Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hm. It's hard to review this particular movie. Well, can somebody, just anyone - anyone smart and clear enough, explain the whole movie to me again? Lol.

No doubt. The movie is freaking hell awesome. The idea of the movie - dream within a dream within a dream; reality and imagination; designing and architecture a dream. Men, the idea of the movie is damn hot! The effects and stuff. I, no doubt, love the movie. It's just that, the terms that they use, the dialogues, they lead me to some lost land. I was so lost while watching it, but at the same time, so indulged in it. And as the characters sleep themselves into a dream after another, it gets even more complicating. But the purpose is there... you will be able to see it. Haha... I wanna watch it again! To fully understand the movie.

By the way. I watched it with baby. Hm. Spent some really good quality time together for a Saturday. Will be seeing him again tomorrow, and we're gonna go somewhere for shopping. Sales! I need to get a pair of covered-toe heels. Saw one pair that I like from Oprah earlier before movie, but the one side of the shoe has stains. So, I pass, eventhough it's cheap. Then spotted another pair, which is pretty perfect, but the price is a little high. I guess I can find cheaper ones, just as pretty perfect as that... but well, if I can't, that will probably be the one I would get. Depending on it's availability, because when I inquire, it was again, the last pair. It's always like that! Annoying.

Swoosh. So fast! It's 1st of August already. Tomorrow will be a Sunday that I wanna enjoy completely before work. I'm glad I'll be spending the day with baby... all smiles.

Till then, goodnight.

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