Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back to Westlife.

Westlife is hot.

Their songs are actually hot.. now that I listen to their very old albums where I used to listen to when I was in primary/secondary school. Lol. Their songs are just so touching, despite people's saying where boy bands can't sing. I do think that way sometimes... BUT not Westlife. Hehe. Listening to them makes me go back to the old times.

Which I once missed them a lot.

Monday, October 26, 2009

:no title:

This is at Yippee Cup, ss2. Yesterday. It was our 5th month already! I mean, 1 year + 5 months together. Lol. It was good.. we went swimming, then we went to the mamak for dinner. Right after dinner, we spent some time drinking bubble tea (Note: Blueberry milk tea is also nice to drink!). Later at night, we watched football at his place. According to bee, Man.U lost over Liverpool.. haha.. Well, It doesn't really impact me much, I know nothing about football. But the game was ok though..


Gah. I stayed over time in the office today. Till 7.30pm only I get to go back.. so tiring! Was really free in the morning, but right after lunch, all the things started piling up. Hmm.. Oh yea! One more thing about work. No. Particularly my pc. Let me tell ya', my pc is fucking fucked up. It can't be any more fucked up, because it is just way too fucked up. It broke down often times, since God knows when. The worst thing is, I was trying so hard under the table to re-plug the wires and shit, it turned on then broke down - again and again! Goddamn it. Felt like kicking the chow cibai mother fucking pc.. it's nothing but wasting my time! And making me signing up to MSN/hotmail over and over again. I wanna bring my lappy to work, but I need to buy a laptop bag first, which is in my shopping list. Lol. It's just so cute, and I think it's convenient.. saw it at Tropicana City.. oh well. We'll see how it goes after I get my paycheck.

By the way. I really feel like cutting my hair. Like, really really feel like it. But still, I'm in dilemma - to cut or not to cut? I don't know. Found some really nice hairstyles online, and I actually downloaded them for the hairstylist's reference, that's IF I really decide to cut. And IF I cut, it will be like, so short - shoulder length. Not that I'm afraid my hair becomes short, it's whether I'll look nice with it or not... that's no guarantee!

Till then.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Looking forward to.

Ah. It's weekend already. And this coming week will be the last week of the month. So fast! Now, what I'm looking forward to is to get my very first paycheck next week from Saatchi! I know, it's only RM 500... but hey, the feeling feels simply awesome. Simply because that RM 500 is the amount of money I earn myself. And I can't wait to go shopping!! I have this list... I don't really have a lot to buy, but things that I need to buy are costly. Shait... I don't care I must have it. Probably my RM 500 will be gone, totally.

The following thing I'm looking forward to is November. Once November kicks in, it's like I'm closer to ending my internship, which will definitely be a blast. Not that I don't like my internship at Saatchi, I'm just so eager - too eager to break free. Putting internship aside, I'm also looking forward to baby's 21st, also in November. Hmm, come to think of it... November is such a good month! You see. I get closer to ending my internship; baby's 21st birthday; my birthday; and New Moon screening! Oh my god. Lol. I so can't wait.

Last but not least. Tomorrow, which will be a very fine Sunday (I hope) is when we reach 1 year and 5 months together, and we're gonna go swimming! Hehe. Finally I get to exercise, after so long. Things are better than better.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quickie from the office.

I'm at the office now.. just had lunch - homemade egg sandwich. It's my break-time, obviously. And I got nothing to do right now.

It's freezing cold at the office ok.. shit. I'm wearing my jacket, my scarf, and I'm with my long jeans! Still, I'm shivering. What on earth? Does it have to be THIS bloody cold? Gah.. Feel like going down to Phileo for a walk, or to buy something, just to shake away the cold. But I got nothing to buy. Keith and Alice are at Phileo anyway.. should I go see them?

By the way. I wanna watch the Meatballs movie. Anyone wanna come with me?? It's so cute I must watch it no matter what! And at the same time, I can't wait to get my paycheck so I can go shopping for a new bag and a new waist belt. Meanwhile, I have to plan my budget really wisely right now, because baby's birthday is on the way. The spendings for his birthday is so crucial.. hmm. It'll be a lot of money - according to what I've planned for him. Aahh! I need money. Money money money!

Sigh. I miss baby so much. Like hell crazy. I've no idea why.. the more I see him, the more I miss him. Recently, eversince I started working, it's been like this. But I know we both have our own things to do, and that, we can't see each other everyday, but only alternate days. It's just like how it has always been, but only this time when we both have to work, seems like it's so hard to follow the rules.. And just yesterday baby told me he wants to bring me out on a vacation end of this year. He had already planned to go with me just anywhere, it has been in his mind for awhile..just that he decided not to tell me yet. Because he had to see a client with his dad at PD yesterday, he couldn't help it but told me he wanted to bring me to PD. Well, the feeling of hearing him saying that is just simply wonderful. It actually doesn't matter if we will make it or not, but having the thought in his mind is heart-warming enough already.. muaks. But now that he mentioned it, I can't help but feeling so excited about the idea. Lol. It's like, having a get-away with him is so romantic.

He's the love of my life.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Deepavali updates.

It was last Saturday - I went back to dad's hometown, Taiping.

The visit wasn't as bad as it always seems. This time, it felt more like a short trip to somewhere instead of locking ourselves up in my auntie's house which is so humid and boring the whole day. Because when we reached Taiping, instead of just staying in my auntie's place, dad brought us around Taiping to look for nice famous food.. then we went to different malls to do some shopping and to look around. Time passed by so fast! We met up with other relatives then have dinner together. Right after dinner, dad brought us to Night Safari at the zoo. Haha.. I know! It's funny. But hey, it was actually quite fun! Quite an experience.

I came back on Sunday. It was so tiring. I was sleeping in the car throughout, but it made me even more tired. But still, I went out with baby right after I reached home. I missed him so much! Was so happy to spend the rest of the day with him. We went to OU to catch a movie - Surrogates. The movie was just ok... not as nice as I expected it to be, as according to the trailer.

Today is Monday. I got no work. A big lost I didn't get to spend time with baby! Damn. Was supposed to, but he has to work. So yea, I'll just have to suck it up and let it be. It was ok though, I get to wake up so late, and I get to just relax at home, go online and stuffs. And I went to OU for dinner with Jo and Mab. All because of Dave Deli's promotion on weekdays. Lol. Good thing is that I got a pair of new shoe from Vincci! And my sisters actually bought it for me, as my super advanced birthday gift. Due to the fact that they're so close to exams they need to prepare by not stepping out of the house, therefore they bought it so early. It's such gorgeous shoes! I was eyeing it yesterday already, when I was at OU with baby. Then I got it today.. awesome-ness. =)


Sigh. I have to get back to reality tomorrow, again. Waking up at 7.30am. What is this men?! Worst thing to start my day..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

War ends right now.

We argued again today. And I was at work. It was so damn frustrating I thought I was gonna go crazy. Really have no idea what's with all these crap, starting from last Sunday... There will always be times where we can be so lovey dovey and all sticky to each other, they can be incredibly sweet I couldn't resist. But right after the lovey dovey stage, we will definitely go down to the ice-cold big war times. Why is that?? Why? Sigh.

Got over it though. And we just came back from Yippee Cup. By the way, I tried the Strawberry Milktea - it's nice! Haha.. would order that again next time. And then I got a new sling pouch from Jie (thanks, I like it a lot).

Work today was fine. Same old thing. But the office can get so annoying when the air-cond gets so fucking cold! It's always so damn cold I shiver, even being wrapped around with long pants, long shirt, and a jacket. Sometimes with my scarf. Shit.. now my skin is all getting dry, and I think it will peel soon. Damn it.

And just like last week, I can't wait for weekends to come. Oh yea, really can't wait any longer. It's only Wednesday tomorrow..

Why can't I go to work at.. maybe.. 11am?

Ahh. Total bullshit. No such thing... I really need and want my beauty sleep so much. I miss myself waking up at 10am - 11am. Ughh. Working life eh? Feel like I really have to grow up already.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Turning point.

For the very first time, I feel really REALLY happy working at Saatchi.

Why is that? Haha. Because.. finally, I get to talk to 2 colleagues there! They're both interns under other mentors, and that they obviously come from different colleges. They're elder than me, but I'm so glad that we can really blend together! We 3 talked so much today when we were assigned by the boss to help her do some crazy things over at the creative department. Actually I was the one who got assigned, but the boss get the other 2 interns to help me out, and it was so much fun. They're both very cheerful and funny people... probably because we 3 are interns, therefore we totally understand how each other feels, and that we can talk. Lol..

Previously, last week - I really didn't have much fun because I find that I couldn't blend with just anyone in the office. I felt a little lonely. Nothing but doing work only.. the 2 interns were there for quite some time already, too bad they sit very far away from me, therefore we couldn't really talk to each other. They wanted to wave me hi when I first went in, but well, I had things going on on my very first day and that I was already sitting so far.. they couldn't come ot me either! Haha.. but now that we met officially, I'm really glad and I feel motivated. Yeap yeap.

And erm, I find myself starting to pick things up already. I'm much more stable, not as wobbly as last week. Lol.. And oh. Today morning - early in the morning, I got this big shock of my life. I was called to go for the WIP meeting. I thought I was only going to sit there and listen and to write some notes, but who knew! My mentor asked me to bring the team through on Olay product work status. It was already weird and daunting enough when everyone in the meeting room looked at me with one face when I stepped into the room, it was even more daunting when I started speaking. God!! But my voice wasn't shaking... thanks a lot to all those class presentation I had before in college, helps me a lot this morning. I did felt nervous and not as confident, but I did it. =)

Well well. Guess I'll stop here.. Will watch a DVD later, and sleep to prepare myself for tomorrow. Would be another busy day.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

I thought.

When you get out of my car and you walked away.. without even looking back, I felt like, I was already dead.

I thought I couldn't breath.

I thought my soul just ran out of my body and disappear.

I thought things were really all gone. And I broke down. Completely.

I shouted in the car so loud I thought the car windows were gonna break into pieces.

I thought I would break my own ear drums.

I couldn't hear anything but my anxious heartbeat... my own voice calling you back... my other own voice telling me that things are over. And that you don't want me anymore.

It was nothing but black and white.

And tears gave me a nice face wash.

Your every word hurts. As they are bad spells, they curse me, straight into my heart. You didn't know you were wrong, but I did make you feel the way I felt too.

I thought it was fair enough. Though I'm truly sorry. I couldn't accept the fact that you hurt me that way, and that I wanted to hurt you back.

I thought I was gonna drive away from your land, so that I can pull out from all the memories we once had before.

I thought of speeding so fast all the way home while crying my lungs out in the car so I could go numb.

I was exhausted already.

But I thought, I can never loose the chance not even talking things through with you, IF we really were to end everything or to make up. Our conversation was way too shallow to clarify anything.

My heart told me to be strong... so I decided to stay.

And my decision was right.

My stone-cold heart went soft-weak when I hear your voice again.

The air-cond in my car feels so cold, but your voice warmed me up a little when you told me you'll bring me in to your place.

I knew then, things are gonna be ok again. I knew it. And I believe in it.

Small whispering voices told me your the one for me. And that you love me.

They told me to forgive you, and forgive myself too. Or else, we wouldn't be able to move on. And they told me we both never want that because we've put in so much, we're meant for each other. You're impossible to find in this universe.

There's no 2nd you.

We're strong together. We shouldn't let ourselves down just because of such ridiculous spells.

Magic is what makes us. Those whispering voices told me.

And we should cherish such magical lullaby we're being surrounded by.

I love you. You're the one. And that's final.

Monday, October 5, 2009

5th the starting point.

It's the first day, and it was busy. Quite busy. Got stuffs to do, where my day was totally occupied.

Which I think it's good. I mean, I don't wanna just sit in the office and do nothing. And I'm so happy I get to learn new things right on my first day at Saatchi. People there are fine.. some friendly, some cold, some.. weird. Argh. I don't care. Hehe..

And I'm lucky today. My mentor drove me and another colleague out for lunch. And the other colleague actually spent me lunch at Kim Gary, and then spent me Starbucks drink. My god, I felt real bad ok, but she insisted on spending me.. so, I just let that be. But oh, I shall just pack food from home, and this is because, there isn't any cheap place to eat! Damn it. All of the restaurants target people like my mentor, people in the office, business men and women, basically rich people. Hello, I'm just an intern, and I'm freaking poor. Hmph..

I was only sitting in front of my pc, and that can make me tired. My neck, my back, and my shoulders are aching. Good thing I got to leave early today (not early actually, it was 5.30pm, interns are supposed to leave at that time, according to the person-in-charge), or else, I'll just stone right there.

I'll take this as a good start. I shall go to bed now to recharge myself to prepare myself for tomorrow. Night.

*wish me lucks*

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New chapter.

This is it.

Tomorrow. My internship starts. Woo! Excited, but definitely super nervous.. The very very first thing I hope for tomorrow is to blend well with the people working there. I need human support! Seriously..

I trust myself that I can do fine.. go go!! Real random, but well.. I hope for the best.

Will have a quickie lickie update as soon as I'm free. Muaks.

p/s: By the way. I find that my blog's design and colour is so.. off men. Damn it. Such hideous design I put. Will change it soon!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Perfect bullshit.

Let me tell ya'.

The Perfect Getaway - sucks to the freaking maximum level. Alright! It's damn sucky I can't stand it. I feel so damn bad choosing the stupid movie to watch with baby, and waste baby's 20bucks on such movie. It all started off good and mysterious. But when it reaches the middle part, everything just went all around the place. Like, a jumps to d, then k jumps to b. I don't understand the movie, and until the end where the movie is over, I still don't understand what the movie is all about.

God! Never felt so unsatisfied before men..

Got nothing much to update.. by the way, mooncake festival is tomorrow! Too bad my family is not celebrating. But I'll be joining baby's family and cousins to celebrate together, then I'll also drop by another party organized by bee's friend. And and and, the sisters and I will be going to Wondermilk for cuppacakes tomorrow noon as well! Yippe. I can't wait. Hehe.