Friday, June 25, 2010

Things So Far.

Hey blogger!

One week passed. I've been busy! Because I'm actually working at OU - Rufffey I.D every Mondays to Fridays. It's only my first week so far, and things have been fine. I'm getting used to the retail, the way the business goes, and I think I'm actually doing quite well because I always get sales coming in from the customers I served. Lol! The only thing is that my legs have been extremely painful everyday as the promoters are required to stand during working hours. No sitting at all! God. Standing for 9 hours everyday... pfft. But I'm also already getting used to it.

Meanwhile, I've gotten call from Saatchi & Saatchi. My mentor has already gotten me a place to work as a permanent staff. The pay is quite good! Plus together with a permanent staff's benefits like insurance, petrol, parking fee...etc. I'm already half way through Saatchi & Saatchi, so I'll be having one more interview with the director soon to 100% get the job. I'm really so excited about it! The official job will start on August. So at Rufffey I.D, I'll be resigning end of July.

Little did I notice that Michael Jackson has already passed on for as long as 1 year, 25th yesterday, which was also me and baby being together for 2 years and 1 month. Look at just how fast time flies... when I heard Jackson's songs on the radio yesterday while driving to work, hell I couldn't believe it's been 1 year already, as I still thought that it's been just a few month; half a year. Hm. And what have I achieved? Erm. A job at OU, I guess? Hehe. And also my graduation as a diploma holder in advertising. As well as an upcoming job at Saatchi & Saatchi. My final exam results is out too... and well, sigh. I didn't do so well. But whatever, it's still distinction, I hope. And I'll still get my certificate; most importantly I already have a job waiting for me.

Now, I'm just thinking about the money, now that I'm working. Lol. This new chapter is starting to run! And it's been running well.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Date Yesterday.

Mom says something is wrong with me, all because I "always" go out and come back home late. ALWAYS. I wonder what is her definition of always. Only in this week, I only came home late like, about 3 times? But to her, it's always, and that proves that something is wrong with me. Pfft... how weird. I got that from a note that was stick on my cupboard when I got home yesterday night - 2.30am.

By the way! Hm. Yesterday was so fun. At night, I was so bored at home I thought I was gonna go crazy. Then I got an sms from baby. He was also thinking about the same thing like I did - to hang out with each other! Lol. So we discuss and discuss, we finally decided to go out for a late movie. We went to The Curve, watched The A-Team.

The A-Team was hell of a funny movie! I have to say I love it a lot. It was full of actions, and damn funny at the same time. I thought all the 4 members of A-Team are very strong characters too - they're all hot! Only thing is that, the cinema was so freaking noisy. A lot of freaks were high or something, making so much noise in the cinema; cheering for the movie; laughing too loud; attention seekers, I suppose.

Anyway. Back to our night out. I had a really great time with baby... it's been so long since we last go out like that at night, doing our own things. Because the movie was a 11.50pm show, we still had plenty of time before the movie starts. So we walked out a little further from The Curve to some mamak near the neighborhood to kill time. We had shisha! I kind'a like it after I tried it at a friend's place while we swim. It was nice. So baby and I then thought of doing it together. But agh, the shisha we had, the flavour wasn't that nice... infact, it made me feeling so sick. Felt like puking, feeling dizzy. Totally ruined my mood for everything. But it's not just the shisha alone apparently - I sucked in too much at one time. Yea... hehe. But I got better as we go along with the movie. The date was perfect. But it would be extra perfect without the shisha. I don't like shisha now!

Other than going out, and having the rush to go out all the time, I haven't do much.

I'm so in love with baby. Look how far we've come... and things have been really great now. I also realize, having a partner doesn't mean you've to have him near you all the time. Lesser communication is sometimes the best medicine in pulling each other closer. And happier. But we've been seeing each other pretty often lately. Don't know why. Too needy for each other? Ha. Plus, I'm just really free lately... maybe that's why.

Woohoo, will go to the mall tomorrow to look for a part time job. I don't know why, but I've a very good feeling that I'll get a job right away, and that I'll start work next Monday. But whatever the cost, I must get a job and start work next week. I don't wanna be so reckless anymore! Can't stand myself. I'm also looking forward to my convocation; take my diploma cert and graduate officially; then sign up at Saatchi & Saatchi to be an official employee in the advertising business!

What's next?
Toy Story 3 - Sigh. No more watching I guess. Maybe next week.
This Saturday - On!
Work work work.

Are you still staying tuned? Ciao. ;)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hereby, some reports.

Yohoooo... So, I went down to KL - Sungai Wang, with May Yan last Saturday. And well, I've to say it's quite a worthy trip!

I got myself a bag, finally. Something similar to the one I'm having now, but much more funky - as in the color of the bag. It's navy blue! But the bag design is really really simple. Hm. And it only costs RM24.70! How cheap can it get eh? It's a good deal. Other than that, I also got myself a casual button-up dress. It's denim like, but the cloth material is not denim (if you get what I mean). I bought that out of spontaneity. It was hanging there... and you know, I spotted it, and I thought it'll definitely fit me... think and think a bit... it's only RM25. How cheap can it get some more? So yea, I decided to buy it. May Yan bought the same thing like mine! Only a different denim blue... pfft. Saw many denim boyfriend tops as well, that I really wanted to own one, but I passed. Too expansive. Next time, maybe.

I only bought those 2 items. No more buying!! Argh. My wallet is so damn broke, with so many holes - paralyzed. Almost dead. I should really get a part time soon. But ah, thinking back the day I shop there. After buying my navy blue bag, then we walked around the mall some more. Until we stopped by this shop, and I felt so pissed and stupid. I saw this bloody cool bag - very nice quality, rugged, black and brown, and it's only hell RM60. It's so damn worth it! The quality is really good. The design is so great. When I saw the bag, I had this rush of buying it, I couldn't help it. But well, the angel won - I already bought a bag, and there's no way I should spend on redundant items. Sigh. Then I walked away from the bag... not just that particular bag, but the shop had many other bags with similar designs and quality, all for RM60.


It's Monday today. Will be home the whole day. So is Tuesday, Wednesday... Thursday, Toy Story 3 will be out! I so wanna watch it. Might grab my sister to go watch with me, as she wants to watch it also, anyway.

What's next?
Toy Story 3 - as mentioned, might watch it by this weekend.
Food Hunting Trip at Malacca - a definite no. So damn broke already.
Saturday - a very special moment and a special day... I can't wait.
Job hunt - ha, next Monday!

Stay tuned, buddy!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Yay! So I've finally watched Shrek! With my sister yesterday at OU. It was a Wednesday, but the cinema was still so pack. Helloo.. it's a weekday! I couldn't believe the amount of people in the mall that were taking up my space for the movie.. But thank God it was RM7 per ticket.. eventhough I sat really close to the screen, it's considered worthy.

So how was Shrek? It was good. As usual. It's always so funny, so cute, so entertaining. And there's something about the songs that they play in the movie - they're oldies, which I really like. Only thing is, the movie has always been very predictable. Lol.


I just came back from college not too long ago. Classmates had the Visual Comm. presentation, so I went there and have a look, plus hanging around a bit to kill time. Very interesting presentation! Looks like a really interesting and fun subject... but the workload, of course - I don't wanna imagine.

And so, I don't know what to do now. I've been watching The L Word, and I'm getting SO BORED of it! My god. They've nothing more to do but to have sex, make out, have sex, and make out, and have sex again. Sigh. And what else? Cheating on each other all the time. Arguing over shitty things, then cheat on each other again. Liking someone else so fast, even when they're already so in love with their partner. What on earth... Throughout the whole 6 seasons, they're all like THAT. I want Gossip Girl. Anyone has the complete Season 3 and that you can give it to me?? Pfft.

I'm gonna get a part time job soon. End of June.. I guess. I need money. I wanna make use of my holiday to make some money, before the work-for-life chapter comes in on September.

What's next?
Shopping at KL - A must!! I need a bag!
Food Hunting in Malacaa - Nah... might do something else.
Babes gathering on 18th - Hell yeah!
Job hunt - =/ - $$$$ - =)

Stay tuned. ;)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sailing Journey.

Holiday holiday! Am sailing through my holidays...

Gasp! It's already June men. Time flies! As always. And what have I done?

Well. I haven't been doing much. But there were something. Lol.

Firstly, I missed Mandy's birthday. Am sorry Mandy! If you're reading this. I missed it because I went to Genting for a 2-days-1-night trip with my college mates. Went there by bus - a 4.30pm bus. So we reached there pretty late. After checking in the hotel and stuff, it was already later than 6pm. It was an ok trip. But I tried something new - motion master. It was just ok though. I mean, it was quite an experience, but ugh, damn dizzy! I thought I would puke. Then we spent the night playing some silly games, and went to bed.

Bed time - worst night ever! There were some problem that none of us could identify. It could be the room, the food, the weather, or simply us - we all couldn't sleep at all for the whole night. We were so awake. There were lots of sounds. And some pranks being made here and there! We ended up talking and playing around in the middle of the night, until 5am, we then decided to try to fall asleep. Well yea, I did fall asleep. But after awhile, I got "something" sitting on me. Yea.. and I was awake again. It was nothing. I knew what was happening to me...I didn't freak out, but I scared my roommates! Gah. Then after settling down, we all got a bit of sleep.. JUST A BIT. Pfft.

The next morning was damn tiring. After on and on dragging, we all got home around evening.

After the Genting trip, I went shopping, where I decided to spend some time with my long lost friend - Kah Mun dear. She changed so much! So mature already. Such a big girl. Still remembering she is younger than me by 1 year, and she used to be so baby in high school. It was really nice to see her that day, not forgetting I got new eyeshadow shades, which I kind'a regret buying it - not the exact color I wanted! Still trying to find.

And oh, way before the Genting trip, I also went to Sanctuary with my babes. It was an awesome night! Had uncountable fun with them. Had nice food at Full House, nice liquor and beer. Had a little hang over, but it was all good.

Fun times aside. A few of the babes and I got the chance to visit S.Peng's newborn baby too! It's a baby boy, very very young... Looking at the baby boy, my friend who gave birth, as well as her husband - they're all so young still. I can't help but keep wondering what would their future be like; how would the parents bring up the baby; how would the baby look like in few years time; all in all, I wish the new and young family all the best in life.

At the mean time, I got a chance to spend time together with baby's family. It's been so long. We had dinner together, and we spend the night till later than usual at a lounge in Holiday Villa. We grew together with the night having supper at Paramount... remembering baby and I drinking together, listening to music with his parents together - it was a very nice get-together once in awhile.

But apart from baby's family, I'm of course spending lots of time with the folks. Just today, we went to Sushi Tei in Tropicana City Mall for lunch. It was really good! Had really nice and satisfying lunch. We also made a trip to OU after that to get the new sushi-like doughnut from Big Apple. If I'm not mistaken, it's called the "donashi" - freaking cute! I love them, especially the donashi with green tea base plus orange balls on top as "ebiko". Lol.

Spending time at home feels good too. Other than the TV and the internet, I spend most of my time on The L Word. Whilst discovering new songs from time to time, I've mastered the guitar tabs of "The Only Exception" by Hailey Williams from Paramore - a nice song. I can play, and I thought I can sing that song quite well. Hehe...

What's next?

To watch Shrek Forever After - A sure thing this Wednesday.
Shopping at KL - Also a sure thing! It must be a sure thing.
Food hunting in Malacca - maybe?

Stay tuned. If you want to. ;)