cinema. Make me so sad!! Sigh.. I can't imagine myself in their situation. Too scary. I totally enjoyed the movie to the max. =)

Whilst the tragic and burning, explosions and floods, baby and I step into 1 and a half years old - our relationship that is. Sweet! Haha.. But too bad it's Wednesday, the day where we're not seeing each other. It's ok, it doesn't really matter.. he will try to make time to come see me though. I miss miss you!

Some music thoughts to share:-

I watched Jennifer's Body - mom bought the DVD. It's just so-so kind'a movie. Nothing special, but it totally spoils Megan Fox's sexy hot face! Gah. She looks so eerie in the movie.. it consists of scenes of Megan where I thought I couldn't look at her anymore. *gasp*

Oh. Music thoughts. It's Jennifer's Body OST! I thought the soundtrack is so good, love the songs in there. Something different. It has all the weird bands - to me - where I think many haven't heard of. Panic At The Disco is the main focus, obviously. But I think others are all good too, maybe a little better than Panic At The Disco. Hot pick would be Through The Trees by Low Shoulders. Listen listen! If you're interested... Lol.

Peace out.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Officially 19!

I have to say. I had a really great birthday... and I feel so grateful! It's been so heart warming I thought I would melt inside out.

Have to thank all those who have wished me happy birthday, regardless of which ever way of telling me, thank you so much!! Muaks.

And I got super happy when both my mentor and another colleague surprise me with a birthday gift wrapped up so nicely in a round-flowery box! I totally didn't expect it, and I thought I was the luckiest person on earth when 3 of them came over to me and said "Karmen, we've something to tell you" (with their very serious face) "Happy Birthday!!" Hahaha.. then they handed me the lovely gift - it's MNG singlet. White in color, exactly one of the item that was in my shopping list! They spent me lunch as well.. God.. I love them. LOl.

As for the night. After work, I quickly rushed back home to get myself ready to celebrate my birthday with baby. Hmm! Baby brought me to Italiannies, super yummy food, but overloaded. Hehe. Was supposed to watch movie, but then we couldn't make it because the cinema was crazily packed with humans. Gah, 2012 is still on the line! Then we went over to baby's place to chill, to have my present! And then went to Yippee Cup for a drink.. it was a really good night I had. *smiles*

Conclusion as above. Refer below for pictures taken and some description. :)

Ok. This is the gift given by my colleages. Isn't it just so cute?? I love the singlet!

This is at Italiannies. It was so packed. And we got no choice but to sit at this place where it is very small in space, and humid. I was ok with it, it was baby who didn't feel so comfortable though. Haha. Because the portion was too big, we couldn't finish our food we had to take away!

And tada! This is it! This is the present baby bought for me.. sweet eh? I didn't expect such thing though, they're hair products - hair cologne and hair treatment water from Sasa. When I first look at the present, I thought it looked too girly, something too girly for me, and it's all pinkish! Am not a pink person... but well, the product itself is really a good one. It smells incredibliy sweet and nice. I love it. Lol. When I first smell it, I feel like buying it continuosly already, that's if I finish the whole thing. But it's not cheap! I get to know because.. my baby being as careless as he's always been, he left the receipt in the plastic bag, I spotted it. Hehe! It's expansive for this 2 bottles of hair stuff.. hmm. As for the bling, it's included in the gift pack. So yea.. I'm hanging it on my phone now. Err, I know.. so not me. But because it's from baby and the bling REALLY look nice, so I hang it with my phone. It's really cute. Lol.

And this. I thought this is one of the best item I have in my life right now - the wedges from Vincci! Yes yes, it's that pair of wedges I've been eyeing for so damn long! Last few days, I got a call from Vincci when I was at the office, I was thrilled ok.. haha. They told me it's re-stocked, and they reserved one for me already. So yes, very quickly, I went to collect the shoe the next day with baby. It's nothing but awesome-ness. It looks so cool, not girly at all. It doens't hurt my feet, and I look so much taller with it. I wore that out when I was out with baby for my birthday! I myself couldn't believe that I was wearing wedges, practically heels, walking at the mall. It's like, I got so many new things in this week. I got this wedges, then I got 2 new online clothes that I bought, I have so many presents. And wishes! Superb.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Tada! Lol. This was yesterday night at Old Town White Coffee, Taman Megah.

It was May Yan's birthday celebration, and also my pre-birthday celebration - 4 days earlier. The gang was there to celebrate for us! I was of course extremely happy. It was seriously a blast. And I got nice present! Read on, you will know what it is. Hahah...

Me and May Yan with our cakes. Thanks to Jack.

Cutting the cake.

Baby joined in after awhile. I love you bee! You made me so happy when you were there accompanying me and join in the fun. We - the couples.

More pictures...

Pressie time! See?? It's La Senza! I never make myself buy one for myself, eventhough I love the lingerie there.. but Cheng bought it for me.. hmm. Really don't know what to say, but zillion thanks!

Aren't they cute? Cheng and her boyfriend have got good taste, haha.. I LOVE my t-back, I think mine is super cute!

The family portrait..

Point down at you, Ying Kee! Hahahaha..

Monday, November 16, 2009

Definite silky smooth!

Ok. This is really gonna be a random post! Lol.

Well. I went to the saloon yesterday - Sunday. Super excited because I decided to go straighten my hair. So yea, meet up with Mandy at her place around 11am. Then we went to the saloon, some shop near Mandy's place. It's a very small unit, and from the shop itself, I knew my budget can be controlled. Hehe. It only cost RM200! Definitely worth, for my long bushy hair.

But the sad thing is that the saloon only had perming products enough for 1 person! Shit. That really sucked. I felt so lost, I don't know if I should do first, or let Mandy do it first, then I'll have to go back there again next time. But ahh.. Mandy let me do it first! Made me feel so bad but extremely thankful at the same time. I was there alone then, and it took me 4 hours to finish everything. But don't know why, this time's straightening is much faster and easier, compared to the one I did last time - way years back. And I feel totally satisfied. My hair, that mop-broom-tree-trunk-look-alike hair is totally gone, and it gives me back nothing but silky strands of hair! Each and every strand of it. Lol.

Feel kind'a not used to it though. All of a sudden, it's really so flat already. And my head feels so light. To be honest, I do miss my bushy-mop-like hair. That hair - it's just me. Because of that hair, people call me the rocker chick, which I like! I feel wild with that hair.. like I'm different. Lol. But ah well, it's all good. Something new! The most I wanted when I chose to straighten my hair is for the smoothness only, actually.. the straight comes second.

Now. I will wait till my hair texture to become much more natural - as in, not so sleek straight anymore, then I will go for bangs. Hehe!

In hair craze.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Cloud 9.

Woohoo! It's another weekend! Yay yay.. nothing but super happy. Lol.

Will catch up with baby later after lunch, going to his uncle's birthday party. And tomorrow will be so superb! I'm going to the saloon to get my hair done. Yes! Finally, after so long. Gonna straighten my bloody mop-look-alike hair, and maybe... just maybe, will cut my hair. Gah, confusion is busting my head again. But anyway, after getting my hair done, I'm gonna make a stop at OU. Maybe will have dinner with family there with baby, and then will catch a movie with baby. Definitely 2012! The movie about nature disaster.. can't wait. Hehe.

Work's ok so far. But this week had been so crazy. It was really a crazy week in the office. I had to stay back late to finish up some work, and everything was so rushy I thought I would suffocate. Too many things to deal with at the same time, too much information was being forced into my head, bombarding my brain cells so quickly.. hmm. Tiring, but well, have to say it's satisfying because I was busy. I did many things, and I've been learning while getting busy. Lol. And it would help me more in doing my report later on... I hope.

Also, as usual, this particular month - I'm spending hell lot of money. My hair... and some online clothes I'm gonna buy. Sigh. The worst thing is that, I don't really care! Things get even 'better' when I really got not much money at home already and my pay is not ready yet, obviously. Still have 2 more weeks to go in order to reach my paycheck! Gaahh, struggling to crawl myself towards the paycheck.. sob. Nah.. it's ok. Once I get my pay, I put all in the bank, and I don't use it. Isn't it the same? I spend now, but then my paycheck later will cover up the expanses I'm gonna make now... and my money goes back the same. Hmm.. yea. (things that I always tell myself to make myself feel better... but it's true anyway!)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Down and back again.

I was down to bad flu and cough yesterday. Lol.

Went to the office at usual time, but was tired early in the morning. Then I started coughing and sneezing so much! My mentor asked me to go home. I was like "OMG, serious??" I was too happy to say just anything. Hehe. But well, I still tried to make an effort to stay... I did help my mentor on some tomeline arrangements, then only I went back home - 11am. I was in the office for approximately 2 hours only. I wasn't THAT sick, but I guess I'm just lucky to have such nice mentors.. Hmm.

The first thing that came into mind when I was asked to go back - watch movie!! Jennifer's Body, that is. It's Megan Fox, the super hot Fox I adore so much. Called Mandy, texted Mandy, got not reply! Sob sob. Reply was only received at 4.30pm, when I planned to catch the 2.45pm movie. Sigh.. but it's really fine. I was sleeping through the whole afternoon after I took the flu medicine anyway. I haven't take nap that long ever in my life, for a total of 5 hours... it felt extremely good though.

Oh well, I'm in the office right now. Just finished doing some stuff and settle down. Cold cold office! Gah.. still have runny-nose. I'm hungry, but it's only 11am.
... twweee..

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Help me someone!

I've been spending like mad this month! What the heck is wrong with me men.. It's not that I buy a lot of things, but .. where did all my money go?! Sigh. I feel like I can buy more stuffs, but no, I can't. And that kills me. I haven't even get to buy the wedges I want, but my money is like, flowing out from my wallet already. And it's not even the middle of November yet! Help me.. somebody..

Ha. Then today I went to OU to meet up with the gang. And another 5obucks gone. Shit! Should I just kill myself? No no.. that's hell stupid. Maybe I should just not have money with me. But no way, that's ridiculous. Gah! Whatever. Forgive me being cranky. I'm just so lost. I want so many things but I can't afford it, and I know that I can't afford it.

Shall just pack food to work like, everyday from tomorrow. No money no fun! Should put myself in the 'stand-by' mode right now.. Can't wait till end of this month.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Distract self from the doze..

I'm now in the office...

And I'm drop-dead sleepy. Zzz.

This morning was hactic. Had emails to check on to, had JR to distribute... then I had WIP briefing, at the same time I had to discuss the JR issued with my mentor. Too much info at the same time! Gah. But managed to pull that off. After completing the briefings, I had to go brief the writer myself, which is something new that I had to learn. My mentor just trusted me so completely that she let me handle the briefing myself. Lol. It was ok.

Then.. I went for lunch. Today - with both my mentors. Lol. Did JR again after lunch, completed the WIP.. what else? Em, nothing else. Which explains why I'm blogging here, right now. I'm so so so so bloody sleepy.

Oh. It's 5pm. Goddamn it!! Come on, please strike 5.30pm.. come on! Can't wait to go back. And I can't wait to see baby later tonight. Weehee.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Like water.

I went shopping today! Woohoo!

With Mandy. To Pyramid. It was superb. I got myself a super duper cool handbag; I got the belt that I wanted all this while, and I got a new eye-shadow. Spent! The only thing I missed out was a pair of new wedges - damn! Saw one from Voir - exactly the pair I like from Vincci, same design but only slight difference, but I chose not to buy it because I thought I liked Vincci's better. So yea, I went to OU at night with baby, and I prayed so hard and I was so ready to buy that pair of wedges. Who knew - no size. Damn again! Argh. That pair of shoes is freaking awesome I keep on thinking about it. Now that I haven't get it yet, it makes me think of it even more. Sigh.. they told me they might re-stock again, but don't know when. I already planned to go back to OU to try my luck again this coming weekend. Hmm!

Note: Mandyyy... I want that shoe!! Sob.


By the way. The most important thing for today - I celebrated baby's birthday! Yippe, it's my baby turning 21 years old - big boy outside, but a small boy at heart. I love him so much! Muaks. Exact birthday is actually next Thursday, 5th. But yea, both working, so I decided to celebrate for him today.

We went to OU for dinner. Spent baby TGI. Yummy food, price also yummy. Haha.. Then I brought him to Secret Recipe for cake. I bought him a pair of leather Converse shoe. Freaking nice! I got so jealous when I bought it for him at Pyramid this morning when I went shopping... sigh. But at the same time, I knew baby will like it so so much, and he does look good in it. Lol.

It was so nice to see baby so happy today.. I love you baby. I love you so much. And I'm also super glad he's 21, but he's still like how he used to be - like 7. I love him so so so much. Some pictures taken:

Preparing for the night out to celebrate his birthday. My note to him! It says "I'm not sure if this is the best gift for you. But you are the best gift for me. I love you! Happy Birthday".

My handsome baby - at TGI.

Me, taken by baby - at TGI. "See my cash?? Hahaha.."

Us, taken by the waiter.

Rexy the cute. Looking at baby opening his present.. Lol.

Tada! Tell me about cool and awesome-ness. They're leather!

Trying his new shoe on.. muaks

Kiss me if you love me and if you're happy with what I bought you! =D

Happy birthday baby.. your the most wonderful person ever.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back to Westlife.

Westlife is hot.

Their songs are actually hot.. now that I listen to their very old albums where I used to listen to when I was in primary/secondary school. Lol. Their songs are just so touching, despite people's saying where boy bands can't sing. I do think that way sometimes... BUT not Westlife. Hehe. Listening to them makes me go back to the old times.

Which I once missed them a lot.

Monday, October 26, 2009

:no title:

This is at Yippee Cup, ss2. Yesterday. It was our 5th month already! I mean, 1 year + 5 months together. Lol. It was good.. we went swimming, then we went to the mamak for dinner. Right after dinner, we spent some time drinking bubble tea (Note: Blueberry milk tea is also nice to drink!). Later at night, we watched football at his place. According to bee, Man.U lost over Liverpool.. haha.. Well, It doesn't really impact me much, I know nothing about football. But the game was ok though..


Gah. I stayed over time in the office today. Till 7.30pm only I get to go back.. so tiring! Was really free in the morning, but right after lunch, all the things started piling up. Hmm.. Oh yea! One more thing about work. No. Particularly my pc. Let me tell ya', my pc is fucking fucked up. It can't be any more fucked up, because it is just way too fucked up. It broke down often times, since God knows when. The worst thing is, I was trying so hard under the table to re-plug the wires and shit, it turned on then broke down - again and again! Goddamn it. Felt like kicking the chow cibai mother fucking pc.. it's nothing but wasting my time! And making me signing up to MSN/hotmail over and over again. I wanna bring my lappy to work, but I need to buy a laptop bag first, which is in my shopping list. Lol. It's just so cute, and I think it's convenient.. saw it at Tropicana City.. oh well. We'll see how it goes after I get my paycheck.

By the way. I really feel like cutting my hair. Like, really really feel like it. But still, I'm in dilemma - to cut or not to cut? I don't know. Found some really nice hairstyles online, and I actually downloaded them for the hairstylist's reference, that's IF I really decide to cut. And IF I cut, it will be like, so short - shoulder length. Not that I'm afraid my hair becomes short, it's whether I'll look nice with it or not... that's no guarantee!

Till then.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Looking forward to.

Ah. It's weekend already. And this coming week will be the last week of the month. So fast! Now, what I'm looking forward to is to get my very first paycheck next week from Saatchi! I know, it's only RM 500... but hey, the feeling feels simply awesome. Simply because that RM 500 is the amount of money I earn myself. And I can't wait to go shopping!! I have this list... I don't really have a lot to buy, but things that I need to buy are costly. Shait... I don't care I must have it. Probably my RM 500 will be gone, totally.

The following thing I'm looking forward to is November. Once November kicks in, it's like I'm closer to ending my internship, which will definitely be a blast. Not that I don't like my internship at Saatchi, I'm just so eager - too eager to break free. Putting internship aside, I'm also looking forward to baby's 21st, also in November. Hmm, come to think of it... November is such a good month! You see. I get closer to ending my internship; baby's 21st birthday; my birthday; and New Moon screening! Oh my god. Lol. I so can't wait.

Last but not least. Tomorrow, which will be a very fine Sunday (I hope) is when we reach 1 year and 5 months together, and we're gonna go swimming! Hehe. Finally I get to exercise, after so long. Things are better than better.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quickie from the office.

I'm at the office now.. just had lunch - homemade egg sandwich. It's my break-time, obviously. And I got nothing to do right now.

It's freezing cold at the office ok.. shit. I'm wearing my jacket, my scarf, and I'm with my long jeans! Still, I'm shivering. What on earth? Does it have to be THIS bloody cold? Gah.. Feel like going down to Phileo for a walk, or to buy something, just to shake away the cold. But I got nothing to buy. Keith and Alice are at Phileo anyway.. should I go see them?

By the way. I wanna watch the Meatballs movie. Anyone wanna come with me?? It's so cute I must watch it no matter what! And at the same time, I can't wait to get my paycheck so I can go shopping for a new bag and a new waist belt. Meanwhile, I have to plan my budget really wisely right now, because baby's birthday is on the way. The spendings for his birthday is so crucial.. hmm. It'll be a lot of money - according to what I've planned for him. Aahh! I need money. Money money money!

Sigh. I miss baby so much. Like hell crazy. I've no idea why.. the more I see him, the more I miss him. Recently, eversince I started working, it's been like this. But I know we both have our own things to do, and that, we can't see each other everyday, but only alternate days. It's just like how it has always been, but only this time when we both have to work, seems like it's so hard to follow the rules.. And just yesterday baby told me he wants to bring me out on a vacation end of this year. He had already planned to go with me just anywhere, it has been in his mind for awhile..just that he decided not to tell me yet. Because he had to see a client with his dad at PD yesterday, he couldn't help it but told me he wanted to bring me to PD. Well, the feeling of hearing him saying that is just simply wonderful. It actually doesn't matter if we will make it or not, but having the thought in his mind is heart-warming enough already.. muaks. But now that he mentioned it, I can't help but feeling so excited about the idea. Lol. It's like, having a get-away with him is so romantic.

He's the love of my life.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Deepavali updates.

It was last Saturday - I went back to dad's hometown, Taiping.

The visit wasn't as bad as it always seems. This time, it felt more like a short trip to somewhere instead of locking ourselves up in my auntie's house which is so humid and boring the whole day. Because when we reached Taiping, instead of just staying in my auntie's place, dad brought us around Taiping to look for nice famous food.. then we went to different malls to do some shopping and to look around. Time passed by so fast! We met up with other relatives then have dinner together. Right after dinner, dad brought us to Night Safari at the zoo. Haha.. I know! It's funny. But hey, it was actually quite fun! Quite an experience.

I came back on Sunday. It was so tiring. I was sleeping in the car throughout, but it made me even more tired. But still, I went out with baby right after I reached home. I missed him so much! Was so happy to spend the rest of the day with him. We went to OU to catch a movie - Surrogates. The movie was just ok... not as nice as I expected it to be, as according to the trailer.

Today is Monday. I got no work. A big lost I didn't get to spend time with baby! Damn. Was supposed to, but he has to work. So yea, I'll just have to suck it up and let it be. It was ok though, I get to wake up so late, and I get to just relax at home, go online and stuffs. And I went to OU for dinner with Jo and Mab. All because of Dave Deli's promotion on weekdays. Lol. Good thing is that I got a pair of new shoe from Vincci! And my sisters actually bought it for me, as my super advanced birthday gift. Due to the fact that they're so close to exams they need to prepare by not stepping out of the house, therefore they bought it so early. It's such gorgeous shoes! I was eyeing it yesterday already, when I was at OU with baby. Then I got it today.. awesome-ness. =)


Sigh. I have to get back to reality tomorrow, again. Waking up at 7.30am. What is this men?! Worst thing to start my day..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

War ends right now.

We argued again today. And I was at work. It was so damn frustrating I thought I was gonna go crazy. Really have no idea what's with all these crap, starting from last Sunday... There will always be times where we can be so lovey dovey and all sticky to each other, they can be incredibly sweet I couldn't resist. But right after the lovey dovey stage, we will definitely go down to the ice-cold big war times. Why is that?? Why? Sigh.

Got over it though. And we just came back from Yippee Cup. By the way, I tried the Strawberry Milktea - it's nice! Haha.. would order that again next time. And then I got a new sling pouch from Jie (thanks, I like it a lot).

Work today was fine. Same old thing. But the office can get so annoying when the air-cond gets so fucking cold! It's always so damn cold I shiver, even being wrapped around with long pants, long shirt, and a jacket. Sometimes with my scarf. Shit.. now my skin is all getting dry, and I think it will peel soon. Damn it.

And just like last week, I can't wait for weekends to come. Oh yea, really can't wait any longer. It's only Wednesday tomorrow..

Why can't I go to work at.. maybe.. 11am?

Ahh. Total bullshit. No such thing... I really need and want my beauty sleep so much. I miss myself waking up at 10am - 11am. Ughh. Working life eh? Feel like I really have to grow up already.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Turning point.

For the very first time, I feel really REALLY happy working at Saatchi.

Why is that? Haha. Because.. finally, I get to talk to 2 colleagues there! They're both interns under other mentors, and that they obviously come from different colleges. They're elder than me, but I'm so glad that we can really blend together! We 3 talked so much today when we were assigned by the boss to help her do some crazy things over at the creative department. Actually I was the one who got assigned, but the boss get the other 2 interns to help me out, and it was so much fun. They're both very cheerful and funny people... probably because we 3 are interns, therefore we totally understand how each other feels, and that we can talk. Lol..

Previously, last week - I really didn't have much fun because I find that I couldn't blend with just anyone in the office. I felt a little lonely. Nothing but doing work only.. the 2 interns were there for quite some time already, too bad they sit very far away from me, therefore we couldn't really talk to each other. They wanted to wave me hi when I first went in, but well, I had things going on on my very first day and that I was already sitting so far.. they couldn't come ot me either! Haha.. but now that we met officially, I'm really glad and I feel motivated. Yeap yeap.

And erm, I find myself starting to pick things up already. I'm much more stable, not as wobbly as last week. Lol.. And oh. Today morning - early in the morning, I got this big shock of my life. I was called to go for the WIP meeting. I thought I was only going to sit there and listen and to write some notes, but who knew! My mentor asked me to bring the team through on Olay product work status. It was already weird and daunting enough when everyone in the meeting room looked at me with one face when I stepped into the room, it was even more daunting when I started speaking. God!! But my voice wasn't shaking... thanks a lot to all those class presentation I had before in college, helps me a lot this morning. I did felt nervous and not as confident, but I did it. =)

Well well. Guess I'll stop here.. Will watch a DVD later, and sleep to prepare myself for tomorrow. Would be another busy day.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

I thought.

When you get out of my car and you walked away.. without even looking back, I felt like, I was already dead.

I thought I couldn't breath.

I thought my soul just ran out of my body and disappear.

I thought things were really all gone. And I broke down. Completely.

I shouted in the car so loud I thought the car windows were gonna break into pieces.

I thought I would break my own ear drums.

I couldn't hear anything but my anxious heartbeat... my own voice calling you back... my other own voice telling me that things are over. And that you don't want me anymore.

It was nothing but black and white.

And tears gave me a nice face wash.

Your every word hurts. As they are bad spells, they curse me, straight into my heart. You didn't know you were wrong, but I did make you feel the way I felt too.

I thought it was fair enough. Though I'm truly sorry. I couldn't accept the fact that you hurt me that way, and that I wanted to hurt you back.

I thought I was gonna drive away from your land, so that I can pull out from all the memories we once had before.

I thought of speeding so fast all the way home while crying my lungs out in the car so I could go numb.

I was exhausted already.

But I thought, I can never loose the chance not even talking things through with you, IF we really were to end everything or to make up. Our conversation was way too shallow to clarify anything.

My heart told me to be strong... so I decided to stay.

And my decision was right.

My stone-cold heart went soft-weak when I hear your voice again.

The air-cond in my car feels so cold, but your voice warmed me up a little when you told me you'll bring me in to your place.

I knew then, things are gonna be ok again. I knew it. And I believe in it.

Small whispering voices told me your the one for me. And that you love me.

They told me to forgive you, and forgive myself too. Or else, we wouldn't be able to move on. And they told me we both never want that because we've put in so much, we're meant for each other. You're impossible to find in this universe.

There's no 2nd you.

We're strong together. We shouldn't let ourselves down just because of such ridiculous spells.

Magic is what makes us. Those whispering voices told me.

And we should cherish such magical lullaby we're being surrounded by.

I love you. You're the one. And that's final.

Monday, October 5, 2009

5th the starting point.

It's the first day, and it was busy. Quite busy. Got stuffs to do, where my day was totally occupied.

Which I think it's good. I mean, I don't wanna just sit in the office and do nothing. And I'm so happy I get to learn new things right on my first day at Saatchi. People there are fine.. some friendly, some cold, some.. weird. Argh. I don't care. Hehe..

And I'm lucky today. My mentor drove me and another colleague out for lunch. And the other colleague actually spent me lunch at Kim Gary, and then spent me Starbucks drink. My god, I felt real bad ok, but she insisted on spending me.. so, I just let that be. But oh, I shall just pack food from home, and this is because, there isn't any cheap place to eat! Damn it. All of the restaurants target people like my mentor, people in the office, business men and women, basically rich people. Hello, I'm just an intern, and I'm freaking poor. Hmph..

I was only sitting in front of my pc, and that can make me tired. My neck, my back, and my shoulders are aching. Good thing I got to leave early today (not early actually, it was 5.30pm, interns are supposed to leave at that time, according to the person-in-charge), or else, I'll just stone right there.

I'll take this as a good start. I shall go to bed now to recharge myself to prepare myself for tomorrow. Night.

*wish me lucks*

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New chapter.

This is it.

Tomorrow. My internship starts. Woo! Excited, but definitely super nervous.. The very very first thing I hope for tomorrow is to blend well with the people working there. I need human support! Seriously..

I trust myself that I can do fine.. go go!! Real random, but well.. I hope for the best.

Will have a quickie lickie update as soon as I'm free. Muaks.

p/s: By the way. I find that my blog's design and colour is so.. off men. Damn it. Such hideous design I put. Will change it soon!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Perfect bullshit.

Let me tell ya'.

The Perfect Getaway - sucks to the freaking maximum level. Alright! It's damn sucky I can't stand it. I feel so damn bad choosing the stupid movie to watch with baby, and waste baby's 20bucks on such movie. It all started off good and mysterious. But when it reaches the middle part, everything just went all around the place. Like, a jumps to d, then k jumps to b. I don't understand the movie, and until the end where the movie is over, I still don't understand what the movie is all about.

God! Never felt so unsatisfied before men..

Got nothing much to update.. by the way, mooncake festival is tomorrow! Too bad my family is not celebrating. But I'll be joining baby's family and cousins to celebrate together, then I'll also drop by another party organized by bee's friend. And and and, the sisters and I will be going to Wondermilk for cuppacakes tomorrow noon as well! Yippe. I can't wait. Hehe.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Oh No! It's Monday already. Also means, I'm much more closer to my internship, which is next Monday. Oh god.. so fast!

Meanwhile. I'm really lazy to blog recently, got nothing much to update also. But ah, I finished reading New Moon just today evening, and oh my god, I'm dying for the movie! And also the 3rd episode of Twilight. The ending left me hanging there, thirsting for more of it.

And yes! Finally, I got to watch The Ugly Truth, was with Man and Jo at OU. Damn, It's a freaking awesome movie. It's damn funny, crappy but make sense, and it's just so heart-warming.. hmm. Love love love this movie! Will get the dvd no matter what. Worth the keep, for me though.

By the way. Just got nagged by mum again. What else? All because of one fucking bikini I bought. Why on earth did she let me buy my first piece of bikini anyway, if she thinks the new bikini I bought is so damn exposing, when the new bikini I bought is just as same as my first piece where she allowed me to buy? What the hell is this nonsense men.. fuck it. And also, I'm in this terribly fucking awful mouth pain. Fucking ulcer beside, one more ulcer under my damn tongue, plus some cut right at the tip of my tongue. What the fuck!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Let me update exactly what I did yesterday.

It was kind'a fun yesterday. Due to massive arguments, I decided to do something that is able to make me relax and loosen up a bit. Not shopping, no no. But swimming!

It's been so long since I last swam at his place.. so long. Wanted to go swim alone, but I wanted accompany, so I tagged Jo and Mab along. Lol. Went to the public pool at KJ, reached there about 10am. The sun was so good yesterday morning, and I made myself swim a total of 20 laps. Felt so good, and totally fit! And it did help me forget about those mess...

After swimming, we decided to go to OU for movie - Tsunami at Haeundae. Oh! It was.. ok. Just ok. The water is scary though, and really upsetting at the end of the movie.. Hmm. And that's about it. Had a good time, and not much money was being spent. Lol.


I just got back from Wendy's with mum and sisters for lunch. Will be going out later with him, because it's our 1 year 4 months today. Things are better.. more to come.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I don't know who I am anymore..

Because of you.

Worth it or not? I don't know. I don't care... I can't care.

I'm just so tired of it. Think positive? Trying to. But hard.

"Love is hard" _ James Morrison

So true.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Mini mini.

I just got back from a car ride to KLIA with family.. Hmm. Such chilly and relaxing holiday I have. I'm so happy.

I got nothing much to update. Because.. well, everything's just the same. I only went to the mall often, walked around and stuff. I can't wait to go watch movie though! Lol.

Till then. At least I wrote something.. heez.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Ugh. Saatchi called this morning, 9am+, like so early. And obviously I was still sleeping! They just like calling me in the middle of my sleep eh.. haha.

By the way. They called, and yes!! I got selected! Woo. It's such a relief to hear that, and I'm so glad I got the offer. I'm still wondering who's the other person that went for the interview at Saatchi.. But nevermind that. I got in, and that's better than ever.

But oh, mum is making a big big big and huge fuss about it. Why? Because of the killer parking rate, food, working hours, other options to park my damn car.. who fetches me to work.. bla bla. She even asked to change my internship placement to another advertising agency. Whaaat? Mum, can you please chill? I'm the one where I should worry about all those you're worrying, but the thing is I haven't even make any sounds, but you wanna get so uptight about things that I'm gonna take care of. Sigh. She always tells me she wants me to be independent, but this is how she wants to help me to be independent? My goodness. She just wouldn't mean what she says, at times. Thank god dad can help me out on this..

Right now, I'm just so glad I got nothing much to say, but thousands of thank you to those who've helped me out. Thank you!

Now that I got things at their right places, I wanna continue shopping. I wanna make my holiday so fun before I start putting my all into my internship.. wish me luckss!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Oh my god.

I'm just nervous right now. Minute by minute, my heart pumps faster. And my hands sweat more.. I'm nothing but nervous.

Interview is at 3pm later. 3pm! Oh god. I really hope I can drive properly to the office later, and being able to speak with total calm voice without even a little shiver. Please God! Help calm me down..

fingers crossed, toes too


Ok. So yes, I went for the interview.

I was very nervous while I was on the way to the office, so nervous I couldn't sing along with the songs that the radio was playing.. damn. But well, eventually, I wasn't nervous when I got to the office and met up wit the interviewer. Weird but.. cool. Lol.

The interview was simple, and short. It lasted 20minutes only. She didn't fire a lot of questions, which I expected her to. She told me a lot more on what I'm supposed to do instead, that's IF they hire me. Oh well, like I mentioned, IF only. Bad thing is that she told me there's another student from my college, probably my classmate will be having interview there as well. So she has to interview that person, then only she'll get back to me, see if I got selected or not. By end of this week. Which also means, I have competition. Oh shit! I can't accept this men. I have no idea whether she gonna choose between the 2 of us, or she'll just take us anyhow. I'm so confused, and lost, and I keep guessing what's gonna happen! Shittt... No way.

I want that placement for my internship at Saatchi. God please help me! Please.

Awaiting. It seems so long. I can't help but keep feeling like calling her up right away and ask for the real thing.

And I wanna go shopping, keep thinking about things that I wanna get. Hmm, I'm thinking a lot, now only I notice. I'm feeling all anxious again. Ahhh.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quick pick!


It's Sunday already. As usual, time flies and keeps lying.

And without having to realize it, my last paper is tomorrow - CCS, and my Saatchi interview is the day after exam, on Tuesday, specifically 3pm.

Baby brought me to Saatchi yesterday, just to let me get an idea how to get there. It's ok, quite easy to go, and not really far away from where I am. But the thing is, after the viewing, I do remember the way, but sort of forgotton certain roads.. as in, still not 100% sure. What the hell, damn useless. So, I'll have to beg baby to bring me there one more time later when I see him. Lol.

And next, I really can't wait for holidays to come. Yes!! I wanna go watch movie, I wanna go walk around shopping malls, I wanna go buy things that I have in mind.. so and so. Wee~!

Alright. Gotta bounce. Seeing bee later. Talk to you later! Muaks.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No title necessary?

Rest In Pieces y'all!!

Ha. Yeap yeap, baby and I went to OU yesterday night to watch this particular movie. Thought of watching The Ugly Truth, mistaken it's out already but actually not yet, so we went for this.

To be honest, I find it really crap. I find all the previous Final Destination are so much better...somehow. It's gross, and totally disgusting, but there're too much flesh and blood, therefore the storyline somehow doesn't exist. But well, ok ler, that's what Final Destination is all about. I did enjoyed watching it. Lol. And I like the fact that my heart will pump faster and my eyes will start squinting whenever there's a gross scene coming in, and you wouldn't know which part of the body of the characters will be chopped off the next minute. Hmm.


It's Thursday today. I'm home. The whole day. Gotta revise AM notes again for tomorrow's exam.. good thing I memorize all already, again. Hehe.

I can't help myself but to keep thinking of going out. I have no idea why! I've always wanted to have a day free and just chill at home. But now that I get my day, I feel so bored and not used to staying at home. I guess I'm just too used with college life where I'll be out almost the whole day and everyday... I feel so booooorrreed! Help.


Gotta feeling. On 09.09.09!

Finally, after waiting for so long, an agency that is Saatchi & Saatchi got back to me! Just this morning.

The agency called up, but my goodness, I was sleeping, therefore didn't get to answer the phone. Thank God Danny called me back, and kept calling to let me know that Saatchi tried calling me, and it was the missed call earlier! So yes, I called back and yes, they arranged an interview for me next Tuesday! Haha. I feel so happy and excited, finally I get an agency to ask me to go for interview for my internship. Well, I hope for nothing but the best, really hope Saatchi will take me in as an intern right after the interview.. It's really a good start, and I'm so glad I didn't let the chance to slip away. Woohoo.

Sat for IMC exam today. It was ok.. I don't know. I find myself crapping all the way. The only difference is that, all the questions are just not as direct anymore, it's like, nothing similar to what I've studied in my notes. As in, not straight to the point kind of thing. Nonetheless, it's still same old shit, where I have so much to write that I can break my hand anytime soon. Good thing I managed to finish all the questions.

I'm going for a movie with baby tonight, can't wait! Next paper is on Friday - AM. Totally prepared, will only have to re-read and re-memorize everything again tomorrow.

Till then. Oh, happy 09.09.09!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Anxious, actually.

IMC exam is tomorrow.

I'm totally prepared. But somehow, for don't know what reason, I seem a little unsure... maybe a little nervous about whether I can do the exam tomorrow or not.

At the meantime, I'm still worrying for my internship application. Will have to call the agencies up for follow up. Please give me a space to learn!! I pray hard to god. Hmm.. Please, please give me a spot for my upcoming internship. At least ask me to go for an interview!

Gotta bounce. Gotta do the last round of revision.

Rest In Pieces by Saliva

Love this damn song. Nothing but awesome shit.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The "diva" comes back to town.

Hong is back!

Went to OU yesterday night to see him. Also a somewhat gathering. Only a few of us went - Hong, Man, Jo, Jas, J.Pin, Joyce, and myself.

We went to Wong Kok for dinner. After that we were just walking around, what not. I feel so guilty and crappy though! Because I spent RM30 on nail polish itself. Bought 3 new colours, after deciding for very long. But hey, those 3 colours are awesome!! No regrets... but I know, I should be punished, that was really wasting money men. Sob sob. So torn in between.

By the way. Hong will be going back to Kampar this coming Tuesday. Sad! So fast he has to leave again. But well, it's not like he'll not come back. He will. Can't wait to hang out again.. hmm.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ching Ren De Yan Lei (in Mandarin)

I love Secret's Original Sountrack!! Oh my god.

Why on earth I download it so late, when it's already out for so damn long? The soundtrack is just purely awesome. Nothing but awesome. All of the tracks touches my heart so so so deeply... hmm. It's seriously very nice to listen to. And every track actually makes me recall each and every scene of that movie.

Recently, argued with bee so so much. It was too much it stressed me out totally. Felt so trapped. But we made up just now, and I'm really glad that the black cloud on top of us is now gone..

In the meantime, I'm preparing for my exams next week. Revised 2 subjects already, left 1 more subject to go, and it's a really long subject. Sigh.

Zooming into my internship preparation. I applied 3 agencies, well.. still waiting for their replies, as in waiting for them to ask me to go for interview. They already replied, but then they only asked me for my resume, when I already sent to them! Argh. It's making me kind'a anxious already..

*listening to ching ren de yan lei_Secret OST*

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I'm done with the last group presentation. Woohoo!

Got nothing much to say, just that I'm really happy, and really having the somewhat holiday mood. Lol. Why somewhat? Hmm. That's because exams are right on the way. I gotta get myself revising already! Like, tomorrow I've to start. And of course, try my best to come up with good stuff for my last individual assignment due next next week.

I'm out right now. At bee's place. Was watching him playing basketball in ss2... so after that, I'm here to chill for awhile. Class at 3pm tomorrow. The last class! Glad that it's only tutorial, one half hours. Can't wait for tomorrow's class to be over.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


It's Merdeka tomorrow. What's gonna be up tomorrow?

I don't know.

Will go out with baby probably. But no idea where.

At the meantime, I'm really worried for Tuesday's CEP presentation. Really hope things will go just fine, as we're not having meeting until Tuesday morning itself. And well, the slides is not with me. I haven't got the chance to check it yet.

On the other hand, lecturer is replying my mails consistently, which I think is really good and I feel REALLY thankful. I give myself a pat on the shoulder as I'm currently quite happy with my work process. For now.

I'm still waiting for the 2 advertising agencies to reply my mail, regarding my internship stuff. Damn, I just need their contacts, why do they have to take so long to reply me?! Arrrgh.

Exams are on the way. Like, next week? Oh god. It's not the exam I'm afraid of, it's the revision process I don't wanna go through. I can't stand myself locking inside my room and look at those notes, most exhausting thing is the memorizing part. Sobz.

Supposed to get out of house at 2pm, but bee got plans last minute with his family. So yea, waiting.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm the fucking innocent one.

Why does it have to be so unfair?

It's you that you're upset about. Why do you have to direct what you're upset about to me? As if it's my fault?

I already apologized. Infact, I was just making some jokes, but still I apologized. Then you have to treat me that way, saying such words to hurt me.

I even hugged you, hold you tight to me and tell you everything will be fine. But.. that is all I got from doing so.

It hurts so deep. It hurts like hell ok. Just so you know.

Then you tell me you have no feelings, you're made of robot, and that you're sorry. Please, such apology? Unacceptable, unreasonable, and totally insincere. You can't see the clearer picture, can you? You're always thinking about your own feelings, but not mine as well, is that so?


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yesterday and today.

Yesterday (25.08.09) was our 1 year 3 months. Yohoo! Haha.

It was just like any other typical weekday. And it was even worst that I still had to go to college for some hectic group meeting, and to attend the internship briefing. Gosh. But! Baby made the day so nice when he called me up in the middle of my meeting to see if I was free, so he could have lunch with me. It was around 2pm, baby went over to my college from work to meet me up for lunch. He spent me Wendy's!! Yummy. Yesterday's lunch at Wendy's was the nicest meal I've ever eaten in college. Seriously! I had been eating Cold Storage food men.. just to save my spendings. Plus, the meal was the most delicious is also because baby was there with me. Hmm.

At Wendy's. Muaks.


Ok. What's with today?

Well. Basically, just went to college, had the final IMC meeting, and went for the presentation. It wasn't that good... sigh. Was really sad after the presentation, don't know why.

Then after presentation, it was CCS class. Lecturer told us we'll have to take a test, but then she ended up just giving us the questions and telling us some exam tips. Got no test. Good thing, but wasted my time studying last night.

It's really a long day. I feel so tired going here and there, doing this and that. Now that I've finished IMC assignment, I still have to get myself going for even more things. Firstly, prepare stuffs for one more presentation for CEP. Secondly, work my ass off for another new assignment given today, and it's coming to the end of semester already. What the hell. Thirdly, I already got the intern brief, I'll have to complete my resume, do some research on some agencies and finalize the agency I'll be going to soon with my college's manager. And lastly, do revision for my exams. Of all these, I really don't have much time. It all comes together, and I've to do all together.

Oh well..

What more can I say?

Du du du du du..

Monday, August 24, 2009

The doomed side.


Recently, having some problems dealing with certain issues while doing group work. And I don't even know exactly what is the problem.. many questions to ponder. The duedate is this Wednesday, and today is already Monday. Oh my god... hope everything will be pulled back together.

In the meantime, I feel so damn sick. Thanks to my fucking ulcer. So big, and the depth of the hole has to be so damn deep it hurts me like hell. I can't even smile! What the hell.

And well, mom has to nag me just about everything. Last time when I talk back, she has to say I got no manners, this and that. Now that she say something, I keep myself quiet all the way and letting her say all she wants to say, she has to say I'm ignoring her, when I'm actually listening. And the worst thing is that, she has to nag me for things that doesn't even matter! Like, for example, I was scooping some dessert off the pot, and just because I didn't scoop it all clean, she nagged me. I just feel like I have to drop my jaws men.. seriously.

Tomorrow is baby and my day. Our 1 year and 3 months together... Well, we can't do much, he can only come over to my place as he has to work. I have things to do in college as well. So sad! Sob. Can't wait though..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One Thursday.

Painting my nails...

I don't have class today. Feels different, because it's been so long I didn't have break in weekdays like this. Have been busy with college stuffs.

I got nothing much to blog about. Just dropping by.

Oh well, there's one. My CEP self-promo pack... I just collected it back last few days. And I got a C for my grade. Great. What to do? I can't do anything but to accept the fact that I got a C for it. Thanks to her, where she has such high, I mean super duper high expectations out of us. "In my eyes, all of you all fail." Oh my god, that's exactly what she said to us, right from her mouth with her stupid British accent! Totally a spirit-breaker men. Of all of us, only 3 of them got B, others are all Cs and Ds. I'm very very grateful I didn't get a D though. Phew..

Ah well, it's over. And I'm happy. My comments behind it is not too bad.. just a little improvement required, as according to her.





Sunday, August 16, 2009


Total camwhore. Lol. Too excited to go out shopping with baby.. while waiting for him to pick me, I camwhored a little with my brand new hair. Hehe.

By the way, went to OU with baby. Finally got the shoes that I wanted! But not in black, white colour instead, as I couldn't find a black pair of pumps. But the one I bought is good enough, and it makes me happy. =)

After shopping, we went to the mamak to meet up with my family for dinner. After eating, baby and I made a trip down to KL Capsquare together with some friends to check out jie's magazine launch - TIS Street Paper Soft Launch. Was so happy that parents let me out so late, hehe. The launching was fine.. But I do realize there are quite a lot of talents in Malaysia that people are not discovering. And from that launch, I found myself liking a Malaysian band called "Oh Chentaku". This band is the best! Nice music and songs, good vocals. But unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of the place and the stage performances... but I did brought my camera. Crap.

The place was cool... we went upstairs for seats. Baby's parents were there also. Had beer... pretty chilling. Pretty fun.

Baby's buddies

Baby and I. Plus Adrian at the side.

After the launch, we left for pool. But didn't make it because we thought of catching a movie. But still, we didn't make it because the cinema was closed. So we went to the mamak for a drink instead. Was so damn tired and sleepy! Thought I can fall asleep just about anytime...

Went back home about 4am.

I'm now in baby's room, alone. Why? Because baby has to go to see his client, like, a last minute thing. I'll just have to wait for him to come back. I don't know why, but this feels like, I'm baby's wife already. He's off to work, and I'm doing things at home, waiting for him to come back home. Hahah.. ish, what am I talking about men. Ciao for now.