Monday, November 30, 2009

The Beginning of The End.

1st December. Read this.

Whenever it comes to the end of the year, it never feels the end of the year, BUT the beginning of the year all over again. It keeps rolling further like a rounded machine, it keeps rolling to the front and never stops rolling. There's never an end, is there? Lol.

What are my thought for the end of the year, or to be specfic, a new beginning? Hmm. This - is something that I have to think about. Well, I definitely hope to spend my coming holidays as meaningful as possible... will be following my family for a vacation. Oh no, not only a vacation, but 2 vacations! Hehe. Apart from vacations, I will definitely see my buddies, it's the time where we update each other! I wanna go out to the mall, have bubble milk tea, cuppacakes... movies?? Yes! And I wanna spend time with baby, nothing can stop me on this.

Whilst hoping to really be in Cloud 9, there's an internship report to be finished. Yeap yeap. It's a simple report... it's basically telling what I've learnt and been through at Saatchi. I have confidence I can definitely finish up on time, and I will try my best to come up with a good report. Then time will zoom me into the nest and the last semester, which according to some of my friends, it'll be a very quick semester. Wow.. then I'll have to come out and work. As in, seriously working. God.. In dilemma - wish time flies, at the same time, to wish that time stops.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Moon.

My god! This movie is freaking awesome! Awesome awesome.. bloody awesome. Eventhough I've read the whole storybook of this episode, I still feel the rush when I watched it in the cinema. Yes! I love New Moon. I thought it was really good. As usual, the movie delivered the damp and wet atmosphere of Forks really well. The setting of the whole movie was really nice.. the choice of words in delivering the script and this love between Jacob and Bella and Edward.. fascinating! Lol. And oh oh.. Jacob Black. Tell me, Jacob Black - nothing but extreme hotness? Agree?? Totally agreed! Gawd. The whole of the cinema, girls in general, all should've gasp when Jacob comes out of the scene half naked. The girls sitting next to me that day were like THAT. Me too.. I guess. Lol.

Can't wait for the DVD to come out! And the ending! Such teaser men.. makes me - makes everyone infact, thirst for more. Tsk tsk tsk! I really got not much to say, I just simply love the movie. And I want more.. hehe.

Gimme Eclipse. ;)

Friday, November 27, 2009


Enough said! Thanks to dad... hehe. And I love it! XD

And above is the new bag I bought online... super cute, super satisfied!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Let me.

I know, I'm no one to brag or to complain or to express my devastation. BUT -I'm seriously sooooo sooo sooo tired.

I only got home from work at 8.30pm today.. was a really long day in the office. Didn't have much things going on this morning and afternoon, only until evening to night time. God! One after another. Wait, no. Not one after another, it was actually all coming together! Yea.. I haven't even get to sit down to start on a new job, I was told to do another job. When I was about to finish the current job I was doing, I was told to do another one, when I haven't even finish the job I was doing and the one after the job I was trying to complete. Gah...

Seriously, k.o. big time. My shoulders and neck are aching so terribly. And it's like, my aching shoulders make me have headache. I can't wait for Friday! It's this precious public holiday. And New Moon is waiting for me! Woohoo, freaking excited about it. Tomorrow's Thursday, and I would be happy as well, because is the last working day of the week. Hope the paychecks will be out tomorrow... I need money! Really broke already. Also due to this online bag I saw AND bought just yesterday. I'm now waiting for the seller to meet me up and pass me the bag. I want it quick! COD men, COD. Freaking confirm the time and date with me please...hmm!

Meantime. Sigh... don't wanna talk about it. Really. It just.. happened again. No-brainer argument. Shit.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One-half old.

It was yesterday night, baby and I went to the cinema to catch 2012 movie. Finally! We got tickets, and that's because bee asked a friend to help us buy.. hmm. Anyway. The movie was hell awesome! For those who are still waiting for tickets to go watch, well - good luck! But I personally think that 2012 is a must-watch movie. Get a DVD... that's IF you can't get the chance to watch it in the cinema. Make me so sad!! Sigh.. I can't imagine myself in their situation. Too scary. I totally enjoyed the movie to the max. =)

Whilst the tragic and burning, explosions and floods, baby and I step into 1 and a half years old - our relationship that is. Sweet! Haha.. But too bad it's Wednesday, the day where we're not seeing each other. It's ok, it doesn't really matter.. he will try to make time to come see me though. I miss miss you!

Some music thoughts to share:-

I watched Jennifer's Body - mom bought the DVD. It's just so-so kind'a movie. Nothing special, but it totally spoils Megan Fox's sexy hot face! Gah. She looks so eerie in the movie.. it consists of scenes of Megan where I thought I couldn't look at her anymore. *gasp*

Oh. Music thoughts. It's Jennifer's Body OST! I thought the soundtrack is so good, love the songs in there. Something different. It has all the weird bands - to me - where I think many haven't heard of. Panic At The Disco is the main focus, obviously. But I think others are all good too, maybe a little better than Panic At The Disco. Hot pick would be Through The Trees by Low Shoulders. Listen listen! If you're interested... Lol.

Peace out.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Officially 19!

I have to say. I had a really great birthday... and I feel so grateful! It's been so heart warming I thought I would melt inside out.

Have to thank all those who have wished me happy birthday, regardless of which ever way of telling me, thank you so much!! Muaks.

And I got super happy when both my mentor and another colleague surprise me with a birthday gift wrapped up so nicely in a round-flowery box! I totally didn't expect it, and I thought I was the luckiest person on earth when 3 of them came over to me and said "Karmen, we've something to tell you" (with their very serious face) "Happy Birthday!!" Hahaha.. then they handed me the lovely gift - it's MNG singlet. White in color, exactly one of the item that was in my shopping list! They spent me lunch as well.. God.. I love them. LOl.

As for the night. After work, I quickly rushed back home to get myself ready to celebrate my birthday with baby. Hmm! Baby brought me to Italiannies, super yummy food, but overloaded. Hehe. Was supposed to watch movie, but then we couldn't make it because the cinema was crazily packed with humans. Gah, 2012 is still on the line! Then we went over to baby's place to chill, to have my present! And then went to Yippee Cup for a drink.. it was a really good night I had. *smiles*

Conclusion as above. Refer below for pictures taken and some description. :)

Ok. This is the gift given by my colleages. Isn't it just so cute?? I love the singlet!

This is at Italiannies. It was so packed. And we got no choice but to sit at this place where it is very small in space, and humid. I was ok with it, it was baby who didn't feel so comfortable though. Haha. Because the portion was too big, we couldn't finish our food we had to take away!

And tada! This is it! This is the present baby bought for me.. sweet eh? I didn't expect such thing though, they're hair products - hair cologne and hair treatment water from Sasa. When I first look at the present, I thought it looked too girly, something too girly for me, and it's all pinkish! Am not a pink person... but well, the product itself is really a good one. It smells incredibliy sweet and nice. I love it. Lol. When I first smell it, I feel like buying it continuosly already, that's if I finish the whole thing. But it's not cheap! I get to know because.. my baby being as careless as he's always been, he left the receipt in the plastic bag, I spotted it. Hehe! It's expansive for this 2 bottles of hair stuff.. hmm. As for the bling, it's included in the gift pack. So yea.. I'm hanging it on my phone now. Err, I know.. so not me. But because it's from baby and the bling REALLY look nice, so I hang it with my phone. It's really cute. Lol.

And this. I thought this is one of the best item I have in my life right now - the wedges from Vincci! Yes yes, it's that pair of wedges I've been eyeing for so damn long! Last few days, I got a call from Vincci when I was at the office, I was thrilled ok.. haha. They told me it's re-stocked, and they reserved one for me already. So yes, very quickly, I went to collect the shoe the next day with baby. It's nothing but awesome-ness. It looks so cool, not girly at all. It doens't hurt my feet, and I look so much taller with it. I wore that out when I was out with baby for my birthday! I myself couldn't believe that I was wearing wedges, practically heels, walking at the mall. It's like, I got so many new things in this week. I got this wedges, then I got 2 new online clothes that I bought, I have so many presents. And wishes! Superb.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Tada! Lol. This was yesterday night at Old Town White Coffee, Taman Megah.

It was May Yan's birthday celebration, and also my pre-birthday celebration - 4 days earlier. The gang was there to celebrate for us! I was of course extremely happy. It was seriously a blast. And I got nice present! Read on, you will know what it is. Hahah...

Me and May Yan with our cakes. Thanks to Jack.

Cutting the cake.

Baby joined in after awhile. I love you bee! You made me so happy when you were there accompanying me and join in the fun. We - the couples.

More pictures...

Pressie time! See?? It's La Senza! I never make myself buy one for myself, eventhough I love the lingerie there.. but Cheng bought it for me.. hmm. Really don't know what to say, but zillion thanks!

Aren't they cute? Cheng and her boyfriend have got good taste, haha.. I LOVE my t-back, I think mine is super cute!

The family portrait..

Point down at you, Ying Kee! Hahahaha..

Monday, November 16, 2009

Definite silky smooth!

Ok. This is really gonna be a random post! Lol.

Well. I went to the saloon yesterday - Sunday. Super excited because I decided to go straighten my hair. So yea, meet up with Mandy at her place around 11am. Then we went to the saloon, some shop near Mandy's place. It's a very small unit, and from the shop itself, I knew my budget can be controlled. Hehe. It only cost RM200! Definitely worth, for my long bushy hair.

But the sad thing is that the saloon only had perming products enough for 1 person! Shit. That really sucked. I felt so lost, I don't know if I should do first, or let Mandy do it first, then I'll have to go back there again next time. But ahh.. Mandy let me do it first! Made me feel so bad but extremely thankful at the same time. I was there alone then, and it took me 4 hours to finish everything. But don't know why, this time's straightening is much faster and easier, compared to the one I did last time - way years back. And I feel totally satisfied. My hair, that mop-broom-tree-trunk-look-alike hair is totally gone, and it gives me back nothing but silky strands of hair! Each and every strand of it. Lol.

Feel kind'a not used to it though. All of a sudden, it's really so flat already. And my head feels so light. To be honest, I do miss my bushy-mop-like hair. That hair - it's just me. Because of that hair, people call me the rocker chick, which I like! I feel wild with that hair.. like I'm different. Lol. But ah well, it's all good. Something new! The most I wanted when I chose to straighten my hair is for the smoothness only, actually.. the straight comes second.

Now. I will wait till my hair texture to become much more natural - as in, not so sleek straight anymore, then I will go for bangs. Hehe!

In hair craze.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Cloud 9.

Woohoo! It's another weekend! Yay yay.. nothing but super happy. Lol.

Will catch up with baby later after lunch, going to his uncle's birthday party. And tomorrow will be so superb! I'm going to the saloon to get my hair done. Yes! Finally, after so long. Gonna straighten my bloody mop-look-alike hair, and maybe... just maybe, will cut my hair. Gah, confusion is busting my head again. But anyway, after getting my hair done, I'm gonna make a stop at OU. Maybe will have dinner with family there with baby, and then will catch a movie with baby. Definitely 2012! The movie about nature disaster.. can't wait. Hehe.

Work's ok so far. But this week had been so crazy. It was really a crazy week in the office. I had to stay back late to finish up some work, and everything was so rushy I thought I would suffocate. Too many things to deal with at the same time, too much information was being forced into my head, bombarding my brain cells so quickly.. hmm. Tiring, but well, have to say it's satisfying because I was busy. I did many things, and I've been learning while getting busy. Lol. And it would help me more in doing my report later on... I hope.

Also, as usual, this particular month - I'm spending hell lot of money. My hair... and some online clothes I'm gonna buy. Sigh. The worst thing is that, I don't really care! Things get even 'better' when I really got not much money at home already and my pay is not ready yet, obviously. Still have 2 more weeks to go in order to reach my paycheck! Gaahh, struggling to crawl myself towards the paycheck.. sob. Nah.. it's ok. Once I get my pay, I put all in the bank, and I don't use it. Isn't it the same? I spend now, but then my paycheck later will cover up the expanses I'm gonna make now... and my money goes back the same. Hmm.. yea. (things that I always tell myself to make myself feel better... but it's true anyway!)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Down and back again.

I was down to bad flu and cough yesterday. Lol.

Went to the office at usual time, but was tired early in the morning. Then I started coughing and sneezing so much! My mentor asked me to go home. I was like "OMG, serious??" I was too happy to say just anything. Hehe. But well, I still tried to make an effort to stay... I did help my mentor on some tomeline arrangements, then only I went back home - 11am. I was in the office for approximately 2 hours only. I wasn't THAT sick, but I guess I'm just lucky to have such nice mentors.. Hmm.

The first thing that came into mind when I was asked to go back - watch movie!! Jennifer's Body, that is. It's Megan Fox, the super hot Fox I adore so much. Called Mandy, texted Mandy, got not reply! Sob sob. Reply was only received at 4.30pm, when I planned to catch the 2.45pm movie. Sigh.. but it's really fine. I was sleeping through the whole afternoon after I took the flu medicine anyway. I haven't take nap that long ever in my life, for a total of 5 hours... it felt extremely good though.

Oh well, I'm in the office right now. Just finished doing some stuff and settle down. Cold cold office! Gah.. still have runny-nose. I'm hungry, but it's only 11am.
... twweee..

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Help me someone!

I've been spending like mad this month! What the heck is wrong with me men.. It's not that I buy a lot of things, but .. where did all my money go?! Sigh. I feel like I can buy more stuffs, but no, I can't. And that kills me. I haven't even get to buy the wedges I want, but my money is like, flowing out from my wallet already. And it's not even the middle of November yet! Help me.. somebody..

Ha. Then today I went to OU to meet up with the gang. And another 5obucks gone. Shit! Should I just kill myself? No no.. that's hell stupid. Maybe I should just not have money with me. But no way, that's ridiculous. Gah! Whatever. Forgive me being cranky. I'm just so lost. I want so many things but I can't afford it, and I know that I can't afford it.

Shall just pack food to work like, everyday from tomorrow. No money no fun! Should put myself in the 'stand-by' mode right now.. Can't wait till end of this month.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Distract self from the doze..

I'm now in the office...

And I'm drop-dead sleepy. Zzz.

This morning was hactic. Had emails to check on to, had JR to distribute... then I had WIP briefing, at the same time I had to discuss the JR issued with my mentor. Too much info at the same time! Gah. But managed to pull that off. After completing the briefings, I had to go brief the writer myself, which is something new that I had to learn. My mentor just trusted me so completely that she let me handle the briefing myself. Lol. It was ok.

Then.. I went for lunch. Today - with both my mentors. Lol. Did JR again after lunch, completed the WIP.. what else? Em, nothing else. Which explains why I'm blogging here, right now. I'm so so so so bloody sleepy.

Oh. It's 5pm. Goddamn it!! Come on, please strike 5.30pm.. come on! Can't wait to go back. And I can't wait to see baby later tonight. Weehee.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Like water.

I went shopping today! Woohoo!

With Mandy. To Pyramid. It was superb. I got myself a super duper cool handbag; I got the belt that I wanted all this while, and I got a new eye-shadow. Spent! The only thing I missed out was a pair of new wedges - damn! Saw one from Voir - exactly the pair I like from Vincci, same design but only slight difference, but I chose not to buy it because I thought I liked Vincci's better. So yea, I went to OU at night with baby, and I prayed so hard and I was so ready to buy that pair of wedges. Who knew - no size. Damn again! Argh. That pair of shoes is freaking awesome I keep on thinking about it. Now that I haven't get it yet, it makes me think of it even more. Sigh.. they told me they might re-stock again, but don't know when. I already planned to go back to OU to try my luck again this coming weekend. Hmm!

Note: Mandyyy... I want that shoe!! Sob.


By the way. The most important thing for today - I celebrated baby's birthday! Yippe, it's my baby turning 21 years old - big boy outside, but a small boy at heart. I love him so much! Muaks. Exact birthday is actually next Thursday, 5th. But yea, both working, so I decided to celebrate for him today.

We went to OU for dinner. Spent baby TGI. Yummy food, price also yummy. Haha.. Then I brought him to Secret Recipe for cake. I bought him a pair of leather Converse shoe. Freaking nice! I got so jealous when I bought it for him at Pyramid this morning when I went shopping... sigh. But at the same time, I knew baby will like it so so much, and he does look good in it. Lol.

It was so nice to see baby so happy today.. I love you baby. I love you so much. And I'm also super glad he's 21, but he's still like how he used to be - like 7. I love him so so so much. Some pictures taken:

Preparing for the night out to celebrate his birthday. My note to him! It says "I'm not sure if this is the best gift for you. But you are the best gift for me. I love you! Happy Birthday".

My handsome baby - at TGI.

Me, taken by baby - at TGI. "See my cash?? Hahaha.."

Us, taken by the waiter.

Rexy the cute. Looking at baby opening his present.. Lol.

Tada! Tell me about cool and awesome-ness. They're leather!

Trying his new shoe on.. muaks

Kiss me if you love me and if you're happy with what I bought you! =D

Happy birthday baby.. your the most wonderful person ever.