Saturday, January 30, 2010


It's 12.20am now.

We vowed, to start everything all over again.

I love you.

Friday, January 29, 2010

After 1 month.

Wow. It's been quite some time hasn't it?

My new semester has started, finally. At the beginning, it was kind'a dead.. as in, I had nothing much to do. Basically just went for classes, take some notes, and go back home. Now that it's been 1 month already, things are starting to power up. And I myself will have to spark up my engine to produce some good work!

Things have been good. Classes are fine, eventhough boring. Making more new friends from the juniors where we merged classes together. Closer classmates. The lecturers are great too. Yea.. it's all good, I have to say. And also one of the most challenging thing that I'm handling now is this CSR project that me and my classmates are doing for Corporate Comm class. As the head of the whole 'company', there are things to do - giving orders, planning and strategizing... we're doing a real event this time man, no kidding! We're doing the real REAL thing, awesome eh? Not for presentation purposes anymore like back in those semesters, but this time, a real corporate social responsibilty event. Hmm. It's gonna be long, challenging, and stressful I think.

Hmm. What else? Oh. Also, will be doing many small class assignments, on a weekly basis. Gotta really organize myself to be more organized. Lol. Such crap.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Good then bad.

Bad then good.

What the fuck... sigh.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Love Is Hard.

Sigh. Things with us have been really hard... we're going through really rough times. It's going down hill, and there's just things being thrown down on us, making us going down hill even more. I feel so trapped again. I couldn't breathe. You hurt me with words again. I wanna let go but I love him so much, and it's really not worth to just let go of everything, after what we've been sharing together for so long. It takes 2 person to build a relationship, it also takes 2 person to destroy one. We both failed.

I believe love is hard. And I always believe that we're bound to argue, bound to face obstacles and challenges. I hope for nothing but peace and silence. I hope for nothing but to have a really basic love sharing with him. When will we really get back on track again? It's better to know that - love is hard.

I see lovers in the streets walking,
without a care.
They're wearing out loud
like there's something in the air
Oooooh, and i don't care

They're treading lightly
No they, don't sink in
There's no tracks to follow
they don't care where they going

And if they're lucky and they'll,
they'll get to see and if they're
really really lucky they'll
get to feel..

And it kicks so hard,
it breaks your bones.
Cuts so deep
it hits your soul.
Tears your skin and
makes your blood flow.
It's better that you know,
That love is hard.

Love takes hostages,
gives them pain.
gives someone the power to
hurt you again and again
oooh, but they don't care

And if they're lucky and they'll,
they'll get to see and if they're
really really lucky they'll
they'll get to feel.
And if they're, they're truly blessed
and they're get to believe
and if you're dammed, you'll never
let yourself be diseased.

And it kicks so hard,
it breaks your bones.
Cuts so deep
it hits your soul.
Tears your skin and
makes your blood flow.
It's better that you know,
That love is hard.


Kicks so hard,
it breaks your bones.
Cuts so deep
it hits your soul.
Tears your skin and
makes your blood flow.
It's better that we know..

And it kicks so hard,
it breaks your bones.
Cuts so deep
it hits your soul.
Tears your skin and
And makes your blood flow.
It's better that you know,
That love is hard..

love is hard, love is hard.

If it was easy,
it wouldn't mean nothing tough.

Tribute to James Morrison.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Need some getting-use-to.

Today morning was my 2nd class of the semester. Classes were so boring.. especially today's subject - Corperate Communication. Infact, all subjects are boring.. as long as I'm in class, it feels boring.

For Corp. Comm., so fast we have to come up with a name as an organization, for the organization. Have to come up with craps like mission and vision, landscapes, etc. What the hell. Am so not ready to work. It's only my 2nd day back in college. It's going to be a real event, as our assignment, that the whole class is going to do. Diamn!

Meanwhile, am trying to get my routine back on track... my college routine, I mean. Waking up early for morning classes, jamming home after class. Lunch at college... spending money for college. And the weirdest thing is that, am finding myself trying to get use to hanging out with college mates. Really weird I know, but I'm actually trying to get used to them again. Maybe because I haven't seen them for a really long time? Yea, internship.. most probably. And now we actually combining classes with the juniors. Hmm.. gotta meet new people and make new friends all over again. starting from point zero, which sometimes can be a very hard thing to do - for me.

Oh oh, I wanna get a new phone! The Nokia E72, it's this Blackberry-look-alike phone. Surveyed some friends whom are using it, and apparently, it's quite a good phone. But it's still too expansive, in the market right now. Sigh. Imagine I can go on Facebook when there's wifi... awesome! That's the last thing I'm wishing for in my phone.
Of all brags, I shall stop here. Going to The Curve in awhile. See ya.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sick Post.

I'm sick.. sob sob. I got fever, flu, runny nose, and sore throat. And oh.. also the monthly stomach together with back ache.

I have been complaining about how dull and boring my holidays are. Now that it is Sunday already, and class is starting tomorrow, I feel like not going to classes... rather stay at home and rot. And I'm sick! Gaah.

But ah, good thing class starts also. It's a whole new beginning again! Hehe.

Have a goodnight y'all. Cheers.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Interest.

Just came back from Sunway Pyramid. And I bought myself a new leggings. Again!

Have no idea why. Am just really crazy over leggings right now. Wish I can get all sorts of it. Tried to look for a pair of leggings that looks and feels like denim. Freaking hot! But it's so hard to find. Sigh..

Shall really put a full-stop in spending money men. Or I'll probably eat shit..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lil' Here And There.

Ok. Well.. It's been awhile since I last updated my blog. Been pretty free lately. I mean - damn free. Till I rot at home. THAT free. Sigh.

I wanna do something, but I don't know what. I already go to almost all of the malls around town, I really have no idea where to go anymore. And it's not like, I have the money to hang out. Grr, this is really killing me deep shit.

One more week to go, then I'll be going back to college. First class starts on the 18th of January, which is next Monday. Hm. Actually wondering how will it feel like going back to college again... the worst thing is that, I'm certain - infact, the pupil are certain that semester 6 will be a very heavy; very crazy; very busy; very stressful semester. But ah, have ot be ready for it anyway. Nothing much to brag about.

Damn. I wanna buy myself a new dress! A really hot, stylish, not-too-girlish dress. Spotted one stunningly awesome and sexy dress online, but the item is sold out and not restockable. Not my luck, apparently. I need to get out and shop! I know I'm broke, but I have to buy something..sigh.

Also, meanwhile, a friend has left to Kampar to study. This also means I got lesser hang out buddies already. Really don't know what to say... he didn't even ask me out for a drink! But just drop by my place to say goodbye. Will hav to wait till he's back, then.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Just got home from seeing baby..

Baby brought me for a ride with his new car. Awesome.. hehe.

Really - truly happy for him. He was really happy to get his dream car. He wanted to share his happiness and joy with me so much. And I'm so glad I get to share his happiness. Muaks.

It was a really fun ride. So wish we could go somewhere so far, where the road is straight and clear, and baby would speed like there's no tomorrow! Love the loud noises coming out from the exhaust pipe.. it was growling, technically. It was so cool...hmm.

I want more rides with baby. Really wish we can bring the car up to Genting this Saturday... hopefully!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I love Avatar. Enough said. I love Avatar more than anything else!

They're two wonderful pair. Really wonderful. To me, they're beautiful. They're so unique you wanna be like them - that's if you feel like how I felt while watching the movie. I've watched it twice at the cinema. Really awesome. Perfect-o.

What more can I say?? Go watch!