Friday, January 7, 2011


2011! Now only I get to blog about things. I've abandoned you way too long huh, blogger? Ha.

Everything is moving so fast. To back track what I've done during the last bit of 2010 - uncountable stories. There was many hold-ups on quite a few of my projects that I couldn't go on holidays with my heart totally in peace. Then there was also company's x'mas party. And I was a pixie! Totally fun. I was then off for 1 week plus - went to Penang with family, went shopping, seeing friends, count down for new year. It took like a snap, and my 1 week plus holiday was gone.

Gotten a really sad news as well - that my boss has resigned, and she'll be leaving soon this year, which shadows me with worry and stress; lost. I'm going to take over all of her jobs - which I'm so blur about. I'm starting to take over now actually... And hopefully by end of this month, I'll get confirmation to be the official AE. 1 of my wish in 2011 I would say.

I've started back working for 4 days now. Hectic! But fulfilling - I like being busy in some ways. Everyday I go to the office, receiving and sending things out. Sometimes I do work under pressure; I'll just never know what to expect at work. Simply just receiving emails - it could just spoil the day or jam up my brain, freezing there - don't know what to do or what to decide. When am I going to overcome this? Pray hard, learn hard!

And ho ho ho - CNY is on the way! Company has already planned their staffs holidays, even CNY dinner. I can't wait! Also saving up now so that I can go to KL once again to get more stuff. It wasn't enough the last time I went. *excuses you think? Ha*

Now I'm getting really dry and tired eyes. Shall put this to a full-stop and continue the next time round. Goodnight.