Friday, April 30, 2010

Ip Man 2!

Right after class, I went to Tropicana City mall with both Maine and Danny to shop for white t-shirts for the orphans to wear during the day of event at the zoo. So after shopping, we decided to watch movie, our of spontaneity. And we decided to watch Ip Man 2! Yoohoo!

I'm totally satisfied with this movie, just like how satisfied I was after watching the first Ip Man. However, Ip Man 2 is a little simple, compared to the first episode, in storyline wise. The history of China being overtaken by the Japanese or British is not being described too much in this one. Which is also fine, I personally think. The kung fu choreography is still as awesome! My god. Look at all those skills, the punches, and the kickings... all bloody breathtaking. And thrilling! Some people in the cinema was so into the fighting match they actually clapped hands when Ip Man won the match - in the movie. It's not even live! Imagine if the match was live. Lol.

And as usual, Donnie Yen has always been good. I love watching his movies! All of them. I also have to say that, Donnie Yen is the mature-handsome man. He's so attractive in all good ways. In the movie, or in person. Yippee!

Go watch it men! What you waiting for? ;)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Sick Post.

I'm sick again.. bad flu, sore throat, headache, and slight fever.

Had a blast yesterday night going out with the old bunch of buddies. Had yummy and expansive dinner at The Garden's. Then after dinner, we went to The Library for a drink. I had quite a lot of liquor, and I guess that contributed to my worsen sore throat. Crap!

Anyway. Now, I'm much more free, because all my assignments are done. I only left one more final group assignment, and the event at the zoo, which I've nothing much to do or prepare for the day itself. So basically, I can chill at home everyday I get home from college. Wee! But very soon, I'll have to study for exams. Hate that!

Also. I did the interview for KFC-Snax already. It was great, quite an experience actually. It was simple though - just taking pictures, giving my details, and a video interview. Plus, the fashion reporter who interviewed me is a really sweet girl! I'm so happy to meet her, and that, she's apparently fashionable to the max. Hm.

I hate Facebook sometimes. Totally hate it. I don't know why. I just.. fucking hate it sometimes.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Philea Home Visit.

It was a very long journey. Super duper long.

Anyhow. I have to say, it was a very nice and self-satisfying visitation. The kids are just so adorable and innocent... I personally feel so happy and heart warming seeing the kids. Especially when the kids hold their team leaders' hands, as if they're so close after the first visit already. I as the OC, looking at how well my team members are doing, I feel really proud myself.

They're all Indians, and 26 out of 30 of them are girls. They're just so cute. I get to mingle with a few of them. They're very friendly as well, as though whoever talking to them seem just alright to them. The kids are very well behaved too. They're always saying thank you when we gave them something. And when we left, they were all standing together at the gate to wave us goodbye. How sweet is that? They're all so young... age between 7 to 14. So young and innocent. It's so poor thing when some of them are not able to tell their own age.. as they're not sent to schools to study. But nah, the place they're staying right now seems fine. With proper basic equipments...

I donated a big chunk of my chick flick storybooks to them. Other donated rice, clothes, toys... so fun! Only thing is, the home was a hell of a hot place! Like dessert. Everyone was sweating, face and hands and legs all sweaty and sticky. Lol.. All in all, it was a worthy trip.

The next time we're gonna meet again will be 8th May - the event at the zoo! Can't wait for it to come. Can't wait for it to be over too. I'm getting really tired over it already.. sob. I want a break... a long break.

Till then. Goodnight.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Feels new.

After so long! My home sweet home has finally got the internet back. It's been so long already now that I noticed. Approximately 1 month. Pfft. It was tough alright.. it's like, my work will never be done.

Hm. Feeling weird blogging right at this time. 11.26pm. A Monday. It's like a whole new thing that I get myself doing.

Should be doing some of my assignments. But I've already gotten everything into place, hence, I decided to spend some time to do my personal stuff... feels so good. So free...

It's been awhile.

But gah, tomorrow will have to study for Pengajian Malaysia a.k.a Sejarah. My god!! Because exam is this Saturday, which is horrible. So miss going out with the people; gossips; movies; or simply having lunch and a drink.

I've been listening to Kings Of Leon album a lot. They're so awesome I get addicted to them so much. Kings Of Leon is so damn different from all of the other rock bands. Particularly "Manhattan" - it rocks my socks off. Apart from them... well, I'm also listening to many other singers. And I actually find that my music taste is so diversified now. I don't really know exactly what genre I love anymore. Music is just awesome. They're free. They're freedom - no right or wrong. No sequence to follow, nor rules. It's all feelings and thoughts. With creativity added on into it.

I wrote this song... now that the video is in progress, I can't wait to dedicate it to him on May. I feel so devastated I wrote that song when he breaks my heart... but he's worth. Regardless. From the day I started off writing, till to date, it's been 3 months or so. Or is it 4 months? Lost count. Now, I'll have to finish it up as soon as I can for May's arrival.

I haven't shop for awhile. But I don't really have to. I got enough clothes... eventhough it never feels enough. I like wearing jeans nowadays. And bf tops... I'm so much more to the rugged direction. Yeah.

Am I babbling here?? Hm.

Oh well. Those assignments. Presentation especially... I find myself loosing confidence in presenting. Have no idea why, actually. Not that I'm doing bad.. it's just the feeling. It's there. Something like a season thing. I used to feel this way last time, back in semester 4 or so. And then it went away eventually. Now that I'm the senior in my last semester, I feel that way again. Weird eh.

Till then. Goodnight world.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Drained. Out.

I'm tired... Emotionally. I want to get away from as many things as possible.