Friday, November 26, 2010

November To An End.

I got my salary already! Which also means, December will be blasting soon. Exciting!

Sales are everywhere now - for Christmas. Ho ho ho! I got plenty to buy, i.e. make-up stuff, Christmas presents for my lovely colleagues, clothes shopping probably end of December in KL, and heels! I spotted one awesome pair at Walk In earlier - will probably get it tomorrow! Hehehe... And also, very soon next weekend, I'll be going for wakeboarding. Feels scary, but at the same time, I can't wait to play. ;)

It's gonna be a very VERY broke month for me on December. Will be going to Penang with family during Christmas some more, not forgetting the Christmas eve countdown that's being planned - hopefully by then, my December salary will be in on time!

November flashback. So many have been happening... sudden news from colleagues, many are leaving, my senior especially who has taught me so much and has been helping me out whenever I'm in shit holes. Some wanted to leave but being hold back... Many birthdays were being celebrated in the office, including mine. And then we have completed projects surfacing again - revived. My accounts are never on track as per given schedule with all the delays and many rounds of uncertain decision making and revisions - pfft. Rushing to the office, and from the office to post house, and back again for multiple presentations... Working life is not easy, yet fulfilling. I'm on the high, and sometimes on the low.

I almost lost my best friends too. Over issue that I shouldn't even be pulled in. But I'm so glad that the issue is over, and that my best friends are still by my side, and that's what matters. Fortunately, the evil thick clouds broke up, revealing the ever normal bright shine.

For that, I shall come to a full-stop. It's time to call it a day! Love Friday nights.

Time to re-charge the battery in me. Have a good rainy night!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Love November.

Hola hola!

Phew~ Been working for 3 months plus already. Going into complete 4 months by end of November! See, it's November already. How fast! Time is actually speeding up even more in November as we're moving into end of the year, where we have Christmas eve, Christmas, holiday plans, finishing current projects, moving into new year, new projects and plans. Exciting!

Lately, things have been good. Work - good. Not so much of late nights anymore, really grateful about that. Getting warm with colleagues, getting things done smoother. The boy - good. Both of us have been busy with our own things, but still manage to hang out and laze around. Friends - as usual, didn't get to catch up much, sad! Missing them; all groups.

I can't help it. I always love November. Because there are many birthdays in November - people that I know and care about. My own birthday is in November as well. I can't wait to celebrate! =D

I haven't been shopping. Must shop soon too! Either end of this month after getting my pay, or in December. Hehehehe.. wait for me KL! I'm going to you soon!