Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2 more.

Finished studying for Consumer Behavior yesterday.

Finished studying for Media, Culture, Society just then.

Two more subjects to go, which are Public Relation and Sales Promotion. Argh.. hate memorizing the notes men. Damn lots to memorize!

Thank god I nailed CB and MCS already.. so I can just revise repeatedly for the rest of the days and the day before the exam.

It's next Tuesday. My first paper. I'm prepared for it, I guess. I can't wait for it to end. My this study break isn't like a study break, actually. I'm still studying, at home though.


Monday, April 27, 2009

It's myself.

I used to be confident.
I used to be sure of myself, my personality, my style.. anything about myself.
I used to not care what others think about me inside out.
I am who I am.

But why am I feeling this way?

Seeing her makes me feel so small.
Compared to her, I'm like.. nothing.
She looks so much better. She's damn hot. She's just so attractive.
I don't like what I'm feeling, I hate it.
I start to not recognize myself. I'm not like that.
Get beaten down by someone that I barely know, but only her looks, her body, her dressing..and her height.

I'm not like that.

It's not her. But it's me.
I lose confidence in myself. I know very clearly.
And I know that I'm being silly to let it disturb my emotions.
I asked lots of questions that I can't really answer...
I doubt on something too.
But at the same time, I have trust.
But still, I'm letting it circulating my head around and around.

I know.
No matter what. Deep down, I still believe in myself the most.
I know I'm better. At least to the wonderful guy in my life - baby.
He only has me in his eyes. That matters.
I'm just going to be who I am...
I'm a confident person.

I'm good enough.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


It's our 11th month anniversary today! Muaks. But unfortunately, we didn't get to really celebrate. We just went to Subang Parade - Kenny Rogers to simply celebrate our 11th month together. Went to baby's house for awhile after lunch, then rushed back home. Because dad's birthday celebration from tomorrow is brought forward to today.. so yea.

Happy birthday dad.

We went to OU - Sakae Sushi. Yummy. Was so damn full, eating non-stop. Haha. Had McD Mcflurry Oreo ice-cream too. Satisfying.. hmm.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Got back.

I'm so full.

Just came back from Yippee Cup, ss2. Was there with Mandy and Jo to get each other updated. Lol.

Was supposed to buy ciggarette together, for fun. But then all shops were closed.. so maybe next time. Haha.. *naughty winks*


Thursday, April 23, 2009


I fucking hate my life. For now.

Fuck this stupid shit, asshole. Smelly bloody fuck.

By the way. Me, Maine + gang, Dwayne + gang, we went to The Curve - Red Box, to celebrate Chyrus's birthday. Happy Birthday! All of us meet up at Red Box around 1.30pm, went in for our singing session at 2pm+. It was fun... it would definitely be more exciting if I wasn't given shit right after I reached The Curve. The fee was RM20 only, so it was ok.

Went home at 5.30pm. Then went to baby's place to fix my laptop and to spend some time together.. muaks.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Hmm.. I'm seriously chillaxing here at home. With my laptop and my blog. Facebook + music. It's been so long since I last chill at this hour - 11am+, right after I woke up.

Will still have to go for class later at 3pm. Till 6pm.

I wanna go out wit my gang.

At the same time, I have a goddamn problem - No money. Have to spend on my dad's birthday present somemore...sob.

Finally - Yay!

Everything's done. All the freaking ass assignment, woohoo! I feel so happy and energized and.. anything to do with happy!

Today was the last presentation I had - CB group assignment. And the good thing is, Ms. May were being really nice and polite, judging our presentation with nice words, and just some additional suggestions that can help us improve in the future. No bashing at all, which is really rare from Ms. May. She was in good mood, everyone can see. Lol.

Thanks to someone, the whole group actually went upside down though. Damn it.

Anyway. Finally, I get to enjoy myself for awhile. Still have class tomorrow, really "potong-steam", but it's only a 3-hour class for revision..should be ok. But then on Monday, there's one more freaking replacement class, sigh. Potong-steam!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

One down. One more.

Yay! One more group presentation down.

Still have one more to go. And it's due freaking next Tuesday.

What the heck. Heck you, heck it, heck that.. damn it.
Gotta stress one last time again.

Holding on...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Back track.

By the way. Almost forgotten to post this up.

Yesterday - Sunday, went to OU with baby. So happy! Muaks. We went to OU at 3pm plus. Then we watched The Fast & Furios 4. Was supposed to watch Shinjuku Incident, but no space already! Sobz. Really sad case.

Anyhow. You know what I think? I think... it's not good. Honestly. It was really disappointing for me and baby. We expected like, so much more from the movie. I mean Vin Diesel was really cool and macho in the movie. But the point is, the whole's just too fake. The way they race, and even Vin Diesel's facial expression, all really fake. As if, they're trying too hard to be cool. Hmm.. As I remembered, the previous Fast & Furious are better than this.

We went Burger King for dinner. Then went back to baby's place.

I love you.

Good day! ~ Motivated.

Team Genesis went to the Maxis Centre right beside KLCC to present our Hotlink marketing ideas to the Maxis team today.

Apparently, the lady of Hotlink - Tze Mae, called us up last Friday, and asked us to drop by at the company to present our proposal once more, but to her team members. Arrgh! Nerve racking definitely. There were 7 of them in total. We started our presentation around 10.20am, after some technical error. Same old thing - Santik, Jie, and I did the presentation. Woo! My team said I presented well, the best of all. Hehehe.. really happy to hear that. I was very nervous, but was trying to calm myself and just stay strong headed, get things over and done with.

The Maxis team people were so cool and professional, I thought. They were really friendly and nice people, very informal. We went into this room called "Brainstorming Room", where they have sofas.. pretty relaxed environment. They asked questions... alot on how we did this project and stuff, they didn't bombared our work at all, but asked questions to know more about us. We were done at 11.20am. Then we went to Nando's in KLCC for lunch, then rushed back to college for SP class.


And...I actually dislike the LRT in the morning. It was damn freaking bloody hell ass packed with humans! My god. I thought I was gonna die in there out of breath..hmm. The LRT was like, super pack till it's gonna burst. The LRT didn't have space anymore, but there were still people squeezing themselves in once the door is opened. Not just one person, but a few or many at once. I'm short. Once I went in, I feel like I'm trapped. I couldn't see anythin but people's shoulder... My body together with lots of bodies were sticking together. At first it was ok because all those around me were females. But when the females left one by one, the males surrounded me. Oh no..I really couldn't take it. Hmm.. My nose was touching a men's back, some guy's hand messed up my hair, then my back on another guy's back. Uhh! I'm talking about this so much because it was my very first time taking the LRT at that hour - 8.15am. Working hours. Yea..

But well. Somehow, I did enjoy the ride. The packed up LRT, seeing all the working men and women. Made me think stuffs like, I'm going to be like them next time.. soon. Working in companies, dressing formal, with a backpack. Hahah.

Went back to college, all of us were so tired and sleepy. Mr.Benny gave us this piece of letter to show appreciation towards our achievement, as he said Team Genesis is the very first group presenting and working for a real client. IACT were asking us to take photos to pass it to them, for what, I don't know yet. But definitely something good. Right now, the team will just have to wait for Hotlink to call us again to start working for them. I'm looking forward to it! Meng Yoe's class today is the last class. Gonna miss him. I like this lecturer a lot..hmm. We had test, he gave us back our assignment - I got an A-. Yay. We took down notes of the exam highlights, then we called it off a day.

I'm happy today.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mummy.

Today is mum's birthday! Went out in the afternoon to baby's place. Only for awhile, I went back home to get myself ready for mum's birthday dinner.

The whole family went to OU - The Gardens, for dinner. I recommanded that place because I think it's a very nice restaurant with quite tasty food. Went there with the gang before. Lol. Well, I feel kind'a not so satisfied this time eating there because... I ordered the wrong dish. I made a bad choice. Hmm.. it was this cod fish. Bla, not nice, not my taste. The mushroom soup and the vege soup were damn awesome though!

After dinner, we walked around. Then we went to Baskin Robbin for ice-cream, dad's treat. Later, Jo + Mab + I decided to buy mum a box of chocolate from Cocoa Trees. Not cheap ok! Sobz. By the way, I saw Chong Teck working at OU. Near Watson's, the place rent for selling clothes. Was really so so happy to see him! It's been so long since we last met, it was back in form 5. Hehe. I went there to talk to him, non-stop. If my sister didn't missed call me for a few times to tell me that I should get going, Teck and I would just stand there and talking to each other forever. Lol.. I bought one very cute singlet for RM5 over there too. Nice!

Dur dur dur. Went home about 9pm. I miss baby so much. Today I only get to spend time with him for like... 1 hour plus. When we normally spend almost the whole day on Saturdays. But it's ok, I'm spending the whole day with him tomorrow. Muaks.

I just finished working on the PR proposal. Damn sick of it. Don't know since when, I've been looking at it everyday, typing and typing and typing more stuffs. Shits.. Still have more to do.

Friday, April 10, 2009

To understand.

All this while... I know, sometimes I can be really unreasonable. I know I can be really obnoxious with the way I speak and the way I behave when I'm angry. I know I'm always not good in dealing with anger or to control myself, make me a better mad person.

I know how it feels when someone so angry, they just let their anger out on you, giving you statements that have no answers to why that statement is created. I know how it feels when someone and I argue, I try to question that someone to get an answer why this is happening, or why are you behaving like that, but I can never get an answer from them. When someone can tell me about their feelings, but why can't I tell mine? If I do, I'll only get back that loud voice and that angry face.

I know how it feels. And since then, I always tell myself to understand those who are angry and showing anger infront of me. I understand. At times, it's really hard for me to take it, but I still take it in. Because I want to be understanding.

But why... they just can't understand me? Even for just once?

I don't understand.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Go go Genesis!

Finally, we presented our marketing ideas to the Hotlink client. Phew! Feel so damn relief.. hmm. And I'm really happy about today. Team Genesis actually won the client's heart!! She chose to work with my team.. she likes our ideas, and she thought that our whole campaign idea for Hotlink is the best among all! Yeap. So, we got the first place. She and Mr.Benny were very happy with our performance and presentation. Thank god the presentation wasn't as tense and as formal as I thought. The lady was really nice, being very attentive to whatever that we presented.. she actually made me, Jie, and Santik relax during the presentation. Others were sitting behind looking at us present. Lol.

I thought my presentation was quite good. I didn't prepare cards at all, for the very first time. But well, I did put in effort. Without cards, I had to rehearse my speech for so many darn times yesterday. Hmm.

So the Hotlink client chose to use our ideas, and out of our expectations, she actually asked us to work for Hotlink to make the campaign happen, just as how we've planned for the assignment, but of course they'll have their people to improvise it. Woo! Haha. But.. the weird and kind of shitty thing is that, she didn't tell us anything about the rewards or credit that we can get, or might get. We will only get our rewards along the way, while we work for them. What the hell. We still have to work first, to get our reward. But oh well, for now, I'm really happy about what we achieved. Yay Genesis, good job! *hugz*

For now. Everyone has to power up for CB and PR assignment. Extra power to work on it.. sigh. My headache is sickening, and my swollen eyes.. shit! I need more sleep.

Monday, April 6, 2009

New resolution.

There's actually nothing much to blog about.
Just that my hands are itchy.. wanted to type something in here.

Well, ok. This.
Mom actually talked to me while she was driving me to college. She was telling and advicing me to spend my money wisely. My mom wasn't really nagging, but in a way, maybe yes? Lol. But em, I thought that what my mom said is actually very right. Surprisingly, I was listening to her. Each and everything went into my ear.

It made my mom happier too. She told me "Bye, sayang" when I got down of the car. Hehe..

I counted the amount of money that I have to use for a month, like my lunch in college.. money used during the weekends with baby. Plus minus, I can save about RM200 actually, if I really can control myself to spend only on what is necessary.

I got motivated. Thanks to mom. I told myself that I have this resolution - that is to save as much as I can. I do allow myself to go out for a movie with friends... but not that often, maybe once a month? But if i can, I'll just not go. Will definitely cut down on buying clothes. No matter what.

But well. I am motivated for now. But seriously, I don't know how long can this last. Sigh. Hmm, I don't care. I'll just try my very best to do it. Yes!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I just feel so moody right now.
I hate what I'm feeling. I hate what I'm thinking.

And my stomach is aching. Where's my damn period?? Shit.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Shoppa Shopaholic!

Yay yay. Today get to go to OU to watch Confessions Of A Shopaholic! Went there at 4pm. Only me and Mandy on a date, lol. Was supposed to watch 4.30pm session, but guess what?? Only left two rolls, and it's right infront of the damn screen...argh! So no way. I bought the 7.30pm session instead. But then, for that session, student price is not available. Sigh. But I didn't care, it's just RM9 anyway.. and I must watch it.

The movie is good, I guess. It's funny. The main actress in the movie is really cute and funny...bubbly. I like watching her. And it says a lot of me.. yea. I'm not like, really a shopaholic, not to that extent as that girl in the movie, ha! But well, I've got some of the traits like hers... buy things that I don't need. Impulse purchasing.. hmm. Well, I like it.

Both of talked so much! And the time just kept ticking and ticking. We update each other a lot about many things, so fun. Just non-stop chit-chatting. We went to Fruit Works for a drink, talked a lot. Then we went to KFC for dinner. I've been craving for the cheezy wedges for so long, and finally I get to eat it today.. so satisfying. Hehe. Can't wait to hang out with the gang again..

I feel so far apart.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Made it! Next level.

Today was the Hotlink group presentation. Terrifying! Hands were all sweaty...eventhough we were just going to present to Mr.Benny alone.

To summarize everythin, everything went out of place. The group's presentation wasn't that good... all fo us were nervous. Our tongues were like, tangled. Santik's way of putting the slides was so troublesome, where we had to use a remote to click and click and click for each line of words to appear on the screen, made us even more nervous! Argh. But the good thing is, Mr.Benny didn't judge on our ideas at all. Meaning, our ideas are acceptable! He only pointed out some small things that we should include for our presentation..which we thought is right. And yes, we made it through the next round! We are qualified to present our marketing ideas to the real Hotlink client. Next Wednesday. Yoohoo! Haha.. but then, every group actually got through. To look at it the other way, it's like, no big deal. Plus, more competitive. But still, everyone did their best and good job.

After presentation, went home. Changed my clothes, then I was out again - to OU. Went there for a movie with them. It was Knowing. I personally think that it's not bad, I was paying full attention to the movie. Though it doens't make sense, but well.. I did enjoy it. Lol.

For now, I can relax. But will have to work hard again and keep on working starting from tomorrow. Hmmm..