Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hm. It's hard to review this particular movie. Well, can somebody, just anyone - anyone smart and clear enough, explain the whole movie to me again? Lol.

No doubt. The movie is freaking hell awesome. The idea of the movie - dream within a dream within a dream; reality and imagination; designing and architecture a dream. Men, the idea of the movie is damn hot! The effects and stuff. I, no doubt, love the movie. It's just that, the terms that they use, the dialogues, they lead me to some lost land. I was so lost while watching it, but at the same time, so indulged in it. And as the characters sleep themselves into a dream after another, it gets even more complicating. But the purpose is there... you will be able to see it. Haha... I wanna watch it again! To fully understand the movie.

By the way. I watched it with baby. Hm. Spent some really good quality time together for a Saturday. Will be seeing him again tomorrow, and we're gonna go somewhere for shopping. Sales! I need to get a pair of covered-toe heels. Saw one pair that I like from Oprah earlier before movie, but the one side of the shoe has stains. So, I pass, eventhough it's cheap. Then spotted another pair, which is pretty perfect, but the price is a little high. I guess I can find cheaper ones, just as pretty perfect as that... but well, if I can't, that will probably be the one I would get. Depending on it's availability, because when I inquire, it was again, the last pair. It's always like that! Annoying.

Swoosh. So fast! It's 1st of August already. Tomorrow will be a Sunday that I wanna enjoy completely before work. I'm glad I'll be spending the day with baby... all smiles.

Till then, goodnight.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For You, The Canberraians.

Yesterday was the last farewell dinner for the IAA's. 4 more days that are still counting, the above dearies will be leaving Malaysia to Canberra, Australia, to further their studies in advertising. Except for Vern - the one sitting in front. But ah, he said he's the representation of Jasper. So yea. Lol.

The farewell dinner was held at Bianco, Tropics Shopping Centre. It was quite a nice place, and the food was very nice too! We had buffet style, all Italian food like pasta, pizzas, pumpkin soup... it was really delicious. And oh, the organizer invited two of our lecturers too - Meng Yoe, and Joanna. Awesome. Great to see them.

It ended quite early though. Barely 10.30pm, the dinner has ended. But we stayed over a little longer to discuss the second part of the night. After a long and draggy discussion, I end up not going because as it has always been, they decided to go for beer AGAIN. So yea, I'm currently sick of alcohol, and I wanna prevent nagging from the parents for going home so late, plus I wanna save money. So I went back home with Keith and Cal.

By the way, below are my individual snapshots with the Canberraians.

Dear Alice.

Mature Calvin.

Rocker Keith.

Ducky dear Dwayne. I will really miss you! My 4 years long friend.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Friday was the last day of my part-time sales promoting job at Rufffey I.D. Kind of miss working there, and also the other weird/funny promoters. Lol.

I just got back from Taiping. It was a very random and sudden trip back to visit the relatives. As usual, it was boring, humid - the electricity was cut off in the middle of the night, gah. We had to wait for the electricity to come back in order to go to bed. But this time, we get to visit the new hotel - Flemington Hotel. We had both lunch and dinner there. It was nice! Plus, it's damn cheap. Hm.

Right now, I'm currently taking a week off. Then I'll start work officially at Saatchi on 2nd August. Gasp. Scarily exciting and nerve-racking! Will appreciate my time so well... Should I go shopping? Hm.. still thinking about it, in deep dilemma. Pfft. It's like, I got my pay already, and I wanna reward myself a little by buying some things. But at the same time, I wanna save up, don't wanna waste money. I don't know what I wanna buy; just feel like getting something. Lol.

Peace out.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

IACT Convocation 2010!

17th July 2010, I officially graduated at One World Hotel - The IACT Convocation 2010. Woohoo! After a 2 and a half hardcore years wandering around IACT; all the ups and downs, left and right; crashing and burning; joy and memories; they all were rounded up and came to an end. My college life is over, then a new journey begins.

I feel so grown-up already. No more books, notes, assignments... I'm an adult that is gonna face the real world, practically 1 more week away.

It started at 8am, and that's actually a rehearsal for all the graduates. We had to try on our gowns, our seats, numbering, queue to receive our certificates... then the exact ceremony started at 9.30am. The graduation ceremony was no doubt, a blast. Eventhough my parents didn't make it, I still felt gracious and simply happy. Seeing friends, chatting, laughing, mingling, we graduate together - awesome! I couldn't be happier. It felt so good to dress up so nicely to the ceremony. Everyone was neatly suit up in their formal attires; leather shoes, jackets, ties, heels, make-up - we were all pretty. Lol. Then we had to put on the gown. That was funny! I was being called a garbage bag because the gown was so huge! Hahaha.. and it's heavy. Pfft. So tiring wearing it, our bodies were all stiff in the gown. But it was so fun to wear it, all of a sudden, we were like in the Harry Potter movie, walking around with the big gown. Some speaking in the Hogwards' accent, the magic broom, spells - hardcore jokers.

After many speeches given by the VIP's, it was time for the graduates to get on stage to receive our certificates. It was kind of nerve-racking! While lining up, I felt so jolly inside, I got even more jolly and nervous when it was my turn to get on stage. It was very quick though, like a few seconds thing - step up, shake hands and take the certificates, pose for the photographers, then go. Lol.

It ended around 1pm. After the ceremony, everyone was back to mingling. Many catching up and photo-taking. Oh, I forgotten to mention that the refreshment that they served was actually quite nice! I mean, it's ok to pay that RM120 for the convocation after all. The hotel's grand and up to standard... yea, it was all perfect.

This is a group picture, but not a perfect one, because it's only a few of us. I'm still waiting for more pictures to be uploaded so that I can grab them. Would upload it soon! However, you can always check out all the photos in Facebook.

By the way. After the ceremony, we went for a drink at OU to catch up with each other. Then we planned to celebrate our graduation once more, so we headed down to Bangsar South City at midnight. Gosh, as usual - the alcohol. Hm. It burnt my wallet, and it made me so tipsy. So tipsy I felt so sick and suffering this morning when I woke up. I don't wanna drink anymore! Just thinking of the smell of alcohol can make me sick already. *vomit*

Alright. I shall stop here. Let the memories fill me in again. Goodnight world.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

I've watched it. Not too late eh? It's only the 11th today. Hehe.. Oh well, I'm gonna be really direct and short here. The movie is CORNY. Oh my god. It's really lovey dovey; all over the place, infact. Between Edward and Bella; Bella and Jacob; between Edward, Bella, and Jacob - go figure. The lovey scenes were so sweet they made my heart itch a little. It's not a bad thing, just that... this feeling I got while seeing them so close. They were just too sweet, the romance setting filled almost the whole of the movie and the cinema; my heart. The killing scenes made me laugh. Lol. It looks so funny when the vampires break apart like glass when they get hit and killed. Hm. But there's one thing for sure - Bella is so damn lost! She's too clingy, but not as clingy as she was in New Moon. But still... she kissed both Edward AND Jacob. I mean, babe, you gotta decide, you know? Lol. The movie was so predictable because I already read the storybook. So it was more of a flashback of what's gonna happen. Despite knowing how the story's gonna go, the too-much-romance, I still like the movie. As usual, I love the setting of Twilight - the cold, icy, dark setting. Also, the unusual songs that the movie plays where you never heard of.

Oh hey, I actually noticed one thing. Edward - he looks better in Eclipse. I don't know how on earth I find that, but yea... he does look better. In scenes where he's calm, simply just talking to Bella, he looks so smooth; and well, simple. Which I find it nice. Maybe he has been maturing physically. The previous Twilight Saga episodes, Edward looked like nothing but a super pale drug addict. Tsk. Bella looks prettier and prettier. LOVE her hair.

I wanna catch Despicable Me, if I can.

Ahhh. Back to work tomorrow. Sleep tight people. Hopefully, it'll be a good week again!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


After a long week, I finally get to recharge myself today. As usual, I hang out with baby at his place, then we went dinner at Piccadilly's with my family. Quite a self-relaxing day...hmm. Will be watching movie tomorrow - excited! It feels so long of not going to the cinema. And yea, I'm kind'a broke; don't wanna talk about it! I only know that the piece of formal shirt I bought is worth. Lol. Till then I guess. Tata.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Quickie.

After working for as long as 2 weeks, I find myself not liking to work at that retail, in an employee's perspective. The retail has really freaking weird policies. It makes no relevance at all... especially this policy regarding employees' monthly salary. They'll only issue out last month's pay on this month's 18th to 20th. What the hell. After working a month, but you don't get your salary right at the end of that month, but the mid of next month. Pfft... I so need to spend some money men. And IACT convocation is coming really soon! I need a really nice formal wear. Sigh.

I'm feeling all itchy - I need to do some shopping. Sob sob.

Meanwhile, I really can't wait any longer to watch Despicable Me, and of course, super duper wooper MUST-WATCH - The Twilight Saga: Eclipse! Gasp. Both movies will be out the same day, 8th July! Hmm mmm.

Well... that's all for now, I guess. Lol. Goodnight world.