Friday, January 7, 2011


2011! Now only I get to blog about things. I've abandoned you way too long huh, blogger? Ha.

Everything is moving so fast. To back track what I've done during the last bit of 2010 - uncountable stories. There was many hold-ups on quite a few of my projects that I couldn't go on holidays with my heart totally in peace. Then there was also company's x'mas party. And I was a pixie! Totally fun. I was then off for 1 week plus - went to Penang with family, went shopping, seeing friends, count down for new year. It took like a snap, and my 1 week plus holiday was gone.

Gotten a really sad news as well - that my boss has resigned, and she'll be leaving soon this year, which shadows me with worry and stress; lost. I'm going to take over all of her jobs - which I'm so blur about. I'm starting to take over now actually... And hopefully by end of this month, I'll get confirmation to be the official AE. 1 of my wish in 2011 I would say.

I've started back working for 4 days now. Hectic! But fulfilling - I like being busy in some ways. Everyday I go to the office, receiving and sending things out. Sometimes I do work under pressure; I'll just never know what to expect at work. Simply just receiving emails - it could just spoil the day or jam up my brain, freezing there - don't know what to do or what to decide. When am I going to overcome this? Pray hard, learn hard!

And ho ho ho - CNY is on the way! Company has already planned their staffs holidays, even CNY dinner. I can't wait! Also saving up now so that I can go to KL once again to get more stuff. It wasn't enough the last time I went. *excuses you think? Ha*

Now I'm getting really dry and tired eyes. Shall put this to a full-stop and continue the next time round. Goodnight.

Friday, November 26, 2010

November To An End.

I got my salary already! Which also means, December will be blasting soon. Exciting!

Sales are everywhere now - for Christmas. Ho ho ho! I got plenty to buy, i.e. make-up stuff, Christmas presents for my lovely colleagues, clothes shopping probably end of December in KL, and heels! I spotted one awesome pair at Walk In earlier - will probably get it tomorrow! Hehehe... And also, very soon next weekend, I'll be going for wakeboarding. Feels scary, but at the same time, I can't wait to play. ;)

It's gonna be a very VERY broke month for me on December. Will be going to Penang with family during Christmas some more, not forgetting the Christmas eve countdown that's being planned - hopefully by then, my December salary will be in on time!

November flashback. So many have been happening... sudden news from colleagues, many are leaving, my senior especially who has taught me so much and has been helping me out whenever I'm in shit holes. Some wanted to leave but being hold back... Many birthdays were being celebrated in the office, including mine. And then we have completed projects surfacing again - revived. My accounts are never on track as per given schedule with all the delays and many rounds of uncertain decision making and revisions - pfft. Rushing to the office, and from the office to post house, and back again for multiple presentations... Working life is not easy, yet fulfilling. I'm on the high, and sometimes on the low.

I almost lost my best friends too. Over issue that I shouldn't even be pulled in. But I'm so glad that the issue is over, and that my best friends are still by my side, and that's what matters. Fortunately, the evil thick clouds broke up, revealing the ever normal bright shine.

For that, I shall come to a full-stop. It's time to call it a day! Love Friday nights.

Time to re-charge the battery in me. Have a good rainy night!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Love November.

Hola hola!

Phew~ Been working for 3 months plus already. Going into complete 4 months by end of November! See, it's November already. How fast! Time is actually speeding up even more in November as we're moving into end of the year, where we have Christmas eve, Christmas, holiday plans, finishing current projects, moving into new year, new projects and plans. Exciting!

Lately, things have been good. Work - good. Not so much of late nights anymore, really grateful about that. Getting warm with colleagues, getting things done smoother. The boy - good. Both of us have been busy with our own things, but still manage to hang out and laze around. Friends - as usual, didn't get to catch up much, sad! Missing them; all groups.

I can't help it. I always love November. Because there are many birthdays in November - people that I know and care about. My own birthday is in November as well. I can't wait to celebrate! =D

I haven't been shopping. Must shop soon too! Either end of this month after getting my pay, or in December. Hehehehe.. wait for me KL! I'm going to you soon!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Only Moving Forward.

Yesterday was one of the scariest day of my life. Filled with guilt.


It's ok. It's ok Karmen. You made a mistake, then get over it. And make sure you don't do it again. It's going to be ok. You'll be ok. Now that you learn, you know. It's ok... forgive yourself in order to do better.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Everyone is so busy with their lives. It's getting harder to catch up, or to even exchange a few messages. It's extremely hard to get on a date with friends too. It's totally understandable, why this is happening... everyone gets tired at the end of the day. Everyone barely have time for themselves, hence, how on earth would everyone even think of hanging out? Get home, eat, and sleep would be the best.

After tomorrow, it'll be my official 2 months working in SSKL already. How fast huh... I thank God and feel grateful that everything's working fine at work. There are still tonnes to learn, but I'm starting to pick up on things that I've been practicing. :)

I got this message from Hello! magazine. For zodiac of scorpions. It says something like:

"No matter how fast you learn or how much you learn, you'll not do any better if your base is not stable and strong enough - like the structure of a building. Seek help from the experienced - build your base and then to the way up"


Saturday, September 11, 2010

No Monday's-A-Holiday.

Supposed to be a holiday for me tomorrow. But well, due to rushy datelines, I gotta go back to office to work anyway. Pfft... How long do I have to stay in office, that's another question. Hopefully will be able to go back early. Like, really early. No one will be in the office, but just my team. Lol. So come on, right after all the meetings, please let me ciao!


Monday, August 30, 2010

On Merdeka.

Happy Merdeka!

But before getting to enjoy myself on the day of Merdeka, it was really a painful day the day before today. It was total chaos at work yesterday. Nothing was finalized, even until today. There are still so many things to track and to follow up. Hate the fact that things have to be hanging half way... I'm actually working today too - from home.

I stayed back at the office till super late. I only get to leave the office at 10.30pm. Very much thanks to the meeting that happened at 6pm. Like always, it had to be very draggy. Frustrating. And because the meeting took up dinner time, I had to eat biscuits only for dinner. So pathetic! But thanks mom for buying yummy cookies for me to keep at my desk. Lol. After the meeting, face feeling so oily, body feeling so weak, eyes were burning - I went back out to my desk and continue doing some work. Energy level stroke all the way downwards to 0. Booo... Was rushing all the way to complete my work, then go off. So not fair, everyone in the office left so early, just because it's Merdeka the next day. Me and colleague was the last to go. Not that I mind staying back.. it's just that, we're always the latest to go back.

However. After the tiring day of work, I finally get to enjoy myself. I went to baby's house for DVD! So fun. We dropped by 7-11 to buy chips, then went to his place, made Milo with ice, then eat the chips we bought while watching DVD. It was good. It was still a very nice date, and it helped save a lot. The happening areas were all jammed up anyway, and going out to places takes up lots of our money. Lol.


Just had lunch - Popeyes. Yummy. God, I'm really gonna turn into a fat pig or what. My diet has been so imbalance ever since I start work. Dinner is always biscuit, then I came back for dinner at a very late time, in which dinner consumption tends to be very little due to not having appetite anymore. Late nights... then yesterday the DVD date with baby, I had Mamee at 1am. OH MY GOD!! This is NOT me. NOT my way of eating and dieting! NOOO!

Pfft. What more can I do or say...

Monday, August 23, 2010

What more?

One word.

Goodnight. Have a good night sleep to re-charge for another exciting and fast moving day tomorrow.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I started working for one week already, officially.

I've to say, I feel empowered! It's like, my life is moving forward again, from the days where I stoned in Rufffey I.D; from the days where I felt so restless at home doing nothing.

Work is good. The place, the people... everything is so familiar to me, as I was working in Saatchi for 3 months as an intern last year. I feel comfortable working there. The little loop side is that, things are very confusing for me now. Sob. Because I just got in, and there are so many other projects going on already (about 20 projects at one time). There are so many new things for me to learn, so many things for me to follow up, so many new systems and information crashing down on me! Gah. And all the emails coming in so fast... all the people in the team where I'm introduced to - who is who? I have no idea men. It's hard because they're not stationed in Malaysia. All those people are situated in Bangkok, Philippine, Singapore, India... go figure.

Since day 1, I've been staying back late in the office. The latest I stayed was till 10pm, all because of a stupid email I've to wait and a stupid file that I've to download. But then eventhough things are hectic and I'm so lost, feeling small in the office, I do like what I'm doing. I suppose that's a really good way of handling my job. I actually feel fine having to stay back so late and do work in the office.

Colleague relations - still trying to grow. The boys are fine, they're fun infact. Lol. But em... the girls in my team, a little weird. But nah, it's nothing. Small matter. Lol. I've been to a few meetings - telecon meetings. And I thought I dislike it so much! Because you're only talking to the rest of the team and the clients via loud speaker, and you know how loud speakers suck. You can't see their expressions, their faces, and their voice are so hard to capture. I had trouble capturing every single word that they say, which every word is crucial and that they count. Gah... Trying my best to cope and learn.

So, tomorrow is a new Monday again! It will be a brand new day, a good start of the week. Oh yeah. Will dress up nicely, setting my head straight up, and walk in the roller coaster plus thunder plus banjee-jump world again. Make all the mistakes I can, as many as possible, suck all in and transform them into knowledge that makes me improve as an AE. Uh huh.

Good week ahead, guys. ;)

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hm. It's hard to review this particular movie. Well, can somebody, just anyone - anyone smart and clear enough, explain the whole movie to me again? Lol.

No doubt. The movie is freaking hell awesome. The idea of the movie - dream within a dream within a dream; reality and imagination; designing and architecture a dream. Men, the idea of the movie is damn hot! The effects and stuff. I, no doubt, love the movie. It's just that, the terms that they use, the dialogues, they lead me to some lost land. I was so lost while watching it, but at the same time, so indulged in it. And as the characters sleep themselves into a dream after another, it gets even more complicating. But the purpose is there... you will be able to see it. Haha... I wanna watch it again! To fully understand the movie.

By the way. I watched it with baby. Hm. Spent some really good quality time together for a Saturday. Will be seeing him again tomorrow, and we're gonna go somewhere for shopping. Sales! I need to get a pair of covered-toe heels. Saw one pair that I like from Oprah earlier before movie, but the one side of the shoe has stains. So, I pass, eventhough it's cheap. Then spotted another pair, which is pretty perfect, but the price is a little high. I guess I can find cheaper ones, just as pretty perfect as that... but well, if I can't, that will probably be the one I would get. Depending on it's availability, because when I inquire, it was again, the last pair. It's always like that! Annoying.

Swoosh. So fast! It's 1st of August already. Tomorrow will be a Sunday that I wanna enjoy completely before work. I'm glad I'll be spending the day with baby... all smiles.

Till then, goodnight.