Monday, March 30, 2009

60 Earth Hour??

Well. It was a Saturday [28.03.09].
Parents went back to Taiping for cheng beng... Jo + Mab + I didn't go with them as we didn't want to, so we stayed back at home.

Baby came over in the afternoon.. around 3.50pm. After awhile baby came, mom and dad went on with their journey to Taiping. So baby and the three of us spent the day together at my place. Lol. Dur dur dur.. chat with baby. Then it was raining so heavily around 5pm. We tried ordering Domino's for our dinner but the delivery service was out at the moment. We had no choice, so baby had to drive me to Domino's in DJ to take away the pizza. Yummy yummy! Both pizzas I ordered were extra large and so damn

After dinner, baby drove me to OU. I couldn't help myself but I was thinking, I must buy that pair of shoes I saw when I went out with my gang. I must get that shoes, I thought. I really like it a lot. We left the house around 7pm. I bought the shoes, then we left to baby's place for awhile.

This is the gladiator shoe I meant. It's from Voir, after discount - RM 43.90, if I'm not wrong. It doesn't look nice in this picture I guess, but actually, it is nice! And very confortable. Baby said it's nice on me.. Hahaha.

Eventually, Jo and Mab participated in the 60 Earth Hour thing, while I was out with baby. Lol. They even switched off the lights for more than one hour! Really 'semangat'. They just like the fun of it. But the sad and funny thing is that, in that whole roll of houses, only our house went all dark. Others still had all their lights on.. what the hell. People don't love the earth so much, after all. Hmm. By the way, baby and I came back to my place at 9.40pm, aby accompanied me and looked after us till 11pm, then he went home. Muaks. Love him..

On the other hand. I can only say, the Hotlink group thing is damn crappy. Arghz! Will update about it soon. I guess. Busy busy busy!

Friday, March 27, 2009

25th - 26th - 27th

25th March
It was our 10th month together.

It went well at first, but we argued. It was bad and sad... just because of the Mist Club Launch thing that I told him about. Something like, I don't let you go alone with your friends, but I said why I can't but you can.. I want my own time with my friends alone.. he said that I can't take care of myself, it's dangerous, what happens if I'm drunk.. The arguement went along that line. Tears all over, me and baby. Till the end of the day, we made up again. Thank god. And thanks baby for the Toblerone chocolate he bought for me as a small gift.. my favourite among all chocolates. Muaks. I love you.

26th March
I missed out Mist Club Launch.

It was devastating. Chloe and Pamela were trying to get me the ticket to go to the lauch.. they finally got one place for me, and Chyrus + Jasper were willing to come all the way to Paramount to fetch me to the club. But then, just one call from my mom, saying "a no means no", I couldn't go. No matter how I try to talk to her, or persuade her, still it was a no. The thing is free, it ends at 11pm that early, and almost the whole class is going, but I alone feeling like a loner and really like a nerd, was left behind the party. Thanks to my mom. She didn't answer any of my questions and most importantly, the question why I can't go, till I got into the car then she nagged me then answered my question. The answer she gave was hilarious. "The reason is very simple : This kind of places, you don't have to go anymore. What do you learn from going to all this places?". I didn't say anything at all. I just felt so disappointed. Everyone was so happening, planning how to go, what time to go, what to wear... sigh. But anyway, thanks for cheering me up, friends. *hugz*

27th March
Went back to high school.

I took my SPM cert already. And guess what? Just taking the cert made me really pissed. I was wearing a normal singlet and a pair of jeans. Because of the singlet, I was banned to take the cert. I couldn't help but my jaw just dropped, same to Mandy and Joanna. Mandy and I got problem taking the cert as I wore the singlet, and Mandy wore a skirt that's considered long as it touches her knees, but the stupid school said both of our dressings were inappropriate. Come on, my singlet barely show any of my private flesh or even normal flesh! It's just my stupid arms, that's it! Goddamn it. So I had to wear Mandy's jacket, then they let me take. Mandy was even worst, she had to borrow Joanna's jeans on the spot to take the cert. What the fuck... lol. It's damn funny, but an ass at the same time.

After taking the cert, I rushed to college. Meeting should start at 12pm. I took my cert at 11.30am, left school and drive to college at 11.45am. I thought I would be late but I was actually punctual, plus finding parking. Then! When I got down of the car, I got messages from them. All of them saying that they'll be late. All of them except Danny. Santik had to work. I was so lost..I felt so irritated. It's like, I rushed and to be punctual for nothing. I even brought my laptop and stuffs, so ready for the meeting to get things done, but in the end that came up. I thought I should've just ditched the meeting and went straight to OU with the gang, like how we've planned. So, Danny and I sat at Big Ice for awhile.. Ji came. Then we end the meeting at 12.45pm.

I went back home to put back my laptop, then rushed off to OU. Fetched Ivy and Joanna's sister - Anna. Nice hanging out with her! Hehe. Well, had fun a lot. Bought 4 new shades of nail polish which are all so cheap. Only RM3.90 and it's from The Face Shop. Had lunch at The Gardens, dinner at Wong Kok. God..I spent most of my money today on food. I didn't eat a lot, but the food we ate were.. expansive. Sob sobz. And again, I saw a pair of nice gladiator-like shoe in Voir. After discount, around RM43. I want that! I got my pay from parents today..should I get it soon?? Hmm. Hang out there with them till 7.45pm, then ciao. Got stuck in the jam for quite some time. Tiring.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fucking stress.

Good one. Thanks to Ms. Sue - PR class.

We watched a movie called 'Wag The Dog' in class today. The movie was damn boring. And, almost the whole class slept throughout the whole movie. Whereas, some talked and talked and kept talking. I was talking to Santik a lot... no no, he was talking to me a lot. About his love life and he was asking me for suggestions and tips to chase after the girl he likes so much. Talk talk and talk, plus a bit of stoning, the movie ended. And right after it ended, Ms. Sue assigned us a homework - write a report, 2 pages long, about the ethical issues that the main character in the movie faced, and write about whether the things he did to overcome the issues are ethical or not.

I was like.. "what the fuck.. I'm so dead". I didn't watch the movie at all, not at all! How am I supposed to do the fucking report??! I hate this men. Fucking hate it. And the internet is so slow these days, baby will have problems downloading the movie for me, and it's not like I have the sites to download movies. And the report's duedate is this fucking Thursday. My goodness... My goodness!! Sigh. What should I do? And, the Hotlink campaign thing is so crazy as the presentation is next week. We still have so much to do. Then on the other hand, PR group assignment is even more frustrating. Ms. Sue AGAIN, hasn't give us the dateline yet! Another irritating pasar malam group assignment... we sort of have nothing at all. Damn. Stress, that is.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Just because I didn't bring my fucking umbrella, then I got lectured for the whole of the journey, from my house to college. And today, the weather doesn't help me at all, it rain quite heavily. What the hell!

By the way, I'm in college now... waiting for others to come for the meeting. Got nothing to do, so I just blog this random thing. Sigh, today is going to be a damn long day. Class from 12pm-6pm. Plus the meeting later..have no idea how it'll turn out.

Waiting silently.



The weather is so damn hot today. Damn bloody hot! Made me all sweaty and sticky in college, hate it. Even my feet sweat like shit.. gross, I know. Even sitting in the living room with the air-conditioner on, it feels like nothing but heat.

College is as usual today. Nothing new. Sales Promotion tutorial was damn boring.. I just don't understand Mr. Benny. And I guess he doesn't understand what we were trying to say as well. It's like, a chicken talking to a duck. Whatever discussion that we had, it always ended up going nowhere or somewhere, which we don't quite understand! MCS class was fun. Mr. Tan asked us to discuss some topic for each group then we had to act out the content of our topic. It was funny.. hehe. No notes for the class, it was all open discussion, which I like. Depends on the topic also actually. If it's Ms. May's class, I'll not fancy any open discussion because she always wants us to discuss about.. some marketing stuffs. Whereas in Mr. Tan's class, he always gives us topics like racism, societal issues and many other interesting topics. For today, it was pre-marital sex and human's sexual orientation. And Mr. Tan always allows us to speak for ourselves, encouraging us to really speak our own hearts and opinions, our views on things.. there's always no right or wrong in his class. Hmm.

My weekend.. it was ok. On Saturday, I went out with baby to OU to watch Hotel For Dogs. Hmm.. it was just ok for me. It's sort of like, a movie for kids. Lol. We ended up watching that because the movies that we wanted to watch were all wrong timing. And 7 Pounds is not around anymore, sad.. Dur dur. Then on Sunday, I went to baby's place after he met his client. Poor baby, he had to work even on the weekend. By the way, went to his place, watched dvd..went to Wendy's for dinner. Yummy! Then went back home. We didn't really argue that day..but just some sort of major discussion I guess. Hehe.. bee was cute.

I feel so lazy to go to college tomorrow. And the stupid meeting at 9.30am.. goddamn it.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sisters day out.

Weepee! Went out with Jo + Mab today. Sister shopping! Lol. Left the house at 10.45am.. Jo snapping pictures when we were on the way.

Nothing much but just walking around. Both of them were such a pain, pastering to walk around so fast just to look for their friends' birthday present. Hmm. Whereas, I was spending my own sweet time looking around the shops - clothing shops especially. You know, just to look at what's new in the market. But well, I told myself I'm not buying anything today, so I didn't shop at all. I was so sad and feeling so miserable when I went into this shoe shop - Walk In. Damn! I saw the gladiator shoes that I wanted to buy for so damn long.. It's so nice, it's bronze in colour, it's comfortable and light, it just fit right on me. Plus, it has 20% discount, so it costs only like.. RM38? Yea! But I couldn't spend at all. No way. So, I didn't do anything but to walk away from the shop...after trying on that pair of shoes. Sobz.
Maybe I should ask baby to buy for me?? Hehe.. Well, no. I don't and I'm not suppose to do that. Hmm.

By the way, we had our lunch at Sushi King. Yummy yummy. Mom gave us money to eat at Sushi King, that's awesome as we didn't have to spend for our own lunch. Lol. We were so hungry that we kept on taking sushi and eating so fast.. haha. The food was good. Love the tempura! But again, I forgot to take down pictures of the food we ordered. What the hell.

A mess. That's how we ate. Lol.
After eating, we continued walking around. And around. Till 4pm, then only we go home. Maine called me in the middle of the day, asking me whether I'm at OU. I told her to come join me today because she planned to go there with Man and Alice. But then, they didn't make it to meet up wit me on time.. so, next time I guess.

Oh yea! I totally forgot. I actually saw an actress from Hong Kong today. She was right there shopping in Vincci. God! I used to watch Hong Kong dramas last time and she's famous. But I don't know her name.. She's pretty. Hehe.
I'm now alone at home. Parents brought Jo to see the doctor. Something is growing on one of her toe, itchy. Hmm.. waiting for bee to come.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fast moving.

Hey there! It's been days since I last blogged.

So much had happened. Maybe not exactly that much of happenings, but it seemed like time passes by really really fast. It's like, I haven't even got a chance to really sit down and enjoy the day, then it passed me by.

Group assignments are really stressing us out. We had meeting almost everyday I guess..and we sometimes will still get stuck during the discussion, going nowhere. And that's irritating. Well well, everyone has their part to do. I have mine of course..and I'm working on it. But tonight, I decided to give myself a chance to relax Lol.

You have no idea how frustrated I got today in class. Especially Ms.May's class. My god! No offense but her class was freaking boring like shit. That's ok, but when it was already 4.30pm where class was supposed to end, she still kept on lecturing us on some survey about social culture and all. Lecture lecture and lecture till 4.50pm then only she let us go. Damn. Ms.Sue's class was..same, boring as well. And she made us do this class activity again where we were only given 45 minutes to do it. Finding information + presentation. What the hell. I hate doing that. And college's internet connection was so crappy that it made us going round and round college just to get to go online to do our freaking research.. sigh.

Anyway, evening of today already ended. And yay, it's my weekend again! Will be going to OU with Jo + Mab tomorrow.. I can't wait. I'm pretty excited, it's been so long since I last stepped into the mall.. with them.

I got to see baby yesterday night. Drove over to his place. I felt so so warm to be in his arms again, after two days not seeing each other, it felt really sad and moody. Hmm. It was just so nice hanging out with bee, we didn't argue but extra lovey dovey. Baby came over to my place today to spend time with me, then left at 10.30pm. Muaks.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hectic and crazy.

The whole class except Keith were absent for Mr. Benny's class. Instead of 9am - 12pm, our class was postponed to 12pm - 3pm. Embarrassing! But we still got over it.. Lol. I was still sleeping like a pig when Keith called me.. hmm. I didn't know! I totally forgot about it. Anyway, I woke up earlier than usual to go for breakfast with family. Was supposed to go to Section 17 for chicken noodle, but ended up eating in ss2 - HaiLam Kopitiam.

We had our Maxis assignment discussion during Mr. Benny's class. It was crazy. And I mean it. The group discussion was so noisy and dizzy! Everyone had something to say, everyone had their own opinion.. everyone was talking at the same time, too many mouths at the same freaking time. God, was really tiring and hectic just during the discussion. There were debates over ideas.. more idea generation.. more frustration. On and on. But we did came out with something good, that's ok. Lol.

After class, we went to the pasar malam again for CB group assignment. I have to say, we didn't observe much..? Yea. We were like, enjoying ourselves looking at stuffs and eating, than really doing our work. No interview as well. Bought myself a shorts to wear at home... and I had 2 tosei at the mamak for my dinner. Soooo damn fattening and unhealthy! I had nasi lemak for my branch some more. Must go on diet tomorrow! To squeeze out all the fats..sob.

Damn tiring today. And I miss him.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

With Buddies!

It's a very bright and shiny Sunday, and today I went for an outing with a few of my high school close mates - dear Mandy, Joanna, and Ivy! Had so much fun. We talked a lot.. it felt so good hanging out with them again, after so long not seeing each other. Hmm.

I didn't drive today, as Mandy picked me and others up. Was supposed to go to OU, but we ended up going to Cineleisure because the angry queen Ivy wanted to buy stuffs from IKEA. Fine fine, we went there. Decided to watch movie - Race To Witch Mountain. We were so rushy after buying the tickets. It said 1.50pm, and we were sitting in the restaurant at 1.15pm. We've not much time to eat! But we still enjoyed our food.. Hehe. Manhattan Fish Market is so that place. Lol. After movie, we went to Starbucks and walked around the flee market. Got myself earrings and a new white top. My very first time going out to the mall and going back with 0$.. seriously! The food, the movie.. everything. Sob sobz.

Mandy Mandy!

Ok! You know. This movie is not hell good. It's all disappointment. First, the cinema show review stated that Race To Witch Mountain starts at 1.50pm. Then fine, 4 of us bought the 1.50pm session. Because of our lunch, we went in to the cinema late. We were in there at 2pm. We were only late for 10 minutes. So, obviously the movie has already started, we couldn't say much. But the weird thing is that, the movie sort of like, went so far away already from the start, when we only miss 10 minutes of the show, or actually 5 minutes only, if plus the commercials. We didn't care much... so while watching, until 2.30pm or so, we saw the person working in the cinema went all the way down to the exit and opened the door - meaning, the show's about to end. Then I was like, blur. I mean, it's not even an hour yet, and the movie is finishing so fast??? It really ended that fast, around 2.45pm. What the hell!
Then, Ivy called me when I was having dinner with baby and his family. Ivy told me she checked the paper, and it stated that the movie in Cineleisure today, for that movie starts at 1.05pm. Fuck!! I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I mean, I paid RM10 for nothing you know...sigh. The cinema made such stupid mistake, or the show is really that short only.. I don't know. I just don't like the movie, and what happened to our RM10. Hmph.
Yeap, went dinner with bee's family at Taman Tun. Nice..
Argue a bit. I don't know what I did, but I was just asking some questions.. and it happened. Came back home. Watched dvd for awhile with family. Talked on the phone for awhile, on and off. Back to normal... I guess. What is this men..sigh.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Last minute.

I just got home. Just had my shower and stuff.. phew! Kind'a tiring because I've been out the whole day. Well, in the afternoon I went to baby's place to watch movie and basically, chilling, as usual. Haha.. After that, we left his house to the mamak to meet up with bee's friend Anand. We had this party to go to - Bee's friend, Joel's birthday party. Reached the party around 8pm. The condo was so packed..lots of people in there. I find today's birthday party kind'a unique because Joel's family is an indian family, but they're actually Christian. There was worship and song singing... they even had a representative to read the bible, but in Tamil. Then the father of Joel was the translater of Tamil language to English. Lol. It was interesting. And complicating. The funny thing is that the family have a Chinese poem painting kind of thing hanging on the wall. Hmm.. I have to say, it's pretty 'muhibah'. The people attended the party were of all races too! I love the feeling. *smiles*

Had indian dishes, yummy. After dinner, baby + me + friends all watched the football match together. Manchester United lost the game to Liverpool! 4 to 1. Big time. Baby was so sad.. aww. I didn't feel much as I know nothing about football.. hehe. But it was fun watching with them.

Goodnight people.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have a confession to make.

Lately, I'm feeling really... really... really lazy. I have no hell idea why am I like this piece of shit, but I'm just like that, right now. Sigh. It's like, I've no mood to do my best for my assignments, I mean my group assignments. I tend to repel from the assignment sheets, I tend to repel from the internet to do research. Anything to do with assignments, I always wanna say bye-bye to them. My god, why like this??

I wanna have fun like there's no day and night. But I just feel like a loner or something, as I'm not going out with friends at all for so damn long. Where last time, I used to have fun like crazy, especially with iaa70 peeps.

Well. I also have to learn not to be.. obsess with him.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


See the rain drop?
Well. I didn't cry for this time, I don't know why, but I didn't feel like crying. But.. my heart did shed a few drops of tears.

We argued again today. And.. everything just felt so fragile, it's like, we're so close to coming to the end of the road. Our journey. It behaved that way. But deep down in my heart, I have a strong feeling that it'll be alright, never thought of ending everything at all. I will never let it end too. I mean, it was some small things but we made it such big deal that we both get on each other like mad. Everything went blacked out. I felt cold... the icy feeling. Scary I have to say..and painful. But everything's over now. We both are back to normal again, everything's good now. And I'm glad..

I just love him so much.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Boring. I'm forever waiting.

Public holiday!

It's Monday, and it's a holiday. No class no nothing, so nice! And I spent the day with my family. During lunch, dad brought us all the way to Rawang to eat at this chinese restaurant called Yau Kee. We had shark fin.. scallop, fish, rice.. those typical chinese food. We went so far away because dad's friend recommanded that the food is nice. Well, all of them were nice, and so much cheaper than other chinese restaurants that serve exactly the same food! Good good. Lol.

After we had our lunch, we went back to our area - 40minutes drive. Went to Jaya33 to buy groceries. Then we went to Starbucks! Yay.. was so happy. The whole family just sat there and drink, and relax.

Mab drinking Green Tea Frap.

Same with Jo.

I had Green Tea Frap as well. Duh! My favourite.

Green Tea Frappucino cheersie cheers!
Went back home around 4pm. We were all in this.. I don't know, hanging out mood? So we decided to go to OU after our quick dinner at home. And yes! Bought the track pants that I wanted to buy for so long.. and I bought 2 new singlets, all from F.O.S. Nice! But erm.. my wallet isn't that... nice. Sigh. What to do?? Mom will not buy me anything anymore. Only my sisters.. what the hell. Sometimes, I really just hate it so much. I'm always so poor now. Fuck..
After shopping at OU, went home, then baby came over for awhile. Hmm.. have class tomorrow. It'll again, be a very long day for me. From 10am-12pm for meeting + 12pm-6pm for class. Tsk, I haven't done any research for the meeting yet...I admit. But this is because I had been out from Saturday till today... But well, actually I just did. I went to the website, they have everything there. Should be alright? I guess.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Friday Night - Sanctuary.

Just dance!

Yeap yeap. Went to Sanctuary at The Curve with baby, his sisters and some other friends of theirs. It was fun.. hmm. Was pretty drunk after that, as usual. Well well.. that day, there were actually a few of them offering me a drink. Gosh.. Some guy randomly cheer with me then came over to shake my hand. That's still ok. But there was this guy. I have no idea where he came from, he just appeared out of nowhere, the next thing I know is he dancing behind me, so close to me and touching my waist. What the hell. I quickly danced away from him and went into the group of girls.. baby was out when this thing happen. Hmm..

Reached home at 3.30am. Oh yea, have to really thank my mom and dad..for letting me go to the club and not having to stay over.. you know "stay over" at a friend's house. Lol.

Me and baby.

Baby's sister + a friend's fuck finger.. Haha.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

To rest.

Wooh! Finally, it's Thursday. Last day of college for the week. Finally I get to just stay at home and do my own things, relax... Don't know why, but I feel like I waited for today to come for so damn long.. maybe it's because I've a really crazy sad week? Hmm. But em.. I guess everything's over. As in, the good way, that everything's over. I guess.

My eyes are so tired and.. swollen.

Recently, I've been doing my assignments a lot. Everyday. Pretty happy with that as I have the will to make myself do my work. I finished three individual assignments already, and I still have so much time left. I only have the scrap book for CB assignment to do, then I'm all done. But then, will still have to work so hard for group assignments. Of pressure! They're really stressful shit.. Especially SP group assignment. This "wonderful" supervisor of Maxis company came to our class to hand us a project which is so "wonderfully" hard. God damn! We were all so stressed up over what and how to do. It's a real project given from real Maxis company.. gosh.

My eyes... argh!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dare you.

You wanna mess with me?
Try me.
You won't think it's easy.

You shoot me, I bomb you back. All I have is full prove.

Like 'cili padi'. That's what Keith called me. Lol.
Not just me, but together with my babe - Chlo.

By the way. I just nailed down those irritating people next to college, those guys who work in the car shop. Always disturbing me.. fuck that! I gave them only one stare yesterday, they stunned there, then today they did nothing but just keeping quiet whenever I pass by their car shop. It's freaking funny to see that. Haha..

And and and. Baby and I backed to normal... yay yay. So grateful. Hmm..

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Soaked wet!

Yesterday. Chloe + Danny + Santik + Clement + Chyrus + I went to ss2 pasar malam. We went there for our CB group assignment. To evaluate pasar malam shoppers! It didn't just make things so hard as the customers turned us away when we approached them to interview them even for awhile, the rain made us all wet and sticky! We had to hold the umbrellas, our cameras..our questionnaire.. argh. But then we didn't give up, we did found 2 customers whom were kind and cooperative enough to help us for the interview. Plus Clem's sister, we managed to interview 3 customers and the seller. By the way, we're focusing on fruit stalls.

Santik and I did the interview. I think it was pretty fun, lol. I like asking them questions... it felt like we were this crew from a tv station, and we're doing this live interview in the pasar malam. Hehe. After we do the interview, we went over a mamak near the pasar malam to sit down and chill. It was so tiring.. Chloe and I were both yawning. A lot. Lol..

Chyrus and Clem at the mamak.

Santik being random, taking my camera to cam-whore himself.. hmm.

We waited for Clem's sister to help us with the interview by faking as one of the customers. After that, all of us went home. I slept super early last night. Right after I shower and blow dry my hair... I went to bed at 11pm sharp.

We argued again yesterday.. since that horrible fight over messages.. till today, things are still so dull. I can't help but feel like, we're so unstable. I can only smile and laugh in college. But not just anywhere else. Is there really a problem occuring in this relationship? I'm scared... very afraid. Is it because..both of us, we are not willing to give more? Or we're both not giving at all? Or is it just me being like that, or only baby? Are we being too calculative?

Am I being unreasonable..?

I'm broken inside. Torn. I pray to God, please give us magic. Please.. hope tomorrow will get back to normal, like how we used to be.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Wanna Die.

Only if I'm deaf.
Only if I'm blind.
Only if I've no brain.
Only if I've no feelings.
Only if.. I have a stone as a heart.

Then I wouldn't have to listen or to think or to say... just anything.