Sunday, May 31, 2009



I'm so happy today. Hehe.

I get to spend time with baby and also with my family today. Baby came over around 2.30pm and chilled at my place.. was super happy to see him! Lol. Then after awhile, we left my place to OU. Wanted to get myself a new leather and belt and a new file for my new semester in college. And I bought them already.

Met up with parents and sisters at Sakae Sushi, OU - 5.30pm, for dinner. Yippe! Good food on the way... was damn hungry. Sakae Sushi was damn packed today, it slowed down the orders from teh people eating in there. Bee and I waited our food for so long... but it was very satisfying though, was really full, and they're all very tasty. Lol. After dinner, was supposed to join parents for waffle at Waffle World, but then baby and I went our ways as we were too full to eat. Too bad too sad! Next time, maybe.

Went over to baby's place to chill, talk a bit, and downloaded a few video ads for CCS tutorial on Wednesday... then went out for supper at A&W. Bee had waffle. Haha. I didn't wanna eat, but bee forced me to eat! Ee. I seriously gonna become a fat pig. Maybe the next morning... how?! Damn. After all the bbq food, cheezy wedges, sushi.. and that. What men, I'm so dead.

Gotta go on diet!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Away. To party!

It was Thursday.

Went to college at 3pm for a small group discussion. Yeap, everyone started off working their ass off already! And it's just the first week of college. Whatever... By the way, after meeting, me + Maine + Man went to Alice's place. We were staying over at her place to go clubbing! Yea men, it was party time.

Thank god mom let me stay over... came up with a sleepover thingy, but didn't mentioned the club at all of course. It was a sleepover anyway. Yea... Lol. We went to Maine's house around 5pm to bath and chill for awhile. We went for dinner at McD, then only we head to the club.

It was Bar-celona, right at Sunway Pyramid. Well, I heard lots of bad stuff about this particular club. It kind's scared me while listening to stuffs that people said.. where they've really bad fights, drugs, stripping and stuff. We went there anyway, together with these people - Janette, Prema, and S.May. Later on, some other of their friends came also. I didn't know them, but still, we had so much together. Jia was so fun to club with! Hehe.

Us with the Thai guy. Forgot what's his name - it's S.May's cousin.

The songs they played that night was damn awesome. All famous songs, up-to-beat... they were just damn nice. Totally suitable for dancing in a club! We kept dancing non-stop, especially me and Maine. Plus, we didn't have to pay at all because 5 girls = a free bottle. And that's all we drank, plus beer and stuff. There wasn't much drinking, no one was drunk at all, but we had so much fun still.
The place was damn bloody packed. I thought I will die out of breath, seriously. And it was my very first time sweating so much in my whole entire life, I sweat A LOT, with the crowd and the non-stop dancing. Everyone did. Lol.
We went in early, around 10.30pm. We started early, so we ended up getting tired early as well. We left the club at about 1.30am I guess, to Alice's place... when others stayed for awhile more. My feet was stiff, as hard as rock... basically, it's sort of dead already. Thanks again, to my 4 inch heels. Hmm..
After that crazy night, Alice decided to have a barbeque party at her place the next day. It sounded like a plan and it would be fun. So after we all woke up, we went to Tesco to get the bbq food. We bought dori fish, chicken, sausages, fishball... yea. After shopping, we rushed back to Alice's place to prepare all the stuff. And the bbq party started at 7pm+. Was supposed to start at 6pm, but due to Alice's place which is so far away - Kepong, everyone had to ask for direction and all, so the party was delayed. Vyin + boyfriend, Felicia, Vern + Chloe, Jia, Cyn, and Maine's friend came for the party. Were cooking and playing and talking... it was quite fun, except that this hot dogs we bought was kind of spoiled, and we had to throw them away. Nontheless, it was fun. And bloody hot! Hehe.
After eating, we cleaned and packed up all the stuffs. Then we played games - truth or dare. Oh my god. Seriously, really freaking oh my god. All of us got caught up by all the stupid dares! Total obscene. We had to kiss each other on the lips, cheek, chin! Even licked elbows, exchange shirt, rub noses, breast and butt touching for girls... bla bla. What the hell men. It was damn crazy, we were laughing like nobody's business! We even get all those acts recorded. I'm wondering if they'll be posted up on FB. Goodness!
Sherman fetched me and Jia back home. We left Alice's place at 12am... I reached home at 12.30am. Was so tired. It felt so nice to be home actually, after all the party and playing. Actually got a little ups and downs with baby also, since the day I left home... was also part of the reason why I felt so much coming back home, so that I can see him, and be close to him. Everything's good now. Hmm.
Now that I'm back home. I gotta work, again.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I got 2 new assignments today. From Creative Execution & Production class.

Oh my god. It's just the second day in college.

And one thing that really makes me upset is that, I actually have class on Saturdays, from 9.30am - 12.30pm. My Thursdays and Fridays are supposed to be free, but then fortnightly, I have class as well. Though they're just 2hour - 3hour class, but still... SIGH.

Thinking of that 2 assignments. I'm so not motivated right now. But I know, I gotta set my datelines already and start work. Which is what I'm doing now... The classes I'm going to have on Saturdays... that's really fucked.

Everything has just begun. Oh no.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Only God knows exactly how happy I am inside. It's our 1 year anniversary today. After all ups and down, we get to come to this far. It's really a big achievement for me. Yes, one year is not considered long for a relationship at all. Infact, it's so young. But then, considering all that we have been through, I really am very proud of baby and I, of all the things we put ourselves into this relationship. For the both of us. It's all worth it.

I was back home from college around 3.30pm. I got myself ready and dressed up, packing my stuffs and my bag, then I went out with baby. Was so excited! Lol.

We went to Hanazen - a Japanese restaurant at Jaya One. They have really nice food, and it's actually quite cheap, compared to others. Today is the second time of us going there. Yummy! Thank you baby for the treat. The dinner was good. Baby and I talked so much, as usual. But it felt so different. Because it's our 1 year together - 25.05.09. Hmm.

After dinner, we went to baby's place. Present exchange time! Hehe.

I bought baby a very nice perfume. It's not just good looking, but it really smells nice, and I know the smell suits baby. It's Polo Sport... I got the perfume set, with the perfume itself and the deodarant. Apart from just that, I also made baby this scrap book - more of a storybook that talks about stuffs about me and him, from the day we meet each other till today. It's quite thick! Got lots to say back then. Took about one week to finish everything about the book. Lol.

As for mine. Baby was making me so sad again by bluffing me, saying that he didn't get me any gift, and bla bla. After bluffing me for some time, then he brought out this big paper bag that says Roxy. Yay! I got a Roxy bag... it's a bag again. And I love it so much. It's just nice, and casual. And totally my style. There was also this very sweet letter written from baby to me... muaks. I love everything from him. Hehe. Was just so happy.
After that, we just hang out, and chat. Nothing much. But that nothing much we had means so so much to me. So much.
I love you.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

By the way.

Went to OU together with mum and sisters.

Mum nagged me again about my driving. Yea, whatever. I don't care. I like speed... and I speed. Plus, I didn't hell speed at all! I was accelerating a little more to cut over a damn slow moving lorry. And that's "crazy". What the hell. I shouldn't have drove!

Reached there about 11.30am. Had Yoshinoya, then we went for shopping. I get to enjoy little pamper and priviledges today. Lol. Mum bought me 2 pairs of pants, one long, and another shorter, both for casual wear. Mum also bought me a really really expansive undergarment - top. It's Women Secret! Woo. It was sort of an impulse purchase, where mum got so attracted by the shop then she went in. I was only bugging her a little, asking her to buy me the bra I wanted. I never thought she would say "ok, choose". Ok, then I choose! Jo got one also. Hmm.

We also had Baskin Robbin. We had 2 of those waffle stuff... damn nice.

Only stationaries I gotta buy my own. *frowns* But it's ok.. it's only RM10. Haha.

College is right at the corner! So fast. Gotta enjoy my last day of holiday tomorrow.

PS: Hong. All the best! Keep in touch online or whatever ok. =]

For nothing.

Why are we mad at each other?
For what?

I already answered you.
But you talked back to me like, you're going to slap me on the face.
I shut the hell up to not create any unnecessary arguing.

I walked away from you for awhile.
So far ahead from you.
I thought I needed to breathe.

And we went back to our homes without saying
"I love you".

I'm sitting down here, thinking.
There's really no reason for us to make this happen...
It was just stupid. For no whatsoever reason.

I'm sure you're out now, but I haven't get any message from you.

You don't feel like texting me?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nothing much.

It's already Thursday.


To be exact. It's 12.05am, it's supposed to be Friday. It's Friday already.

Time flies... shheeew! A few days went by, just like that. And I find myself not doing much at all.

Nothing much... but I hang out with baby a lot. We went out... I went to his place, and we watched some dvds together.

My goal to make this 9days of holidays meaningful and fun failed, I guess. Not that hanging out with baby is not fun. It's so much fun... but I thought of going out with buddies also here and there, but it didn't happen in the end. Sigh.

Got no money. Got no fun.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Boring boring damn boring! Such a boring movie. It's just one bomb that causes all forms of history lining up throughout the movie. It's so holly, infact, too holly, I have to say. It's kind'a creepy that those people can be so indulge in heaven and hell, and God.

I watched with baby at OU, by the way. It's baby's treat, hmm. Was so happy to go to the mall with baby... Eversince he has to work, we didn't hang out in malls anymore until today. Lol. Went to Kluang Station for dinner, then we catched this boring movie at 8pm. Something weird and funny happened. Baby and I first bang into baby's tattoo artist in the cinema, watching the same show at the same time, and he was just sitting infront of us. Then later, Dwayne + girlfriend and 2 of other college mates were watching the same movie with us also, and all 4 of them were sitting at the same roll as me and baby, just side by side. Such coincidence eh?

Then Mandy just told me that she was also in OU, buying some stuffs. Haha.

I'm... broke.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Just a few snapshots of my favourites...

I'm missing you.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Yippe! My exams are finally over. Eventhough I was kind'a stressful while doing the paper today, but then somehow, I had this happy and cheerful feeling inside. Oh. And I forgot to mention that, my hand was seriously so tired and painful while writing the 5 essays during the exam.. Not just today's paper, but all 4 papers I had. Hmm.

So...I got my time-table for the next semester. It's shit. I only have 10 days of holidays. Meaning, my holiday starts now, and it will end next Sunday - 24th. What the hell! Only this short. And I have class on 25th. It's 25th, baby and my 1year anniversary.

Went to Giant today. Had a hair cut for free, as mom got the membership card. I wanted to like, totally change my hair to a new hairstyle. But then... it didn't happen that way. The hairstylist just ended up trimming and layering my hair. My hair still look exactly the same as before. Which is ok for me because.. I myself didn't know or not sure about how exactly I want my hair to be like. So, I'll just be on the save side for now. Maybe after sometime, I'll really get a totally different haircut? Lol. But then, my hair seem a lot healthier after all the trimming - no split ends. Hmm..

I'm thinking. I only have 10days of holidays. What should I do to make my 10days meaningful and fun? I don't have money... how to go out? Not even having the money to watch movie. Sigh. Still thinking.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


My headache is annoying me...

My stomach ache is killing me...

My gloomy moody feeling is making me... so lost.

I need you.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sick of it.

Seriously. I feel so bored looking at the notes..

I know. I have only 2 more papers to go. But still, it's something so tiring studying all alone, hiding myself in the room.

I'm not motivated. Now.

I wanna just throw the notes away. Far far away. And go out.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, my Cheng!

Happy birthday Cheng!

Went to Wong Kok at ss2 for the birthday celebration, at around 6.30pm. So happy to see them! Really happy. Especially Hong, Chin Kien and Ying Kee.. it's been so so long since we last met, about a year ago? Yea.

Dinner was good. Lots of chatting. We're still so funny talking to each other, laughing and shouting like nobody's business. Lol. After eating and having the mix-choices of cakes from Secret Recipe, we went to the pasar malam for a walk. Then went home about 10pm.

Us! Muaks..Love you guys.

To Cheng, my deepest and most sincere regards,
All the best to you in the future. Stay strong, whatever it is. Stay happy and pretty, love you!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The night at Genting.

Thanks to Cyn - She had this free booking for 2days 1night at Genting Highlands. She already found Shermaine to go with, then Shermaine tagged me along to join them. And so I went.

It was on Thursday [30.04.09]. It was a blast! I had so much fun tripping in Genting, just the 3 of us. Cynthia's parents fetched us there. They booked the room for us, brought us there. They also gave us free dinner.. they're just so nice! 3 of us walked around the whole of Genting around and around, we went shopping. And also not forgetting that we ate a lot. Haha.. we chit-chatted and camwhore in the hotel room so much too.

Oh yea. Coincidently that midnight itself, there was this fireworks to celebrate Labour Day. The fireworks was just sooo damn... breath-taking. Those who didn't see it, they won't understand. It was like, my very first time looking at fireworks for as long as 10minutes, and so near of a distance. It was one of the most amazing and exciting thing I've ever seen for myself. At the same time when I was enjoying the fireworks, the weather was really really freezing cold that came into my mind. Really wished he could be there with me, hugging me and cheering together with me. I missed him a lot that day.

Oh well. After the fireworks, it was already 12am+. We then joined Cyn's parents again at Starbucks. And her mum spent us Starbucks drink. *gasp* So expansive! But the parents spent us..made me and Maine felt really not nice.. but still, we took the offer. Lol. My green tea frap..yeeppyy!

All and all, the trip was really nice. No regrets going, and we didn't pay much at all. Seriously, thanks to Cyn and her parents a lot. We went back the next day, around 2pm. We were really tired, sleeping in the car.. really quiet. Lol.
Photos will be uploaded in Facebook. Soon. Not now.. Gonna have exam!

Back track.
After watching the fireworks. After having Starbucks. We went back to the room.. and it was about 1am. Baby called me out of nowhere. It went something like this..

"Hi baby.. what are you doing?"
"Hi baby... I'm washing up, in my room now."
"Hmm.. are you sleeping anytime soon?"
"I don't think so la. Why?"
"Which room you staying? I'll see you in awhile. First World right?"
"What room you staying? I come and look for you ok?"
"Bee. What are you talking about? You're not coming.. don't lie."
"Really bee. I'm coming already. I'm not lying."
"Yea right... You won't do that. You're lying bee."
"Just tell me where you staying."
"Er.. bee.. argh. Tower 2, room number 11827, 11th floor. Bee, don't lie la ok.."
"Ok. I'll see you in awhile ok bee? I'll call you again later."
"Er.. ok.. I love you."
"I love you too."

Then, I didn't know what to do but to express my confused feelings to Maine and Cyn. Both of them were obviously screaming and being excited for me. Lol. I seriously didn't believe what baby said.. he's all the way in PJ, how can he come up to Genting, for me? After some shrieking between the 3 of us, baby called again.

"Hi baby.."
"Hi baby.. where are you now?"
"Emm.. baby. Actually, I'm just kidding la. I'm not in Genting."
"What? Really?"
"Yea.. I'm just at the mamak.. I'm sorry baby."
"... ... Bee. I don't wanna friend you. Why you lie to me?!"
"Baby, I'm sorry la.. I wanna make you happy for awhile only... sorry la bee."
"Yea, just wanna make me happy for awhile. I was so happy you know, then now you say this."
"I said I'm sorry la.. I'll talk you later ok?"
"Fine. I love you."
"I love you too."

I thought I was gonna tear. Seriously. I mean, eventhough I didn't really believe, but I was so damn happy baby said he's coming. I missed him so damn much. There was silence. 3 of us in the room. Then.. suddenly. In just about 1 minute, the door bell rang. Cyn and Maine screamed.

It was my baby standing outside the door. It was really baby.

I couldn't help but rush out of the room, hugging baby and hitting him at the same time. And kissed him. Lol. I was just so damn happy to see him at that moment! I can't explain how it felt.. it was the most romantic moment ever in my life. 2 of baby's friends followed as well, looking at us. Lol. Since they're here, we went out for awhile. We had a drink.. then walked around outside. That moment.. was just so nice. I really had a great great greatest time with baby during that hour. It was baby and I at Genting. he came for me. But it was late already, they had to go back. So yea, they left around 2.50am.

Went back to my room. Went to sleep. I couldn't sleep. My mind was still racing so fast, replaying all that had happen with baby.. the phone call, messages, holding him right outside the room, his perfume smell... everything. I really didn't know how to tell how happy I was. Even till now, it's still something so fresh in memory.

Only if I can record down or take photographs of that moment, as something that I can see again and again for the rest of my life.

I love you so so much baby.

I hate you.

Claim yourselves to be damn sporting and modern.

Fuck that bloody statement. It's total bullshit. Yea, take away my skirt. Being someone who has no respect for others, taking it without permission, without asking or knowing how much that skirt mean to me.

I justify again that, I hate you. And you.