Saturday, August 7, 2010


I started working for one week already, officially.

I've to say, I feel empowered! It's like, my life is moving forward again, from the days where I stoned in Rufffey I.D; from the days where I felt so restless at home doing nothing.

Work is good. The place, the people... everything is so familiar to me, as I was working in Saatchi for 3 months as an intern last year. I feel comfortable working there. The little loop side is that, things are very confusing for me now. Sob. Because I just got in, and there are so many other projects going on already (about 20 projects at one time). There are so many new things for me to learn, so many things for me to follow up, so many new systems and information crashing down on me! Gah. And all the emails coming in so fast... all the people in the team where I'm introduced to - who is who? I have no idea men. It's hard because they're not stationed in Malaysia. All those people are situated in Bangkok, Philippine, Singapore, India... go figure.

Since day 1, I've been staying back late in the office. The latest I stayed was till 10pm, all because of a stupid email I've to wait and a stupid file that I've to download. But then eventhough things are hectic and I'm so lost, feeling small in the office, I do like what I'm doing. I suppose that's a really good way of handling my job. I actually feel fine having to stay back so late and do work in the office.

Colleague relations - still trying to grow. The boys are fine, they're fun infact. Lol. But em... the girls in my team, a little weird. But nah, it's nothing. Small matter. Lol. I've been to a few meetings - telecon meetings. And I thought I dislike it so much! Because you're only talking to the rest of the team and the clients via loud speaker, and you know how loud speakers suck. You can't see their expressions, their faces, and their voice are so hard to capture. I had trouble capturing every single word that they say, which every word is crucial and that they count. Gah... Trying my best to cope and learn.

So, tomorrow is a new Monday again! It will be a brand new day, a good start of the week. Oh yeah. Will dress up nicely, setting my head straight up, and walk in the roller coaster plus thunder plus banjee-jump world again. Make all the mistakes I can, as many as possible, suck all in and transform them into knowledge that makes me improve as an AE. Uh huh.

Good week ahead, guys. ;)

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