Friday, November 26, 2010

November To An End.

I got my salary already! Which also means, December will be blasting soon. Exciting!

Sales are everywhere now - for Christmas. Ho ho ho! I got plenty to buy, i.e. make-up stuff, Christmas presents for my lovely colleagues, clothes shopping probably end of December in KL, and heels! I spotted one awesome pair at Walk In earlier - will probably get it tomorrow! Hehehe... And also, very soon next weekend, I'll be going for wakeboarding. Feels scary, but at the same time, I can't wait to play. ;)

It's gonna be a very VERY broke month for me on December. Will be going to Penang with family during Christmas some more, not forgetting the Christmas eve countdown that's being planned - hopefully by then, my December salary will be in on time!

November flashback. So many have been happening... sudden news from colleagues, many are leaving, my senior especially who has taught me so much and has been helping me out whenever I'm in shit holes. Some wanted to leave but being hold back... Many birthdays were being celebrated in the office, including mine. And then we have completed projects surfacing again - revived. My accounts are never on track as per given schedule with all the delays and many rounds of uncertain decision making and revisions - pfft. Rushing to the office, and from the office to post house, and back again for multiple presentations... Working life is not easy, yet fulfilling. I'm on the high, and sometimes on the low.

I almost lost my best friends too. Over issue that I shouldn't even be pulled in. But I'm so glad that the issue is over, and that my best friends are still by my side, and that's what matters. Fortunately, the evil thick clouds broke up, revealing the ever normal bright shine.

For that, I shall come to a full-stop. It's time to call it a day! Love Friday nights.

Time to re-charge the battery in me. Have a good rainy night!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Love November.

Hola hola!

Phew~ Been working for 3 months plus already. Going into complete 4 months by end of November! See, it's November already. How fast! Time is actually speeding up even more in November as we're moving into end of the year, where we have Christmas eve, Christmas, holiday plans, finishing current projects, moving into new year, new projects and plans. Exciting!

Lately, things have been good. Work - good. Not so much of late nights anymore, really grateful about that. Getting warm with colleagues, getting things done smoother. The boy - good. Both of us have been busy with our own things, but still manage to hang out and laze around. Friends - as usual, didn't get to catch up much, sad! Missing them; all groups.

I can't help it. I always love November. Because there are many birthdays in November - people that I know and care about. My own birthday is in November as well. I can't wait to celebrate! =D

I haven't been shopping. Must shop soon too! Either end of this month after getting my pay, or in December. Hehehehe.. wait for me KL! I'm going to you soon!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Only Moving Forward.

Yesterday was one of the scariest day of my life. Filled with guilt.


It's ok. It's ok Karmen. You made a mistake, then get over it. And make sure you don't do it again. It's going to be ok. You'll be ok. Now that you learn, you know. It's ok... forgive yourself in order to do better.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Everyone is so busy with their lives. It's getting harder to catch up, or to even exchange a few messages. It's extremely hard to get on a date with friends too. It's totally understandable, why this is happening... everyone gets tired at the end of the day. Everyone barely have time for themselves, hence, how on earth would everyone even think of hanging out? Get home, eat, and sleep would be the best.

After tomorrow, it'll be my official 2 months working in SSKL already. How fast huh... I thank God and feel grateful that everything's working fine at work. There are still tonnes to learn, but I'm starting to pick up on things that I've been practicing. :)

I got this message from Hello! magazine. For zodiac of scorpions. It says something like:

"No matter how fast you learn or how much you learn, you'll not do any better if your base is not stable and strong enough - like the structure of a building. Seek help from the experienced - build your base and then to the way up"


Saturday, September 11, 2010

No Monday's-A-Holiday.

Supposed to be a holiday for me tomorrow. But well, due to rushy datelines, I gotta go back to office to work anyway. Pfft... How long do I have to stay in office, that's another question. Hopefully will be able to go back early. Like, really early. No one will be in the office, but just my team. Lol. So come on, right after all the meetings, please let me ciao!


Monday, August 30, 2010

On Merdeka.

Happy Merdeka!

But before getting to enjoy myself on the day of Merdeka, it was really a painful day the day before today. It was total chaos at work yesterday. Nothing was finalized, even until today. There are still so many things to track and to follow up. Hate the fact that things have to be hanging half way... I'm actually working today too - from home.

I stayed back at the office till super late. I only get to leave the office at 10.30pm. Very much thanks to the meeting that happened at 6pm. Like always, it had to be very draggy. Frustrating. And because the meeting took up dinner time, I had to eat biscuits only for dinner. So pathetic! But thanks mom for buying yummy cookies for me to keep at my desk. Lol. After the meeting, face feeling so oily, body feeling so weak, eyes were burning - I went back out to my desk and continue doing some work. Energy level stroke all the way downwards to 0. Booo... Was rushing all the way to complete my work, then go off. So not fair, everyone in the office left so early, just because it's Merdeka the next day. Me and colleague was the last to go. Not that I mind staying back.. it's just that, we're always the latest to go back.

However. After the tiring day of work, I finally get to enjoy myself. I went to baby's house for DVD! So fun. We dropped by 7-11 to buy chips, then went to his place, made Milo with ice, then eat the chips we bought while watching DVD. It was good. It was still a very nice date, and it helped save a lot. The happening areas were all jammed up anyway, and going out to places takes up lots of our money. Lol.


Just had lunch - Popeyes. Yummy. God, I'm really gonna turn into a fat pig or what. My diet has been so imbalance ever since I start work. Dinner is always biscuit, then I came back for dinner at a very late time, in which dinner consumption tends to be very little due to not having appetite anymore. Late nights... then yesterday the DVD date with baby, I had Mamee at 1am. OH MY GOD!! This is NOT me. NOT my way of eating and dieting! NOOO!

Pfft. What more can I do or say...

Monday, August 23, 2010

What more?

One word.

Goodnight. Have a good night sleep to re-charge for another exciting and fast moving day tomorrow.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I started working for one week already, officially.

I've to say, I feel empowered! It's like, my life is moving forward again, from the days where I stoned in Rufffey I.D; from the days where I felt so restless at home doing nothing.

Work is good. The place, the people... everything is so familiar to me, as I was working in Saatchi for 3 months as an intern last year. I feel comfortable working there. The little loop side is that, things are very confusing for me now. Sob. Because I just got in, and there are so many other projects going on already (about 20 projects at one time). There are so many new things for me to learn, so many things for me to follow up, so many new systems and information crashing down on me! Gah. And all the emails coming in so fast... all the people in the team where I'm introduced to - who is who? I have no idea men. It's hard because they're not stationed in Malaysia. All those people are situated in Bangkok, Philippine, Singapore, India... go figure.

Since day 1, I've been staying back late in the office. The latest I stayed was till 10pm, all because of a stupid email I've to wait and a stupid file that I've to download. But then eventhough things are hectic and I'm so lost, feeling small in the office, I do like what I'm doing. I suppose that's a really good way of handling my job. I actually feel fine having to stay back so late and do work in the office.

Colleague relations - still trying to grow. The boys are fine, they're fun infact. Lol. But em... the girls in my team, a little weird. But nah, it's nothing. Small matter. Lol. I've been to a few meetings - telecon meetings. And I thought I dislike it so much! Because you're only talking to the rest of the team and the clients via loud speaker, and you know how loud speakers suck. You can't see their expressions, their faces, and their voice are so hard to capture. I had trouble capturing every single word that they say, which every word is crucial and that they count. Gah... Trying my best to cope and learn.

So, tomorrow is a new Monday again! It will be a brand new day, a good start of the week. Oh yeah. Will dress up nicely, setting my head straight up, and walk in the roller coaster plus thunder plus banjee-jump world again. Make all the mistakes I can, as many as possible, suck all in and transform them into knowledge that makes me improve as an AE. Uh huh.

Good week ahead, guys. ;)

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hm. It's hard to review this particular movie. Well, can somebody, just anyone - anyone smart and clear enough, explain the whole movie to me again? Lol.

No doubt. The movie is freaking hell awesome. The idea of the movie - dream within a dream within a dream; reality and imagination; designing and architecture a dream. Men, the idea of the movie is damn hot! The effects and stuff. I, no doubt, love the movie. It's just that, the terms that they use, the dialogues, they lead me to some lost land. I was so lost while watching it, but at the same time, so indulged in it. And as the characters sleep themselves into a dream after another, it gets even more complicating. But the purpose is there... you will be able to see it. Haha... I wanna watch it again! To fully understand the movie.

By the way. I watched it with baby. Hm. Spent some really good quality time together for a Saturday. Will be seeing him again tomorrow, and we're gonna go somewhere for shopping. Sales! I need to get a pair of covered-toe heels. Saw one pair that I like from Oprah earlier before movie, but the one side of the shoe has stains. So, I pass, eventhough it's cheap. Then spotted another pair, which is pretty perfect, but the price is a little high. I guess I can find cheaper ones, just as pretty perfect as that... but well, if I can't, that will probably be the one I would get. Depending on it's availability, because when I inquire, it was again, the last pair. It's always like that! Annoying.

Swoosh. So fast! It's 1st of August already. Tomorrow will be a Sunday that I wanna enjoy completely before work. I'm glad I'll be spending the day with baby... all smiles.

Till then, goodnight.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For You, The Canberraians.

Yesterday was the last farewell dinner for the IAA's. 4 more days that are still counting, the above dearies will be leaving Malaysia to Canberra, Australia, to further their studies in advertising. Except for Vern - the one sitting in front. But ah, he said he's the representation of Jasper. So yea. Lol.

The farewell dinner was held at Bianco, Tropics Shopping Centre. It was quite a nice place, and the food was very nice too! We had buffet style, all Italian food like pasta, pizzas, pumpkin soup... it was really delicious. And oh, the organizer invited two of our lecturers too - Meng Yoe, and Joanna. Awesome. Great to see them.

It ended quite early though. Barely 10.30pm, the dinner has ended. But we stayed over a little longer to discuss the second part of the night. After a long and draggy discussion, I end up not going because as it has always been, they decided to go for beer AGAIN. So yea, I'm currently sick of alcohol, and I wanna prevent nagging from the parents for going home so late, plus I wanna save money. So I went back home with Keith and Cal.

By the way, below are my individual snapshots with the Canberraians.

Dear Alice.

Mature Calvin.

Rocker Keith.

Ducky dear Dwayne. I will really miss you! My 4 years long friend.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Friday was the last day of my part-time sales promoting job at Rufffey I.D. Kind of miss working there, and also the other weird/funny promoters. Lol.

I just got back from Taiping. It was a very random and sudden trip back to visit the relatives. As usual, it was boring, humid - the electricity was cut off in the middle of the night, gah. We had to wait for the electricity to come back in order to go to bed. But this time, we get to visit the new hotel - Flemington Hotel. We had both lunch and dinner there. It was nice! Plus, it's damn cheap. Hm.

Right now, I'm currently taking a week off. Then I'll start work officially at Saatchi on 2nd August. Gasp. Scarily exciting and nerve-racking! Will appreciate my time so well... Should I go shopping? Hm.. still thinking about it, in deep dilemma. Pfft. It's like, I got my pay already, and I wanna reward myself a little by buying some things. But at the same time, I wanna save up, don't wanna waste money. I don't know what I wanna buy; just feel like getting something. Lol.

Peace out.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

IACT Convocation 2010!

17th July 2010, I officially graduated at One World Hotel - The IACT Convocation 2010. Woohoo! After a 2 and a half hardcore years wandering around IACT; all the ups and downs, left and right; crashing and burning; joy and memories; they all were rounded up and came to an end. My college life is over, then a new journey begins.

I feel so grown-up already. No more books, notes, assignments... I'm an adult that is gonna face the real world, practically 1 more week away.

It started at 8am, and that's actually a rehearsal for all the graduates. We had to try on our gowns, our seats, numbering, queue to receive our certificates... then the exact ceremony started at 9.30am. The graduation ceremony was no doubt, a blast. Eventhough my parents didn't make it, I still felt gracious and simply happy. Seeing friends, chatting, laughing, mingling, we graduate together - awesome! I couldn't be happier. It felt so good to dress up so nicely to the ceremony. Everyone was neatly suit up in their formal attires; leather shoes, jackets, ties, heels, make-up - we were all pretty. Lol. Then we had to put on the gown. That was funny! I was being called a garbage bag because the gown was so huge! Hahaha.. and it's heavy. Pfft. So tiring wearing it, our bodies were all stiff in the gown. But it was so fun to wear it, all of a sudden, we were like in the Harry Potter movie, walking around with the big gown. Some speaking in the Hogwards' accent, the magic broom, spells - hardcore jokers.

After many speeches given by the VIP's, it was time for the graduates to get on stage to receive our certificates. It was kind of nerve-racking! While lining up, I felt so jolly inside, I got even more jolly and nervous when it was my turn to get on stage. It was very quick though, like a few seconds thing - step up, shake hands and take the certificates, pose for the photographers, then go. Lol.

It ended around 1pm. After the ceremony, everyone was back to mingling. Many catching up and photo-taking. Oh, I forgotten to mention that the refreshment that they served was actually quite nice! I mean, it's ok to pay that RM120 for the convocation after all. The hotel's grand and up to standard... yea, it was all perfect.

This is a group picture, but not a perfect one, because it's only a few of us. I'm still waiting for more pictures to be uploaded so that I can grab them. Would upload it soon! However, you can always check out all the photos in Facebook.

By the way. After the ceremony, we went for a drink at OU to catch up with each other. Then we planned to celebrate our graduation once more, so we headed down to Bangsar South City at midnight. Gosh, as usual - the alcohol. Hm. It burnt my wallet, and it made me so tipsy. So tipsy I felt so sick and suffering this morning when I woke up. I don't wanna drink anymore! Just thinking of the smell of alcohol can make me sick already. *vomit*

Alright. I shall stop here. Let the memories fill me in again. Goodnight world.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

I've watched it. Not too late eh? It's only the 11th today. Hehe.. Oh well, I'm gonna be really direct and short here. The movie is CORNY. Oh my god. It's really lovey dovey; all over the place, infact. Between Edward and Bella; Bella and Jacob; between Edward, Bella, and Jacob - go figure. The lovey scenes were so sweet they made my heart itch a little. It's not a bad thing, just that... this feeling I got while seeing them so close. They were just too sweet, the romance setting filled almost the whole of the movie and the cinema; my heart. The killing scenes made me laugh. Lol. It looks so funny when the vampires break apart like glass when they get hit and killed. Hm. But there's one thing for sure - Bella is so damn lost! She's too clingy, but not as clingy as she was in New Moon. But still... she kissed both Edward AND Jacob. I mean, babe, you gotta decide, you know? Lol. The movie was so predictable because I already read the storybook. So it was more of a flashback of what's gonna happen. Despite knowing how the story's gonna go, the too-much-romance, I still like the movie. As usual, I love the setting of Twilight - the cold, icy, dark setting. Also, the unusual songs that the movie plays where you never heard of.

Oh hey, I actually noticed one thing. Edward - he looks better in Eclipse. I don't know how on earth I find that, but yea... he does look better. In scenes where he's calm, simply just talking to Bella, he looks so smooth; and well, simple. Which I find it nice. Maybe he has been maturing physically. The previous Twilight Saga episodes, Edward looked like nothing but a super pale drug addict. Tsk. Bella looks prettier and prettier. LOVE her hair.

I wanna catch Despicable Me, if I can.

Ahhh. Back to work tomorrow. Sleep tight people. Hopefully, it'll be a good week again!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


After a long week, I finally get to recharge myself today. As usual, I hang out with baby at his place, then we went dinner at Piccadilly's with my family. Quite a self-relaxing day...hmm. Will be watching movie tomorrow - excited! It feels so long of not going to the cinema. And yea, I'm kind'a broke; don't wanna talk about it! I only know that the piece of formal shirt I bought is worth. Lol. Till then I guess. Tata.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Quickie.

After working for as long as 2 weeks, I find myself not liking to work at that retail, in an employee's perspective. The retail has really freaking weird policies. It makes no relevance at all... especially this policy regarding employees' monthly salary. They'll only issue out last month's pay on this month's 18th to 20th. What the hell. After working a month, but you don't get your salary right at the end of that month, but the mid of next month. Pfft... I so need to spend some money men. And IACT convocation is coming really soon! I need a really nice formal wear. Sigh.

I'm feeling all itchy - I need to do some shopping. Sob sob.

Meanwhile, I really can't wait any longer to watch Despicable Me, and of course, super duper wooper MUST-WATCH - The Twilight Saga: Eclipse! Gasp. Both movies will be out the same day, 8th July! Hmm mmm.

Well... that's all for now, I guess. Lol. Goodnight world.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Things So Far.

Hey blogger!

One week passed. I've been busy! Because I'm actually working at OU - Rufffey I.D every Mondays to Fridays. It's only my first week so far, and things have been fine. I'm getting used to the retail, the way the business goes, and I think I'm actually doing quite well because I always get sales coming in from the customers I served. Lol! The only thing is that my legs have been extremely painful everyday as the promoters are required to stand during working hours. No sitting at all! God. Standing for 9 hours everyday... pfft. But I'm also already getting used to it.

Meanwhile, I've gotten call from Saatchi & Saatchi. My mentor has already gotten me a place to work as a permanent staff. The pay is quite good! Plus together with a permanent staff's benefits like insurance, petrol, parking fee...etc. I'm already half way through Saatchi & Saatchi, so I'll be having one more interview with the director soon to 100% get the job. I'm really so excited about it! The official job will start on August. So at Rufffey I.D, I'll be resigning end of July.

Little did I notice that Michael Jackson has already passed on for as long as 1 year, 25th yesterday, which was also me and baby being together for 2 years and 1 month. Look at just how fast time flies... when I heard Jackson's songs on the radio yesterday while driving to work, hell I couldn't believe it's been 1 year already, as I still thought that it's been just a few month; half a year. Hm. And what have I achieved? Erm. A job at OU, I guess? Hehe. And also my graduation as a diploma holder in advertising. As well as an upcoming job at Saatchi & Saatchi. My final exam results is out too... and well, sigh. I didn't do so well. But whatever, it's still distinction, I hope. And I'll still get my certificate; most importantly I already have a job waiting for me.

Now, I'm just thinking about the money, now that I'm working. Lol. This new chapter is starting to run! And it's been running well.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Date Yesterday.

Mom says something is wrong with me, all because I "always" go out and come back home late. ALWAYS. I wonder what is her definition of always. Only in this week, I only came home late like, about 3 times? But to her, it's always, and that proves that something is wrong with me. Pfft... how weird. I got that from a note that was stick on my cupboard when I got home yesterday night - 2.30am.

By the way! Hm. Yesterday was so fun. At night, I was so bored at home I thought I was gonna go crazy. Then I got an sms from baby. He was also thinking about the same thing like I did - to hang out with each other! Lol. So we discuss and discuss, we finally decided to go out for a late movie. We went to The Curve, watched The A-Team.

The A-Team was hell of a funny movie! I have to say I love it a lot. It was full of actions, and damn funny at the same time. I thought all the 4 members of A-Team are very strong characters too - they're all hot! Only thing is that, the cinema was so freaking noisy. A lot of freaks were high or something, making so much noise in the cinema; cheering for the movie; laughing too loud; attention seekers, I suppose.

Anyway. Back to our night out. I had a really great time with baby... it's been so long since we last go out like that at night, doing our own things. Because the movie was a 11.50pm show, we still had plenty of time before the movie starts. So we walked out a little further from The Curve to some mamak near the neighborhood to kill time. We had shisha! I kind'a like it after I tried it at a friend's place while we swim. It was nice. So baby and I then thought of doing it together. But agh, the shisha we had, the flavour wasn't that nice... infact, it made me feeling so sick. Felt like puking, feeling dizzy. Totally ruined my mood for everything. But it's not just the shisha alone apparently - I sucked in too much at one time. Yea... hehe. But I got better as we go along with the movie. The date was perfect. But it would be extra perfect without the shisha. I don't like shisha now!

Other than going out, and having the rush to go out all the time, I haven't do much.

I'm so in love with baby. Look how far we've come... and things have been really great now. I also realize, having a partner doesn't mean you've to have him near you all the time. Lesser communication is sometimes the best medicine in pulling each other closer. And happier. But we've been seeing each other pretty often lately. Don't know why. Too needy for each other? Ha. Plus, I'm just really free lately... maybe that's why.

Woohoo, will go to the mall tomorrow to look for a part time job. I don't know why, but I've a very good feeling that I'll get a job right away, and that I'll start work next Monday. But whatever the cost, I must get a job and start work next week. I don't wanna be so reckless anymore! Can't stand myself. I'm also looking forward to my convocation; take my diploma cert and graduate officially; then sign up at Saatchi & Saatchi to be an official employee in the advertising business!

What's next?
Toy Story 3 - Sigh. No more watching I guess. Maybe next week.
This Saturday - On!
Work work work.

Are you still staying tuned? Ciao. ;)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hereby, some reports.

Yohoooo... So, I went down to KL - Sungai Wang, with May Yan last Saturday. And well, I've to say it's quite a worthy trip!

I got myself a bag, finally. Something similar to the one I'm having now, but much more funky - as in the color of the bag. It's navy blue! But the bag design is really really simple. Hm. And it only costs RM24.70! How cheap can it get eh? It's a good deal. Other than that, I also got myself a casual button-up dress. It's denim like, but the cloth material is not denim (if you get what I mean). I bought that out of spontaneity. It was hanging there... and you know, I spotted it, and I thought it'll definitely fit me... think and think a bit... it's only RM25. How cheap can it get some more? So yea, I decided to buy it. May Yan bought the same thing like mine! Only a different denim blue... pfft. Saw many denim boyfriend tops as well, that I really wanted to own one, but I passed. Too expansive. Next time, maybe.

I only bought those 2 items. No more buying!! Argh. My wallet is so damn broke, with so many holes - paralyzed. Almost dead. I should really get a part time soon. But ah, thinking back the day I shop there. After buying my navy blue bag, then we walked around the mall some more. Until we stopped by this shop, and I felt so pissed and stupid. I saw this bloody cool bag - very nice quality, rugged, black and brown, and it's only hell RM60. It's so damn worth it! The quality is really good. The design is so great. When I saw the bag, I had this rush of buying it, I couldn't help it. But well, the angel won - I already bought a bag, and there's no way I should spend on redundant items. Sigh. Then I walked away from the bag... not just that particular bag, but the shop had many other bags with similar designs and quality, all for RM60.


It's Monday today. Will be home the whole day. So is Tuesday, Wednesday... Thursday, Toy Story 3 will be out! I so wanna watch it. Might grab my sister to go watch with me, as she wants to watch it also, anyway.

What's next?
Toy Story 3 - as mentioned, might watch it by this weekend.
Food Hunting Trip at Malacca - a definite no. So damn broke already.
Saturday - a very special moment and a special day... I can't wait.
Job hunt - ha, next Monday!

Stay tuned, buddy!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Yay! So I've finally watched Shrek! With my sister yesterday at OU. It was a Wednesday, but the cinema was still so pack. Helloo.. it's a weekday! I couldn't believe the amount of people in the mall that were taking up my space for the movie.. But thank God it was RM7 per ticket.. eventhough I sat really close to the screen, it's considered worthy.

So how was Shrek? It was good. As usual. It's always so funny, so cute, so entertaining. And there's something about the songs that they play in the movie - they're oldies, which I really like. Only thing is, the movie has always been very predictable. Lol.


I just came back from college not too long ago. Classmates had the Visual Comm. presentation, so I went there and have a look, plus hanging around a bit to kill time. Very interesting presentation! Looks like a really interesting and fun subject... but the workload, of course - I don't wanna imagine.

And so, I don't know what to do now. I've been watching The L Word, and I'm getting SO BORED of it! My god. They've nothing more to do but to have sex, make out, have sex, and make out, and have sex again. Sigh. And what else? Cheating on each other all the time. Arguing over shitty things, then cheat on each other again. Liking someone else so fast, even when they're already so in love with their partner. What on earth... Throughout the whole 6 seasons, they're all like THAT. I want Gossip Girl. Anyone has the complete Season 3 and that you can give it to me?? Pfft.

I'm gonna get a part time job soon. End of June.. I guess. I need money. I wanna make use of my holiday to make some money, before the work-for-life chapter comes in on September.

What's next?
Shopping at KL - A must!! I need a bag!
Food Hunting in Malacaa - Nah... might do something else.
Babes gathering on 18th - Hell yeah!
Job hunt - =/ - $$$$ - =)

Stay tuned. ;)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sailing Journey.

Holiday holiday! Am sailing through my holidays...

Gasp! It's already June men. Time flies! As always. And what have I done?

Well. I haven't been doing much. But there were something. Lol.

Firstly, I missed Mandy's birthday. Am sorry Mandy! If you're reading this. I missed it because I went to Genting for a 2-days-1-night trip with my college mates. Went there by bus - a 4.30pm bus. So we reached there pretty late. After checking in the hotel and stuff, it was already later than 6pm. It was an ok trip. But I tried something new - motion master. It was just ok though. I mean, it was quite an experience, but ugh, damn dizzy! I thought I would puke. Then we spent the night playing some silly games, and went to bed.

Bed time - worst night ever! There were some problem that none of us could identify. It could be the room, the food, the weather, or simply us - we all couldn't sleep at all for the whole night. We were so awake. There were lots of sounds. And some pranks being made here and there! We ended up talking and playing around in the middle of the night, until 5am, we then decided to try to fall asleep. Well yea, I did fall asleep. But after awhile, I got "something" sitting on me. Yea.. and I was awake again. It was nothing. I knew what was happening to me...I didn't freak out, but I scared my roommates! Gah. Then after settling down, we all got a bit of sleep.. JUST A BIT. Pfft.

The next morning was damn tiring. After on and on dragging, we all got home around evening.

After the Genting trip, I went shopping, where I decided to spend some time with my long lost friend - Kah Mun dear. She changed so much! So mature already. Such a big girl. Still remembering she is younger than me by 1 year, and she used to be so baby in high school. It was really nice to see her that day, not forgetting I got new eyeshadow shades, which I kind'a regret buying it - not the exact color I wanted! Still trying to find.

And oh, way before the Genting trip, I also went to Sanctuary with my babes. It was an awesome night! Had uncountable fun with them. Had nice food at Full House, nice liquor and beer. Had a little hang over, but it was all good.

Fun times aside. A few of the babes and I got the chance to visit S.Peng's newborn baby too! It's a baby boy, very very young... Looking at the baby boy, my friend who gave birth, as well as her husband - they're all so young still. I can't help but keep wondering what would their future be like; how would the parents bring up the baby; how would the baby look like in few years time; all in all, I wish the new and young family all the best in life.

At the mean time, I got a chance to spend time together with baby's family. It's been so long. We had dinner together, and we spend the night till later than usual at a lounge in Holiday Villa. We grew together with the night having supper at Paramount... remembering baby and I drinking together, listening to music with his parents together - it was a very nice get-together once in awhile.

But apart from baby's family, I'm of course spending lots of time with the folks. Just today, we went to Sushi Tei in Tropicana City Mall for lunch. It was really good! Had really nice and satisfying lunch. We also made a trip to OU after that to get the new sushi-like doughnut from Big Apple. If I'm not mistaken, it's called the "donashi" - freaking cute! I love them, especially the donashi with green tea base plus orange balls on top as "ebiko". Lol.

Spending time at home feels good too. Other than the TV and the internet, I spend most of my time on The L Word. Whilst discovering new songs from time to time, I've mastered the guitar tabs of "The Only Exception" by Hailey Williams from Paramore - a nice song. I can play, and I thought I can sing that song quite well. Hehe...

What's next?

To watch Shrek Forever After - A sure thing this Wednesday.
Shopping at KL - Also a sure thing! It must be a sure thing.
Food hunting in Malacca - maybe?

Stay tuned. If you want to. ;)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Towards The End.

2 papers down. Finished my final group presentation today. It was good!

And 1 more paper to go next week, and I'm done! Woohoo!

Can't wait for all to end. Can't wait for my chilling days... can't wait for the plans. Yoohoo..!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I'm glad the event is finally over. Every bit of it. It's all done, and over.

Phew... really a big relief, I've to say.

Also. Throughout this whole semester, I discovered some really weird things.

Maybe I'm just being too sensitive... but I don't know. After all, I just don't belong to some place. Some circles that are available, or that I'm being surrounded by. I find things so cliche these days. People are often being fake. For example, you obviously dislike a person, but you still act friendly and chatty with that person whom you dislike.

People tend to talk about how people do things, and what crappy things they've been doing. But the fact is, they themselves - the ones who're talking about other people, are also doing the exact same thing where he or she talks about on the person whom, all these while, being as crappy as he or she is being said. They tend to forget about the "mirror self" principle.

Sometimes, it feels as though you're a close friend to a group of people. But when fun things come in, do you really get a share of it also? Or simply certain topics that they tell and not tell you about, it feels as though there's a solid wall in between. Like you're somehow not through to them; not through to what they share with you. For example, he or she can be so crazy and out-about with his or her friends. But when he or she faces you, things become a little formal.

Those circle of people... it feels as though you join in just for the sake of socializing. For the sake of getting involved. For the sake of getting a fair share of stuff to play or to talk about. When the fact is, with them, you are sometimes not the real you. Not that you become superficial, but your true personality can't seem to outdo them. Or at least, to be at the same level. Hence, you feel as though you're someone where nobody notice even when you pass them by.

When you're feeling reserved, and then they will come up to you and pasture you to go for some party crashing or beer fest. Now that you get there, yes, you will definitely have fun. But sometimes, occasionally, you find yourself not really able to enjoy totally at the party, particularly with the people that are at the party. It's occasional... The best thing is, you found happening pictures posted up around pages and corners, the "closest" are in there, and then you will wonder - "Oh, ok. I didn't know about this. Not even from you/some of you/you guys." But when you have something interesting on, you would often think of putting them on the main list first.

When things like this occur, from where the problem comes from can be very subjective, I suppose. Depends on how you view it. Depends on how you interpret it. Depends on how you take and feel about it. All I know is, people should be who they are when they are around people. I want to be myself, whenever, and wherever I am. So what if I'm not that crazy? So what if I'm not as loud as you? So what if I'm not as funny as you? So what if I'm not as clingy as some bitch who wants all the attention? So what if I'm silent? So what if I don't get the group to talk? Why not you take all the lights then, what's wrong with that? Just because I'm not all of the above, that means there must be a wall in between?

People always say, the first is always the best. I believe so.

I believe the very first circle you got attached to is the circle where you really belong. You always feel the most comfortable in that circle. You can always be yourself in that circle. You never have to fake...never have to laugh at things that are not even funny...never have to do things that you don't normally do when you're in that circle. You can show your ugliest side, for instance, without putting on make-up - that circle of people still look at you the same without giving whatever comments about you're bare skin. That first circle of people will always put you in their heart, regardless, and you'll definitely be invited to just any occasion. No matter how bad the party suck, as long as you're attending with that circle of people, you will find yourself enjoying to the max. We do very simple things together. They know you. They confront you about everything - there's no wall in between. And we do tell each other sometimes that we love each other, and that we really mean it.

I'm so glad and thankful that I have that circle of people with me, since years ago. And I believe we can stay like how we are now till we get old. I want it that way.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Plans ahead.

Exams are around the corner. It's only 2 weeks away! Gosh. Hate the revision process... afraid of it, infact. So before any of those crash my days, I wanna do as much as possible in having fun!

Had a few plans lined up already, actually. We were so crazy we planned to do so many activities together before and after exams. Like shopping, exploring yummy food, swimming, archery, playing kites, Sunway Lagoon, a vacation, staying over a friend's place and play cooking... wow! How exciting?? At the same time, these plans make my heart sank a little. It only shows how quick it is that we're all gonna part ways - some to Australia, some local, some to degree levels, some to work... will miss my college life so damn much. But just recently, I've gotten a few calls from my past internship agency. They've been looking for AE's desperately, and I'm chosen. They sounded really pushy. It scares me men! I'm so not ready. Can I just close my eyes and simply walk my way to enjoying my last bit of college life first?? Come on, give me a break men..

Well. Now that I'm so close to exams, this Saturday will be the last bit of the event I'm doing for Corporate Comm. subject. It will be the event at the zoo, with all the orphans playing games that the crew had planned. It'll be a very LONG day. Plus the exhaustion. And yea, thanks to this stupid event, I might not be able to go to the Sepang Circuit to watch car racing. What the hell! This is total crap. Baby wanted to bring me with him to watch the race, and the entrance is only freaking RM10. And the race is at night. How awesome is that?! I've always wanted to go to the circuit and look at the race, because it is a damn hot and interesting thing to do. Now that I've the chance to, the event will have to throw that dream of mine away. Sigh.. It's not that I can't make it, I can actually. But well, might have some other stuff holding me back after the event, like maybe, class dinner? Sob. Really hope I can go right after the event, then I'll be able to make it for the race!

Very soon, May will come to an end. How fast is that huh... I wanna do so many things. But only if time allows. It's always going forward so fast.

Today, I've no class. But I'm home, going online only. It feels like wasting time, but where can I go? Money is also an issue. Lol.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Ip Man 2!

Right after class, I went to Tropicana City mall with both Maine and Danny to shop for white t-shirts for the orphans to wear during the day of event at the zoo. So after shopping, we decided to watch movie, our of spontaneity. And we decided to watch Ip Man 2! Yoohoo!

I'm totally satisfied with this movie, just like how satisfied I was after watching the first Ip Man. However, Ip Man 2 is a little simple, compared to the first episode, in storyline wise. The history of China being overtaken by the Japanese or British is not being described too much in this one. Which is also fine, I personally think. The kung fu choreography is still as awesome! My god. Look at all those skills, the punches, and the kickings... all bloody breathtaking. And thrilling! Some people in the cinema was so into the fighting match they actually clapped hands when Ip Man won the match - in the movie. It's not even live! Imagine if the match was live. Lol.

And as usual, Donnie Yen has always been good. I love watching his movies! All of them. I also have to say that, Donnie Yen is the mature-handsome man. He's so attractive in all good ways. In the movie, or in person. Yippee!

Go watch it men! What you waiting for? ;)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Sick Post.

I'm sick again.. bad flu, sore throat, headache, and slight fever.

Had a blast yesterday night going out with the old bunch of buddies. Had yummy and expansive dinner at The Garden's. Then after dinner, we went to The Library for a drink. I had quite a lot of liquor, and I guess that contributed to my worsen sore throat. Crap!

Anyway. Now, I'm much more free, because all my assignments are done. I only left one more final group assignment, and the event at the zoo, which I've nothing much to do or prepare for the day itself. So basically, I can chill at home everyday I get home from college. Wee! But very soon, I'll have to study for exams. Hate that!

Also. I did the interview for KFC-Snax already. It was great, quite an experience actually. It was simple though - just taking pictures, giving my details, and a video interview. Plus, the fashion reporter who interviewed me is a really sweet girl! I'm so happy to meet her, and that, she's apparently fashionable to the max. Hm.

I hate Facebook sometimes. Totally hate it. I don't know why. I just.. fucking hate it sometimes.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Philea Home Visit.

It was a very long journey. Super duper long.

Anyhow. I have to say, it was a very nice and self-satisfying visitation. The kids are just so adorable and innocent... I personally feel so happy and heart warming seeing the kids. Especially when the kids hold their team leaders' hands, as if they're so close after the first visit already. I as the OC, looking at how well my team members are doing, I feel really proud myself.

They're all Indians, and 26 out of 30 of them are girls. They're just so cute. I get to mingle with a few of them. They're very friendly as well, as though whoever talking to them seem just alright to them. The kids are very well behaved too. They're always saying thank you when we gave them something. And when we left, they were all standing together at the gate to wave us goodbye. How sweet is that? They're all so young... age between 7 to 14. So young and innocent. It's so poor thing when some of them are not able to tell their own age.. as they're not sent to schools to study. But nah, the place they're staying right now seems fine. With proper basic equipments...

I donated a big chunk of my chick flick storybooks to them. Other donated rice, clothes, toys... so fun! Only thing is, the home was a hell of a hot place! Like dessert. Everyone was sweating, face and hands and legs all sweaty and sticky. Lol.. All in all, it was a worthy trip.

The next time we're gonna meet again will be 8th May - the event at the zoo! Can't wait for it to come. Can't wait for it to be over too. I'm getting really tired over it already.. sob. I want a break... a long break.

Till then. Goodnight.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Feels new.

After so long! My home sweet home has finally got the internet back. It's been so long already now that I noticed. Approximately 1 month. Pfft. It was tough alright.. it's like, my work will never be done.

Hm. Feeling weird blogging right at this time. 11.26pm. A Monday. It's like a whole new thing that I get myself doing.

Should be doing some of my assignments. But I've already gotten everything into place, hence, I decided to spend some time to do my personal stuff... feels so good. So free...

It's been awhile.

But gah, tomorrow will have to study for Pengajian Malaysia a.k.a Sejarah. My god!! Because exam is this Saturday, which is horrible. So miss going out with the people; gossips; movies; or simply having lunch and a drink.

I've been listening to Kings Of Leon album a lot. They're so awesome I get addicted to them so much. Kings Of Leon is so damn different from all of the other rock bands. Particularly "Manhattan" - it rocks my socks off. Apart from them... well, I'm also listening to many other singers. And I actually find that my music taste is so diversified now. I don't really know exactly what genre I love anymore. Music is just awesome. They're free. They're freedom - no right or wrong. No sequence to follow, nor rules. It's all feelings and thoughts. With creativity added on into it.

I wrote this song... now that the video is in progress, I can't wait to dedicate it to him on May. I feel so devastated I wrote that song when he breaks my heart... but he's worth. Regardless. From the day I started off writing, till to date, it's been 3 months or so. Or is it 4 months? Lost count. Now, I'll have to finish it up as soon as I can for May's arrival.

I haven't shop for awhile. But I don't really have to. I got enough clothes... eventhough it never feels enough. I like wearing jeans nowadays. And bf tops... I'm so much more to the rugged direction. Yeah.

Am I babbling here?? Hm.

Oh well. Those assignments. Presentation especially... I find myself loosing confidence in presenting. Have no idea why, actually. Not that I'm doing bad.. it's just the feeling. It's there. Something like a season thing. I used to feel this way last time, back in semester 4 or so. And then it went away eventually. Now that I'm the senior in my last semester, I feel that way again. Weird eh.

Till then. Goodnight world.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Drained. Out.

I'm tired... Emotionally. I want to get away from as many things as possible. 

Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm sick!! =(

I haven't blogged for some time.

And now, I'm down with fever. What the hell... Really hate that sick feeling. It's like shit - sickening. Early in the morning I woke up to get ready for class, I knew something is wrong with me. My body was aching, my eyes were burning, my head was heavy. I actually broke down a little. I know it's stupid, but I thought I couldn't stand that really sick feeling. Then I got sort of the diarrhea thing. Stomach was very upset. Must be the nasi lemak I ate at college the day before... I went to class anyway, just one class. Thank god.

Slept through the whole afternoon. That was nice. Lol. I took this opportunity of getting sick to make myself rest to the max, so that I can get more hands on with many more work there is to come. Because since college started, my engines never really stopped working... sob.

Meanwhile. We're doing ok... had friction though. But it's ok now.

I haven't thought of going shopping for awhile. How surprising! Lol. But, looking at this online boutique with big sale, makes me think of doing some shopping again. Hmm mm mm.

I can't wait to go for volleyball this Sunday! Hehe. Till then.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Need ears.

I'm feeling really moody. So lost... as though, there's no fun in my days. I'm trying to figure out, exactly where or what went wrong. It's like, everyday I go to college for classes, I find them so dry and boring. I'm not concentrating... my attention spend is getting shorter and shorter. I don't feel happy going to college. I don't feel lively as I used to be. The minute I step into the classroom, I feel like going home.

Lots of assignments. That's fine. Seriously. I'm used to it already, anyway. But what is making me sick are things like, the waiting, the discussions, the empty results... anything there is to deal with in completing the assignments. We have mouths, but people are just not communicating with people that they work with. People have thoughts and brains, but they don't really make full use of it. People can come up with all sorts of reasons to back things up when they're not completing their jobs completely, then trash their parts to others, and they can get away with it. What are the chances of those who's always helping out with the unfinished parts, when they can actually spend time doing other assignments? And, being capable means the leader-to-be? Being capable means being the one who's always responsible in putting things together? I feel mentally tired already, though I still feel I'm no one to complain about being tired. I'm just a student, how hard are things that I'm doing? Compared to many other people outside... I know my whatsoever stress level is nothing. But yea, I'm complaining.

I'm sorry I'm being rude at times - depending on individuals whom I talked to, depending on how you interpret it. I'm sorry I complain. I'm sorry. But having to do well, I just can't afford to hide all these things and let it be, can I? I've to confront - basically communicate. Regardless what there's I wanna say, I'm really just communicating. No shouting, no voice raising, no judgement.

And to have a partner. I don't see how useful it is. Partners are supposed to share feelings, no matter sad or happy feelings. And you confront each other - at least listen to each other. But I don't get such treatment. I got bitten from the back instead. So much for a partner.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Round up.

I realize that, having the will to do something to make a change - it really will work. And it will work well. After all that we've been through, after so many falls and down sides, things between us finally get back on the right track the right way. FOR REAL this time. And I can't be more glad.

Yesterday - a beautiful Saturday, baby and I spent time together washing his car. I thought it was so fun. We get to do something together, at the same time we can make fun of each other and basically just talking. Too bad I couldn't snap some pictures while we were washing the car... I really would like to keep them. After washing his car, we watched movie together at his place.

Also yesterday, baby had a CNY open house to invite his friends over. After so long we've been together, I found myself really getting along with a lot of his friends, and I was happy doing that. I was talking to them like my own friends; we gambled together and made fun of each other... I did all of that without having baby by my side, as he was entertaining his other friends. I was totally relaxed and felt so free moving around the house, full of his friends that I've seen for so long but barely knew. Yet, I finally opened up myself to mix around with them. It's really a very great achievement for me. And the best part is that, I know baby will be happy seeing me mixing with his friends without him beside me. He is happy. Before yesterday, I did meet up with his friends occasionally, but we didn't really talk... barely. But yesterday's open house really made me so proud of myself, me and baby - somewhat proud or happy about everything. All that we're engaging ourselves in, the direction that we're heading to. It's really all starting to pick up... things are really good.


Today, I had a mini open house, and I invited my buddies over. It was fun! We gambled, lost money, won money.. eat, talk and gossip. Was a really good catching-up moment! Then after hanging out at my place, we went to Yippee Cup for a drink. Was supposed to meet up with baby after seeing them, but then he couldn't make it to see me as some last minute family plans came up. Ah, disappointed, but it's fine.. In order to kill time, I went to OU to join the gang. Had dinner at Ajisen Ramen, then walked around the mall. Goddamn it I finally found a dress!! Woohoo! I think it's super nice - from Cotton On. It's just so simple and pretty.. enough said. I'm so satisfied. It costs me RM50... could get cheaper ones, but who cares! I don't! Hehe.

Class starting tomorrow. CNY is over for me. Back to reality people! Go back to school; go back to college; go back to assignments; go back to work. Hmm. Life eh?

Wow. Quite a long post. Peace out.

Friday, February 19, 2010



Lol. I'm just so happy. Beyond happy. As though I'm the happiest person on earth!

Now that we're doing fine again, I've to appreciate everything the right way by doing the right thing.. Am determine! I believe this time, things will REALLY work out between us. I love you baby.

I just invited the gang to my place this Sunday. Really hope they will be able to make it! It's like, my very first time inviting friends over my place for Chinese New Year. Hmm. So come!! The list of people are as follow:

Mandy Tan (and darling)
Christine Ho (And Jackie)
Yeo Yoke Cheng
Loh Voon Hong
Sam Lee (and Anna Lee)
Jaslyn Khew
Joyce Lim

and... did I miss out anyone?? Aiya, you know who you are - high school peeps. Please come ok?? Give me a call or an sms will do. People on the list, please ask others to come (I mean, those whom I miss out, and they belong to the gang).

p/s: Your names are here just so you would get the message repetitively. So you would come! COME! XD

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's like death.

I'm very afraid.

I couldn't sleep the whole night... I really couldn't. My eyes were wide open till the sun raised.

My heart is pounding - stomping so hard against the wall every second.

My palms are sweating. My hands are trembling.

They're so cold...

As though thin air is finding its way into my soul, but it's not getting there. It's not strong enough to fill up my soul. To enable me to breathe properly.

I learnt my lesson. And for real, I'll change for you. I'm changing for you.

I can never afford to lose you... I can't.

Now that we've reached the stake - it's either an up or a down. It feels much more worst than having to decide whether to die or to live.

Can you please come back to me? Baby please come back to me. I love you.

And I know you love me too. You love me...

You love me...

You love me...

I love you.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Reds of CNY!

I here, would like to wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year!

Have all the fun you want, get as many 'angpao' as you can, drink all you can, gamble all you can, eat all you can... sleep all you can! And remember to dress up nicely for this very special period of time of the year. Hehe.

I'm kind'a having the CNY mood already. BUT! Sigh.. really packed schedule men. All the assignments must come in at this point of time, and also really rushy duedates. What the hell. But argh, have to bare with it. Must be able to hold up to all of those, in conjunction with CNY where people will be visiting each other. I know, being away to dad's hometown and home visiting will delay my work progress; friends being away will delay all meetings; but still, it's our holiday, we should enjoy to the max - but have to keep track of assignments also. Sigh. I can't believe that I actually have to work on assignments during the holidays!

I can't wait to bloody go shopping. ;)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Zoo Zenture!


Such an exhausting day. Woke up early to go for 9am class. Then me and a few department heads of 4ward Communications went to Zoo Negara with Ms.Sue for our CSR project thing. We went there for a visit mainly was to ask permission from the zoo whether we can implement our project there or not. Apparently, it was a success. Will only have to clear off some payments to get a confirmed placement.

The zoo was tiring walking around. We had to get ourselves familiarized with the place, and also to take pictures. Made us spent RM20 for the ticket. Sigh. But thank god we can claim back from the treasurer. Lol. So far so good. But well, to visualize things that we have to do is a little tough. Plus, assignments for different subjects are coming in. Hmm. Lots of work to do as time passes! No more lazying around, seriously. Gotta braise myself and to complete tasks regularly.

But for now, I shall go look at magazines. I need entertainment news! Will start work tomorrow. Hehe. Till then.


Monday, February 1, 2010


It takes continuos falls for a human to grow. But how many falls can a human take to survive? So what if a human overcomes the pain, but scars will remain. Would a human choose to hold grudges? Or to move on whilst baring the past?

Questions to ponder.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


It's 12.20am now.

We vowed, to start everything all over again.

I love you.

Friday, January 29, 2010

After 1 month.

Wow. It's been quite some time hasn't it?

My new semester has started, finally. At the beginning, it was kind'a dead.. as in, I had nothing much to do. Basically just went for classes, take some notes, and go back home. Now that it's been 1 month already, things are starting to power up. And I myself will have to spark up my engine to produce some good work!

Things have been good. Classes are fine, eventhough boring. Making more new friends from the juniors where we merged classes together. Closer classmates. The lecturers are great too. Yea.. it's all good, I have to say. And also one of the most challenging thing that I'm handling now is this CSR project that me and my classmates are doing for Corporate Comm class. As the head of the whole 'company', there are things to do - giving orders, planning and strategizing... we're doing a real event this time man, no kidding! We're doing the real REAL thing, awesome eh? Not for presentation purposes anymore like back in those semesters, but this time, a real corporate social responsibilty event. Hmm. It's gonna be long, challenging, and stressful I think.

Hmm. What else? Oh. Also, will be doing many small class assignments, on a weekly basis. Gotta really organize myself to be more organized. Lol. Such crap.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Good then bad.

Bad then good.

What the fuck... sigh.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Love Is Hard.

Sigh. Things with us have been really hard... we're going through really rough times. It's going down hill, and there's just things being thrown down on us, making us going down hill even more. I feel so trapped again. I couldn't breathe. You hurt me with words again. I wanna let go but I love him so much, and it's really not worth to just let go of everything, after what we've been sharing together for so long. It takes 2 person to build a relationship, it also takes 2 person to destroy one. We both failed.

I believe love is hard. And I always believe that we're bound to argue, bound to face obstacles and challenges. I hope for nothing but peace and silence. I hope for nothing but to have a really basic love sharing with him. When will we really get back on track again? It's better to know that - love is hard.

I see lovers in the streets walking,
without a care.
They're wearing out loud
like there's something in the air
Oooooh, and i don't care

They're treading lightly
No they, don't sink in
There's no tracks to follow
they don't care where they going

And if they're lucky and they'll,
they'll get to see and if they're
really really lucky they'll
get to feel..

And it kicks so hard,
it breaks your bones.
Cuts so deep
it hits your soul.
Tears your skin and
makes your blood flow.
It's better that you know,
That love is hard.

Love takes hostages,
gives them pain.
gives someone the power to
hurt you again and again
oooh, but they don't care

And if they're lucky and they'll,
they'll get to see and if they're
really really lucky they'll
they'll get to feel.
And if they're, they're truly blessed
and they're get to believe
and if you're dammed, you'll never
let yourself be diseased.

And it kicks so hard,
it breaks your bones.
Cuts so deep
it hits your soul.
Tears your skin and
makes your blood flow.
It's better that you know,
That love is hard.


Kicks so hard,
it breaks your bones.
Cuts so deep
it hits your soul.
Tears your skin and
makes your blood flow.
It's better that we know..

And it kicks so hard,
it breaks your bones.
Cuts so deep
it hits your soul.
Tears your skin and
And makes your blood flow.
It's better that you know,
That love is hard..

love is hard, love is hard.

If it was easy,
it wouldn't mean nothing tough.

Tribute to James Morrison.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Need some getting-use-to.

Today morning was my 2nd class of the semester. Classes were so boring.. especially today's subject - Corperate Communication. Infact, all subjects are boring.. as long as I'm in class, it feels boring.

For Corp. Comm., so fast we have to come up with a name as an organization, for the organization. Have to come up with craps like mission and vision, landscapes, etc. What the hell. Am so not ready to work. It's only my 2nd day back in college. It's going to be a real event, as our assignment, that the whole class is going to do. Diamn!

Meanwhile, am trying to get my routine back on track... my college routine, I mean. Waking up early for morning classes, jamming home after class. Lunch at college... spending money for college. And the weirdest thing is that, am finding myself trying to get use to hanging out with college mates. Really weird I know, but I'm actually trying to get used to them again. Maybe because I haven't seen them for a really long time? Yea, internship.. most probably. And now we actually combining classes with the juniors. Hmm.. gotta meet new people and make new friends all over again. starting from point zero, which sometimes can be a very hard thing to do - for me.

Oh oh, I wanna get a new phone! The Nokia E72, it's this Blackberry-look-alike phone. Surveyed some friends whom are using it, and apparently, it's quite a good phone. But it's still too expansive, in the market right now. Sigh. Imagine I can go on Facebook when there's wifi... awesome! That's the last thing I'm wishing for in my phone.
Of all brags, I shall stop here. Going to The Curve in awhile. See ya.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sick Post.

I'm sick.. sob sob. I got fever, flu, runny nose, and sore throat. And oh.. also the monthly stomach together with back ache.

I have been complaining about how dull and boring my holidays are. Now that it is Sunday already, and class is starting tomorrow, I feel like not going to classes... rather stay at home and rot. And I'm sick! Gaah.

But ah, good thing class starts also. It's a whole new beginning again! Hehe.

Have a goodnight y'all. Cheers.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Interest.

Just came back from Sunway Pyramid. And I bought myself a new leggings. Again!

Have no idea why. Am just really crazy over leggings right now. Wish I can get all sorts of it. Tried to look for a pair of leggings that looks and feels like denim. Freaking hot! But it's so hard to find. Sigh..

Shall really put a full-stop in spending money men. Or I'll probably eat shit..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lil' Here And There.

Ok. Well.. It's been awhile since I last updated my blog. Been pretty free lately. I mean - damn free. Till I rot at home. THAT free. Sigh.

I wanna do something, but I don't know what. I already go to almost all of the malls around town, I really have no idea where to go anymore. And it's not like, I have the money to hang out. Grr, this is really killing me deep shit.

One more week to go, then I'll be going back to college. First class starts on the 18th of January, which is next Monday. Hm. Actually wondering how will it feel like going back to college again... the worst thing is that, I'm certain - infact, the pupil are certain that semester 6 will be a very heavy; very crazy; very busy; very stressful semester. But ah, have ot be ready for it anyway. Nothing much to brag about.

Damn. I wanna buy myself a new dress! A really hot, stylish, not-too-girlish dress. Spotted one stunningly awesome and sexy dress online, but the item is sold out and not restockable. Not my luck, apparently. I need to get out and shop! I know I'm broke, but I have to buy something..sigh.

Also, meanwhile, a friend has left to Kampar to study. This also means I got lesser hang out buddies already. Really don't know what to say... he didn't even ask me out for a drink! But just drop by my place to say goodbye. Will hav to wait till he's back, then.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Just got home from seeing baby..

Baby brought me for a ride with his new car. Awesome.. hehe.

Really - truly happy for him. He was really happy to get his dream car. He wanted to share his happiness and joy with me so much. And I'm so glad I get to share his happiness. Muaks.

It was a really fun ride. So wish we could go somewhere so far, where the road is straight and clear, and baby would speed like there's no tomorrow! Love the loud noises coming out from the exhaust pipe.. it was growling, technically. It was so cool...hmm.

I want more rides with baby. Really wish we can bring the car up to Genting this Saturday... hopefully!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I love Avatar. Enough said. I love Avatar more than anything else!

They're two wonderful pair. Really wonderful. To me, they're beautiful. They're so unique you wanna be like them - that's if you feel like how I felt while watching the movie. I've watched it twice at the cinema. Really awesome. Perfect-o.

What more can I say?? Go watch!