Monday, September 28, 2009


Oh No! It's Monday already. Also means, I'm much more closer to my internship, which is next Monday. Oh god.. so fast!

Meanwhile. I'm really lazy to blog recently, got nothing much to update also. But ah, I finished reading New Moon just today evening, and oh my god, I'm dying for the movie! And also the 3rd episode of Twilight. The ending left me hanging there, thirsting for more of it.

And yes! Finally, I got to watch The Ugly Truth, was with Man and Jo at OU. Damn, It's a freaking awesome movie. It's damn funny, crappy but make sense, and it's just so heart-warming.. hmm. Love love love this movie! Will get the dvd no matter what. Worth the keep, for me though.

By the way. Just got nagged by mum again. What else? All because of one fucking bikini I bought. Why on earth did she let me buy my first piece of bikini anyway, if she thinks the new bikini I bought is so damn exposing, when the new bikini I bought is just as same as my first piece where she allowed me to buy? What the hell is this nonsense men.. fuck it. And also, I'm in this terribly fucking awful mouth pain. Fucking ulcer beside, one more ulcer under my damn tongue, plus some cut right at the tip of my tongue. What the fuck!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Let me update exactly what I did yesterday.

It was kind'a fun yesterday. Due to massive arguments, I decided to do something that is able to make me relax and loosen up a bit. Not shopping, no no. But swimming!

It's been so long since I last swam at his place.. so long. Wanted to go swim alone, but I wanted accompany, so I tagged Jo and Mab along. Lol. Went to the public pool at KJ, reached there about 10am. The sun was so good yesterday morning, and I made myself swim a total of 20 laps. Felt so good, and totally fit! And it did help me forget about those mess...

After swimming, we decided to go to OU for movie - Tsunami at Haeundae. Oh! It was.. ok. Just ok. The water is scary though, and really upsetting at the end of the movie.. Hmm. And that's about it. Had a good time, and not much money was being spent. Lol.


I just got back from Wendy's with mum and sisters for lunch. Will be going out later with him, because it's our 1 year 4 months today. Things are better.. more to come.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I don't know who I am anymore..

Because of you.

Worth it or not? I don't know. I don't care... I can't care.

I'm just so tired of it. Think positive? Trying to. But hard.

"Love is hard" _ James Morrison

So true.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Mini mini.

I just got back from a car ride to KLIA with family.. Hmm. Such chilly and relaxing holiday I have. I'm so happy.

I got nothing much to update. Because.. well, everything's just the same. I only went to the mall often, walked around and stuff. I can't wait to go watch movie though! Lol.

Till then. At least I wrote something.. heez.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Ugh. Saatchi called this morning, 9am+, like so early. And obviously I was still sleeping! They just like calling me in the middle of my sleep eh.. haha.

By the way. They called, and yes!! I got selected! Woo. It's such a relief to hear that, and I'm so glad I got the offer. I'm still wondering who's the other person that went for the interview at Saatchi.. But nevermind that. I got in, and that's better than ever.

But oh, mum is making a big big big and huge fuss about it. Why? Because of the killer parking rate, food, working hours, other options to park my damn car.. who fetches me to work.. bla bla. She even asked to change my internship placement to another advertising agency. Whaaat? Mum, can you please chill? I'm the one where I should worry about all those you're worrying, but the thing is I haven't even make any sounds, but you wanna get so uptight about things that I'm gonna take care of. Sigh. She always tells me she wants me to be independent, but this is how she wants to help me to be independent? My goodness. She just wouldn't mean what she says, at times. Thank god dad can help me out on this..

Right now, I'm just so glad I got nothing much to say, but thousands of thank you to those who've helped me out. Thank you!

Now that I got things at their right places, I wanna continue shopping. I wanna make my holiday so fun before I start putting my all into my internship.. wish me luckss!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Oh my god.

I'm just nervous right now. Minute by minute, my heart pumps faster. And my hands sweat more.. I'm nothing but nervous.

Interview is at 3pm later. 3pm! Oh god. I really hope I can drive properly to the office later, and being able to speak with total calm voice without even a little shiver. Please God! Help calm me down..

fingers crossed, toes too


Ok. So yes, I went for the interview.

I was very nervous while I was on the way to the office, so nervous I couldn't sing along with the songs that the radio was playing.. damn. But well, eventually, I wasn't nervous when I got to the office and met up wit the interviewer. Weird but.. cool. Lol.

The interview was simple, and short. It lasted 20minutes only. She didn't fire a lot of questions, which I expected her to. She told me a lot more on what I'm supposed to do instead, that's IF they hire me. Oh well, like I mentioned, IF only. Bad thing is that she told me there's another student from my college, probably my classmate will be having interview there as well. So she has to interview that person, then only she'll get back to me, see if I got selected or not. By end of this week. Which also means, I have competition. Oh shit! I can't accept this men. I have no idea whether she gonna choose between the 2 of us, or she'll just take us anyhow. I'm so confused, and lost, and I keep guessing what's gonna happen! Shittt... No way.

I want that placement for my internship at Saatchi. God please help me! Please.

Awaiting. It seems so long. I can't help but keep feeling like calling her up right away and ask for the real thing.

And I wanna go shopping, keep thinking about things that I wanna get. Hmm, I'm thinking a lot, now only I notice. I'm feeling all anxious again. Ahhh.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quick pick!


It's Sunday already. As usual, time flies and keeps lying.

And without having to realize it, my last paper is tomorrow - CCS, and my Saatchi interview is the day after exam, on Tuesday, specifically 3pm.

Baby brought me to Saatchi yesterday, just to let me get an idea how to get there. It's ok, quite easy to go, and not really far away from where I am. But the thing is, after the viewing, I do remember the way, but sort of forgotton certain roads.. as in, still not 100% sure. What the hell, damn useless. So, I'll have to beg baby to bring me there one more time later when I see him. Lol.

And next, I really can't wait for holidays to come. Yes!! I wanna go watch movie, I wanna go walk around shopping malls, I wanna go buy things that I have in mind.. so and so. Wee~!

Alright. Gotta bounce. Seeing bee later. Talk to you later! Muaks.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No title necessary?

Rest In Pieces y'all!!

Ha. Yeap yeap, baby and I went to OU yesterday night to watch this particular movie. Thought of watching The Ugly Truth, mistaken it's out already but actually not yet, so we went for this.

To be honest, I find it really crap. I find all the previous Final Destination are so much better...somehow. It's gross, and totally disgusting, but there're too much flesh and blood, therefore the storyline somehow doesn't exist. But well, ok ler, that's what Final Destination is all about. I did enjoyed watching it. Lol. And I like the fact that my heart will pump faster and my eyes will start squinting whenever there's a gross scene coming in, and you wouldn't know which part of the body of the characters will be chopped off the next minute. Hmm.


It's Thursday today. I'm home. The whole day. Gotta revise AM notes again for tomorrow's exam.. good thing I memorize all already, again. Hehe.

I can't help myself but to keep thinking of going out. I have no idea why! I've always wanted to have a day free and just chill at home. But now that I get my day, I feel so bored and not used to staying at home. I guess I'm just too used with college life where I'll be out almost the whole day and everyday... I feel so booooorrreed! Help.


Gotta feeling. On 09.09.09!

Finally, after waiting for so long, an agency that is Saatchi & Saatchi got back to me! Just this morning.

The agency called up, but my goodness, I was sleeping, therefore didn't get to answer the phone. Thank God Danny called me back, and kept calling to let me know that Saatchi tried calling me, and it was the missed call earlier! So yes, I called back and yes, they arranged an interview for me next Tuesday! Haha. I feel so happy and excited, finally I get an agency to ask me to go for interview for my internship. Well, I hope for nothing but the best, really hope Saatchi will take me in as an intern right after the interview.. It's really a good start, and I'm so glad I didn't let the chance to slip away. Woohoo.

Sat for IMC exam today. It was ok.. I don't know. I find myself crapping all the way. The only difference is that, all the questions are just not as direct anymore, it's like, nothing similar to what I've studied in my notes. As in, not straight to the point kind of thing. Nonetheless, it's still same old shit, where I have so much to write that I can break my hand anytime soon. Good thing I managed to finish all the questions.

I'm going for a movie with baby tonight, can't wait! Next paper is on Friday - AM. Totally prepared, will only have to re-read and re-memorize everything again tomorrow.

Till then. Oh, happy 09.09.09!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Anxious, actually.

IMC exam is tomorrow.

I'm totally prepared. But somehow, for don't know what reason, I seem a little unsure... maybe a little nervous about whether I can do the exam tomorrow or not.

At the meantime, I'm still worrying for my internship application. Will have to call the agencies up for follow up. Please give me a space to learn!! I pray hard to god. Hmm.. Please, please give me a spot for my upcoming internship. At least ask me to go for an interview!

Gotta bounce. Gotta do the last round of revision.

Rest In Pieces by Saliva

Love this damn song. Nothing but awesome shit.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The "diva" comes back to town.

Hong is back!

Went to OU yesterday night to see him. Also a somewhat gathering. Only a few of us went - Hong, Man, Jo, Jas, J.Pin, Joyce, and myself.

We went to Wong Kok for dinner. After that we were just walking around, what not. I feel so guilty and crappy though! Because I spent RM30 on nail polish itself. Bought 3 new colours, after deciding for very long. But hey, those 3 colours are awesome!! No regrets... but I know, I should be punished, that was really wasting money men. Sob sob. So torn in between.

By the way. Hong will be going back to Kampar this coming Tuesday. Sad! So fast he has to leave again. But well, it's not like he'll not come back. He will. Can't wait to hang out again.. hmm.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ching Ren De Yan Lei (in Mandarin)

I love Secret's Original Sountrack!! Oh my god.

Why on earth I download it so late, when it's already out for so damn long? The soundtrack is just purely awesome. Nothing but awesome. All of the tracks touches my heart so so so deeply... hmm. It's seriously very nice to listen to. And every track actually makes me recall each and every scene of that movie.

Recently, argued with bee so so much. It was too much it stressed me out totally. Felt so trapped. But we made up just now, and I'm really glad that the black cloud on top of us is now gone..

In the meantime, I'm preparing for my exams next week. Revised 2 subjects already, left 1 more subject to go, and it's a really long subject. Sigh.

Zooming into my internship preparation. I applied 3 agencies, well.. still waiting for their replies, as in waiting for them to ask me to go for interview. They already replied, but then they only asked me for my resume, when I already sent to them! Argh. It's making me kind'a anxious already..

*listening to ching ren de yan lei_Secret OST*

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I'm done with the last group presentation. Woohoo!

Got nothing much to say, just that I'm really happy, and really having the somewhat holiday mood. Lol. Why somewhat? Hmm. That's because exams are right on the way. I gotta get myself revising already! Like, tomorrow I've to start. And of course, try my best to come up with good stuff for my last individual assignment due next next week.

I'm out right now. At bee's place. Was watching him playing basketball in ss2... so after that, I'm here to chill for awhile. Class at 3pm tomorrow. The last class! Glad that it's only tutorial, one half hours. Can't wait for tomorrow's class to be over.