Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Long long...long... day.

Long long day.

A very long day I had.

By the way. I got to go to Ogilvy & Mather this morning before class, a very well-known advertising agency. Went there with classmates together with lecturer Margaret. Danny gave me a lift there, then Alice gave me a lift back to college.

The agency was ok. It didn't look like some really high-tech or modernly designed kind of company. But the experience was good. We got to go into this meeting room, then we have a lady (forgot what's her name) and another English guy to brief us about O&M, and they showed us some of their work, which are advertisements that we normally see on tv. Pretty cool. They also brought us around the agency where we get to look at how the staffs work in there. One word to describe - quiet. As in, really quiet. Everyone's face was like, stoned. They were all just looking at their computers and kept looking.

After the visit, went back to college for another 6 hours class. Imagine that.

Wasn't paying attention at all, as all attention were being spent during the visit in O&M. Got another in-class assignment today. A storyboard. Damn it!

Seriously so exhausted.

But I'm going out like, soon. With bee to Tropicana City. Can't wait! Ciao.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

No luck?

Oh well. Baby and planned and was so eager to go watch Transformers. But! Guess what? It's not just the timing is not right, each hour of Transformers' premier in the cinema was either selling fast, or sold out. And, mind that the queue was freaking long. My god! We waited for so long just to buy the seats, but it all ended up selling fast and some sold out.

Tried out OU, then The Curve - No space. Then we travelled all the way down to Tropicana City to try our luck. It was also selling fast, made it to the counter, but there was only front seats left. In the end, we decided to go for Terminator Salvation.

Hmm. I have to say it's not bad. I heard lot of them said that it's boring, not nice... and dur dur. But personally, it suits my taste, and bee's taste. Lol. All the effects and graphics were so damn awesome. It wasn't boring as well. Em, maybe it doesn't really make sense, but just loved the effects.

Feel so nice to chill, without having to look at my work at all.

By the way, today's CEP presentation was alright. Only a little comments and suggestion from Alicia... Arghz. Will have to work on the creative campaign now, which will be so much harder.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

One. One.

Happy ONE year ONE month anniversary to me and my only baby.

It's been so long, now that I look back.
It's been painful, but it's also something so wonderful.

I love you!

::my baby, random:::

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Get well.

Grandma is currently in the hospital, going under operation.
Stomach ulcer that is... half the stomach will be gone.

Mom cried the whole day. Dad is stressed out...
Hope grandma will be fine, being strong and get over what she's going through.

They rushed of to the hospital, leaving me and the sisters at home.
So... after we finished our homework, I drove them out to Yippee Cup, I'm at Yippee Cup.

Am supposed to do one of my essay, but I can't concentrate! Arghz.

I miss baby.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Am I being just too sensitive?

Am I the one being crap?

What if I just don't care at all? Will it be better?

And if I really don't care, will we still be like how we used to be?

Or...should I even care..?

Friday, June 19, 2009


Got my laptop already. Yay!
Got good specs and all, it's all good, eventhough the price is a little higher. Yay!

But I was really upset when one of the softwares in my laptop wasn't installed properly, and it caused error whenever I open those softwares. Sob. It caught me off guard, made me so lost. Thank god I have baby with me to help me figure out the problem.

Still, it couldn't be fixed.

Fine. Then baby brought me and my laptop to his friend's computer shop in ss2. The guy there helped me out, and he made it! Yay!!
Was so so so super happy. Hmm. Right now and always, I can use it like normal, with no error and whatsoever.
Only thing to do now is to install other props like anti-virus, photoshop... stuffs. Then it'll be a total perfect laptop. Yay!

In the mean time. Work, what else?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Oh yes! Got my results already, and I'm quite happy with what I got. Got A for MCS, CB, and SP. Got a B for PR. Out of 4 subjects, I got 3A's. Hmm. But having to think of it, I'm so close to getting straight A... ee. But it's alright, I'm happy enough. Lol.

On the other hand. My work load is like, stacking up day by day. I need to breath, seriously. The seniors once said before that semester4 will be very VERY crazy, night time will become day time, and day time will become night time. Oh well, used to doubt what they said, but was so damn wrong! This semester is really REALLY crazy.

Having us to do so much research and work, and presentations, but it all doesn't carry marks.

Having us to do this stupid in-class test, where all are essays, giving us so limited time to do, and it doesn't carry marks also.

Not forgetting real assignments that carry marks.

If you don't call this crazy, then what it is??

Still, I'm staying strong. I can do this! *semangat*

By the way, I'm getting a new laptop soon! Like, tomorrow? I hope so. Will be going down to Low Yat to have a look at the laptops... must get one tomorrow! Too much work to do, must have my own laptop to do my work better. Hahah.. Thanks to mom so so much as she will be sponsoring me, I don't have to pay a single cent. Yay.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Close to hell.

I feel like I wanna die.

Fuck everything. Hard.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


With work. That is.

Yesterday night. Was doing work all the way. Once I got back from college, had my shower, had my dinner, then I started doing work until 12am.

Thanks to CCS and AM. They're not even real assignments, it's only in-class tutorial and presentation, but we have to work our ass off on it, and it doesn't carry marks.

I wanna go to the mall.
I wanna watch movie.
I wanna buy myself something, eventhough I don't know what yet.

Monday, June 8, 2009


I just got back home from Penang yesterday. It was really a fun and satisfying trip, I've to say!

It felt so good to look at the ocean, hanging out at the beach... enjoying the wind, the waves, the water splashing on me, the sand... it was just so enjoyable. It's been years since I last went to the beach, I can't recall which was the beach I last went to before Penang.

By the way. We took off to Penang on Friday(05.06.09). Left the house at about 6.30am.

We went to Kek Lok Si temple when we first reached there. The weather was very VERY hot. All of us were sweating like crazy, or buckets, as we were walking all the way... all around the temple, going up and down. Lol. Went there to pray a little, took some pictures, we had lunch. About 2pm only we went to the hotel to check-in.

It was Cop Thorne Orchid Hotel, somewhere around Batu Feringghi area. The hotel was nice, very comfy. Parents got 2 bedrooms that were connected, so we get to not sleep with each other, but in a way, still sleeping with each other. Hahaha. But it was ok, we've got one bed ourselves.

The afternoon was pretty relaxing. We only chilled in the hotel room. Until it was evening, dad took us to the beach! Yes..damn awesome. The beach was a private beach, specially for people staying in that hotel. It was not really dirty... it's very sandy. The wave was big... me and my sisters had so much fun sun bathing there. The view was nice.. Hmm. What more can I say? After the beach, we headed to the swimming pool for awhile, then went for dinner.

Surprisingly and awkwardly, Penang's hawker food were not so good anymore. It's not only expansive, but it tasted... pretty bad. I've no idea why! I remember last time when I was still young, we went to Penang, and the hawker food they have was so delicious, especially the char koay teow. But the one I tasted again was not at all delicious. The food in Gurney Drive hawker centre was even worst...seriously. Was kind's disappointed. But then, mom spent us Starbucks after dinner.. yippe. Not so bad?? Haha.

We had our breakfast the next morning in one of the dining place of the hotel. Free breakfast. It was pretty normal, typical buffet breakfast. After we were done eating, we went down to the beach again! Yay. I was so excited to get under the sun, to get myself tanned. Well, I think I did... but just a little. Argh! We played around, jumping around, taking lots of pictures... And I found that just doing all that at the beach can make me so tired. I was freaking tired once I got out of the beach. Energy level total zero. Uh huh!

Lazed around the town for awhile, got some food to eat for the afternoon... pretty much just driving around. Dad got lost in the middle of the road, but he managed to find the way back to the hotel after awhile. Jo, Mab and I slept through the car touring. Was sleeping like nobody's business. Hehe. After resting awhile back in the hotel, we went down to the beach for our last sun bathing. The best food we've ever eaten from the moment we step into Penang is this - our dinner after going to the beach. It's a mamak, only a couple blocks away from the hotel. I thought they have the best tosei, the best roti canai, the best indian rice, and the best chicken! Or maybe because we were all so damn hungry...? I don't know. But it was like, so awesome to eat there. Plus, the mamak is a high class mamak... a very beach-like setting, with music, soothing lights. Hmmmm...

We left Penang in the morning. We took the ferry...also one of the things that I love about Penang. Reached home at 3pm. We packed our stuffs back... wash the clothes, clean up the house a little. I went to baby's place for dinner after that, then I called it a day. It was a very tiring day too. But it felt so good to be home, and to see baby. Missed him!

So yea. To cut it short, that's about it. Lol.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Battery low...

I'm so tired. Sigh.

My neck and my shoulder was in pain, once I got up from bed this morning. I went to college feeling sick, with slight headache. I had to carry my laptop as well, which is heavy, caused me even more headache.

The weather is so humid. I hate it. It doens't really do the cheering up part. Seriously...

Just fished up information on CEP assignment. Kind'a happy with what I've found... very informative. Can't wait for the group meeting next Monday. By the way, the Earth Hour project is due next Wednesday. So fast! We've already gathered all the information needed, left only the slides part. It's gonna be a 10minutes presentation only anyway. Should be fine.

This Friday will be my family trip to Penang. Pretty excited about it, but at the same time, I feel like I shouldn't leave because I'll have to leave my group members to continue doing the Earth Hour thing. Sorry guys... And also my baby. Have to not see him for 2 and a half days. Hope I can spare even 2 hours with baby right after I come back from Penang on Sunday.

For now. Goodnight, time for charging.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The title says it all.