Monday, August 30, 2010

On Merdeka.

Happy Merdeka!

But before getting to enjoy myself on the day of Merdeka, it was really a painful day the day before today. It was total chaos at work yesterday. Nothing was finalized, even until today. There are still so many things to track and to follow up. Hate the fact that things have to be hanging half way... I'm actually working today too - from home.

I stayed back at the office till super late. I only get to leave the office at 10.30pm. Very much thanks to the meeting that happened at 6pm. Like always, it had to be very draggy. Frustrating. And because the meeting took up dinner time, I had to eat biscuits only for dinner. So pathetic! But thanks mom for buying yummy cookies for me to keep at my desk. Lol. After the meeting, face feeling so oily, body feeling so weak, eyes were burning - I went back out to my desk and continue doing some work. Energy level stroke all the way downwards to 0. Booo... Was rushing all the way to complete my work, then go off. So not fair, everyone in the office left so early, just because it's Merdeka the next day. Me and colleague was the last to go. Not that I mind staying back.. it's just that, we're always the latest to go back.

However. After the tiring day of work, I finally get to enjoy myself. I went to baby's house for DVD! So fun. We dropped by 7-11 to buy chips, then went to his place, made Milo with ice, then eat the chips we bought while watching DVD. It was good. It was still a very nice date, and it helped save a lot. The happening areas were all jammed up anyway, and going out to places takes up lots of our money. Lol.


Just had lunch - Popeyes. Yummy. God, I'm really gonna turn into a fat pig or what. My diet has been so imbalance ever since I start work. Dinner is always biscuit, then I came back for dinner at a very late time, in which dinner consumption tends to be very little due to not having appetite anymore. Late nights... then yesterday the DVD date with baby, I had Mamee at 1am. OH MY GOD!! This is NOT me. NOT my way of eating and dieting! NOOO!

Pfft. What more can I do or say...

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