Saturday, February 28, 2009

Late night - out.

I'm home. Feeling so damn tired.. probably because I woke up super late? Sigh..
By the way. I went out with baby yesterday night. We went over to his place for awhile, then we left to The Curve at 8.30pm. We went there to eat.. had McD. The movie we bought was at 12.10am. There was still lots of time.. so baby and I just sat at McD, had ice-cream and chit-chat a lot till it's time for movie. Lol. It was so damn embarrassing when baby and I spilled half of the popcorn on the floor! Argh.. I was handing the movie tickets to baby, baby was holding his drink and Chipsters, and also my popcorn. Then, when I hand the tickets to him and I wanted to take the stupid popcorn.. baboom! It dropped.. hehehe. We were both embarrassed but laughing at the same time. Hmm.
We watched this - Benjamin Button. Well, this movie.. is good. I personally like it a lot. I like the process of Brad Pitt getting younger and younger, and the way he tell people what he's going through his everyday life, but from old to young. Lol. And Brad Pitt looked.. just so damn handsome when he became so so young, before turning back into a kid. Hehe. BUT! I must say..this movie is so so so so so damn long winded! My god. It's my very first time watching a movie in the cinema that's close to 3 hours. My butt and my legs were.. like stoned. I think it dragged it way too long.. tsk. Baby and I kept on shifting side to side while watching this movie.. lol. But nonetheless, it was good.
Had so much fun yesterday...

Muaks + Hugs.


From home... Will be back tomorrow noon. Or a little later.


Friday, February 27, 2009


I have no idea what's wrong with that stupid car today.

I was at the ss2 traffic light. I was infront of the yellow box. Then behind me it was a blue sport car, with really noisy exhaust pipe that made annoying sounds. He just couldn't wait to go so fast, he had to cut my line when the light turned green. The thing that I wasn't moving it's because the cars infront were not moving yet, and a big lorry was on the yellow box, wanting to cross over to the other road! Then how am I suppose to go right? Fine. I let him show off, let him take over. Then! When we turned out to the highway, he was beside me. He kept on accelerating, it's like telling me that his damn car is so damn fast and bla bla. He then took over me. I continued driving, till I had to switch to another lane. I saw that car. I took over him so fast, and I kept speeding till he was so far apart. Lol. I kept speeding until I had to slow down again to switch lane to turn into DU.. then the stupid ass speed so fast infront of me again, taking over me.

What the hell??

I didn't even have the intention to race with him or whatsoever. He was just.. bored, I guess. Making so much noise on the street..hmm.

I know this post is random. Just feel like typing it out. Lol.

By the way, went to college today for group discussion. It was good. Hmm.. The meeting last only about, an hour and more. After that, I went to OU to get some stuffs from Popular, and went back home. I wanted to get myself a pretzel.. but I wanted to save up money. Sigh.. sad case..

Thursday, February 26, 2009

There really will be a first time.. of everything.

First time. He really raised his voice at me. And it was on our 9th month anniversary.
First time. He gave me this really annoying look that feared me.. made me feel so small and weak.
First time. Today. He directed the work 'fuck' to me.. after so long. All this while, no matter how bad the situation gets, or no matter how mad he is, he'll never say that even a whisper to me. But today, we both lose it, and he just burst like a balloon like nobody else. Violating me using words that hurt so bad.

Of so many of them, why me? He told me, only the one you love so much will make you argue the worst. It did happen to us, but is that really true? He just burst at me like I'm some normal idiotic person that annoys him. But he felt so guilty after that, he even teared a bit when he apologized. I couldn't help but to cry.. even when I was in college. I couldn't hold back.. it just.. plainly hurts.

I'm crying more than a river.

He is forgiven.

I'm alright. But there'll still be scar inside.. reminding me of this once in awhile. Till I completely let go of this, but only God knows when.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Typical college life.

Yes.. everything went just the same like every other day. Had pan mee again.. gosh. I really have not much to talk about college, don't even wanna talk about what food I had for lunch. Hmm..

Oh oh, but I just got myself something today that actually cheers me up. Well, I bought myself a new bag. A very very nice bag, just at a boutique behind college. It already caught my attention yesterday when Alice and I went to walk around those boutiques during break time. I already decided that I must buy that bag, but I was out of cash after I bought myself a new translucent top from The Black Book. Oh yea, that top is really nice too.. sexxayy. Lol. Ok, then I was out of cash. But then I can't help but to keep looking and thinking of that bag, so I actually talked to the lady boss. The lady boss was very kind, she knew I don't have the cash with me, so she reserved the bag for me, and gave me the price of RM50 instead of the original price RM69, that's after 20% discount plus a few ringgit off from her personally. Yay!! Was so grateful. Today, I went to get that bag. Yay yay..

The colour of the bag is.. I don't know, torquoise blue? I guess so. There's also a bit of greenish colour on. It caught my eyes because I think that this kind'a colour is colour that you find very rare for a bag. It's unique! That's why I owned it. It has quite a lot of compartments.. easy for me. It's soft.. its material outside can also handle water splashes.

Customer satisfaction = 100%
Post-purchase dissonance = 0% LOL.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My new 'baby'.

Today will be a new day. Yes, it is.

I'm in the library now.. waiting for class to start. I miss baby.

By the way. I just bought myself a new mp4. It's Sony, and it costs RM599 for 8GB.. Yahoo! Lol. It's gold in colour, it's slim, it's just so nice. The sound is great, the ear-piece is so awesome, it fits just right. And it sort of, excludes the noise that surrounds the ear-piece. Cool
eh?? Thanks to baby, fetching me here and there to look for all Sony mp3 and mp4 that I had in mind of buying it. Lol. Oh yea, my mickey mp3, hmm. I actually realized that.. you know, why did I first bought it? I mean, the more I use it, the more I think it's stupid. There's no screen, I don't know what I'm listening to. And I always have to wait for the songs that I wanna listen to, I just can't skip back and forth to listen to it. What the hell. So, since I have a new one, Mab will have my mickey mp3. Hehe..

Yeap. This is my Sony mp4. I love it!


I'm tired... So tired of it.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Long day!

Yesterday was crazy. Everybody in class were rushing for today's MCS exhibition. All of us were staying late in college to set up our booths.. stressing each other and stuff. My group can be considered as.. so extreme. Sherman and Dwayne actually came over to my place at 9.30pm to do stuffs for the exhibition. We were messed up, because of one stupid board that we printed, and it goes to waist. It's the wrong element to use for our topic. What the hell! It cost RM30 ok.. fuck that, seriously.

Fine fine. Today morning was the exhibition. The real thing. Nervous! Argh. It should start at 11.30am, but we ended up waiting for an hour to start. Freshmens.. they're So yea, we presented for like.. 4 times? Yea. Meng Yoe thought we did a great job. Yes! I'm pretty happy about it too.. the best thing that really boost my confidence is that, while I was presenting to the freshmens, Meng Yoe was behind them looking at us present. He actually gave me 2-thumbs-up when I speak. I guess I gave them a really strong and convincing conclusion, that's why. Hehe, yes, I did the conclusion. Meng Yoe decided to take like, almost everything from our booth for display specially for IACT open day, for people that come visit to have a look at them. Well, other groups were good as well, same same. The day is really long. It's damn tiring. My feet is killing me.. thanks to the 2 inch heels. Gosh! Oh yea. Baby actually came to college today to see my sweet of him. Was so happy to see him, from moody to energetic. But he left after awhile, just before the presentation started. Muaks.

Well. After so much effort that we've put into this exhibition, spending more than RM200.. after 2hours, everything, gone? Just like that. After all our work and money, gone. I don't understand what's the point doing all these things. Like, only for awhile? Hmm. But then, it was really fun and something new to experience, it's cool. I had fun. And most importantly we did a good job. That's better.
By the way, did I mention that I got sammoned? My god! That's really fucked up. The first time I got sammoned RM30 just because half of my parking ticket slipped into the dashboard of the car. Is it the dashboard? Ah, whatever. It's just so unreasonable. I remember putting it nicely where the whole ticket can be seen, but don't know how on earth it went in half way. Arghz! But no worries, I kept the ticket for evidence.. dad will help me out. Lol.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Read the work f.u.c.k.

I don't know why, but everything is just so fucked up. The situation n college, my god. I mean, what the hell is wrong with the people? They just wanna make things so hard and complicated, where it can actually be so simple and smooth to go. And. What the hell is fucking wrong with my brain? It just can't seem to digest some things but it staysin the room of the brain. Like, what the hell? My brain is going through.. constipation? Fuck it. I just wanna forget all those shit.. please. It drags me down all the time. I hate it. I hate it so much.

I want my Green Tea frappucino from Starbucks...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh~ Wonderful Valentine Of Mine.

Happy Valentine's Day!! Hehe. I know, I post this a bit late.. but yea, was busy enjoying Valentine, enjoying my weekend. Hmm. This is my baby. Muaks! Had so much fun sort of celebrating Valentine's Day with him.. We didn't really celebrate but just wentover to his place to watch DVD together. Later, we went to The Curve for dinner - Midori. They have wonderful ice-cream, trust me. Go try!

Baby + I outside his condo.

This is my Valentine's gift from bee. So nice! Baby was doing the same old thing again, telling me that he didn't get to buy me any gift and kept on apologizing. When I was about to really believe him , he surprised me with this green-ish box.. Lol.

Yes. It's 6 different scent of perfume from The Body Shop, I super love it. And the red colour thing? I thought it was just a normal cloth as the decoration of the present. I didn't know it's actually a red tube dress until baby told me!

All of them smell really nice and sweet. Was really confused of which to use.. hehe.

Yeap, this is the red dress I mentioned earlier. Not bad eh? Of course! I love it.

All I can say is that.. baby is different. He doesn't go for flowers and chocolates that are amazingly stupid-ly expansive, but went for something that I'd never expect him to buy for me. Thank you so much, bee!

Me - while playing with the present. Lol.
I celebrated Valentine's Day once. It was history.. it wasn't fun or nice at all, not even a bit. It can't be considered as the celebration of Valentine's Day at all. It's not like I must celebrate it, but the one I had was just.. shit. Last Saturday - 14.02.09, was my very first Valentine which was like any other normal days but yet special, and I'm really glad I got to spend the day with baby. Muuuaaks.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

So That My Blog Is.. Updated.

I can't believe we have class tomorrow - Friday. It's freaky Friday! We always have a day off on Friday.. but because of this MCS replacement class, I'll have to wake up early tomorrow to go for class. Shit.

Classes aside.. I'm kind'a obssess with nail colours. I'm starting to like painting nail colours. All sorts of colours... they're nice! But for me, I'll still stick to just colouring. No art stuff, diamonds, or whatsoever on my nails. Troublesome.. Lol. Hmm..I need some extra money to buy more colours! Sobz..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Horrible things...

Went to college today. Nothing much.. by the way, I find the Pan Mee at Bee Fatt coffee shop so much better than the Pan Mee infront. It's been awhile since I last ate at Bee Fatt.. all the food and restaurants around IACT are so damn freaking boring! Sometimes, it kills me to just think of what to eat. Chloe will definitely agree with me on that. Lol.

Did lots of research for my PR group assignment. I have to say.. aborted babies are.. I don't know. I googled up pictures of those, and it felt so horrible. They're so tiny and innocent, yet, their lives ended in such ways where the doctors twist and turn their body into pieces just to get the abortion done. Well, the topic of the group is teenage pregnancy..that's what it's all about. I can't help it, I can't just keep it to myself but to tell my blog. I feel so down looking at those pictures.. I felt like crying too. Sigh. And child dumping. I seriously don't get those people! They can just throw the baby on the streets or the bushes, let the baby rot. Or they throw babies into rivers and toilets.. with their heads torn off, whatever horrible things.. what the hell! Hmm.. that's why we're doing this, thinking it all through. Hope the campaign we're planning will be a good one.

Baby hasn't sms me yet.. sobz. Are you that busy baby?? Muaks.

Friday, February 6, 2009


I wanna thank God for answering my prayers.. Thank God so so much.
I made mistake, and I thought it was fun. Though I know my instincts were right, and now, everything is fine. But still, that mistake will never be done ever again. Never.

Thank God.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I just got my Sales Promo assignment done.. sort of. Actually yes, it's done. Just that, maybe I still need some changes..? Hmm. On the other hand, I'm planning for my group's upcoming exhibition. Must go get some materials and stuffs for the booth.. to Popular? Yea. Lol.

College was so damn boring today. No offense, but Mr. Benny has always been..soft and well, boring. I felt so lost in class. Later after class, I went for my group meeting - PR group assignment. It was.. I don't know. Nobody said much things, everyone was basically lost. And we were struggling to make a name for our group, just a goddamn name and that took all the time of the discussion. What the hell.

I argued with baby yesterday, was so so sad. Sigh. Then this morning, we sort of argued again. But then, everything was ok again.. Will be going to his place later.

*God..where is it..?* fingers crossed


It's 2009. Since then, I didn't really bother to update my blog. So I made the choice to delete all the past in this blog, and begin a new journey. Right here. Lol.


3rd February 2009